Here is the final episode of Welcome To Westlake. This episode promises to leave you dripping as it drives you into a sea of pleasure.

How It Started

welcome to westlake

“I, however, thought it was a risk worth taking,” Tiwa added, “especially if it meant that much to her.”

Another look toward Shola said that, now that the deed had been done, the older woman was indeed glad her friend had disregarded her wishes.

“Of course, I first had to find out if you might be interested,” Tiwa said with a mischievous smile, “and that wouldn’t have been a problem. I didn’t think that would turn out to be the case, but some men can’t see a good thing when it’s right in front of them. So, I made a few, well, maybe more than a few, comments that suggested that I wouldn’t be averse to a little romp. To be honest, it wasn’t that much of a stretch because, while I don’t share Shola’s obsession with you, I wouldn’t kick you out of my bed either.”

Dimeji wished he could turn around and look into the mirror over the dresser behind him, wondering, if he could, whether he would see what these women seemed to see in him. Probably not, he answered himself, but whatever it was, it was obviously something his contemporaries didn’t see either.

“Shola didn’t know any of this by the way,” Tiwa pointed out. “When she invited you to stay and have some wine, she was genuinely just being a good neighbor. I was the one with evil thoughts and when the opportunity to act on them presented itself, well…”

‘Well, indeed…’ He said to himself.

“I wouldn’t have gone along with Tiwa’s plan if I’d known,” Shola said, finally asserting herself, “but she’s convinced me that I’d be the worst sort of fool if I didn’t take advantage of it now.”

“What’s she’s saying sugar, is that now it’s up to you.” Tiwa offered.

“Me?” He repeated.

“Yes,” Shola replied. “We’ve made our intentions clear, so now it’s your turn.”

Dimeji took a long moment to look first at Shola, then at Tiwa, feeling like he’d walked into a real-life porn film. Two hours ago, he would’ve argued that things like this don’t really happen, at least not to people like him. Yet here he was, standing there in front of two women who had no qualms about taking him to bed and sharing things he’d never so much as imagined.

“So, what’s it going to be kid?” Tiwa added. “Double or nothing, your choice.”

Taking a deep breath, he recalled that he’d never been much for games of chance, but then again, this was hardly a gamble. After all, the only losing move was not to play.

“Oh, I’m so definitely in,” he said, knowing that if he gave any other answer, he’d regret it the rest of his life.

Both women stepped forward and took him by the hand and led him back toward the bed. There, Shola released her hold, moving around to the left side while Tiwa guided him to the right where, after setting him down on the edge of it, she climbed up alongside him.

With an outstretched hand, Tiwa began rubbing his right leg, her fingers brushing up against his resurgent hardness. At the same time, Shola, who had climbed onto the bed from the other side, came up behind him and stroked both his neck and the back of his head with her hand.

‘I think he’s getting even harder than before,” Tiwa said with a smile as she ran her hand across the bulge in his pants.

“I would hope so,” Shola said as she looked over his shoulder at the growing prize. “After all, now he has twice the inspiration.”

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Welcome To Westlake 4 1

With that, she reached around to the young man’s chest and her nimble fingers began to work the line of buttons on his shirt. Dimeji barely seemed to notice, at least not until the last had been undone, his full focus was on Tiwa, who was removing her own top displaying her huge mounds again.

Placing an outstretched hand on each of her breasts, Tiwa gave them a playful squeeze, paying extra attention to her perky nipples, which had already expanded to their full length. Then, sliding a hand down to the waistband of her panties, she slid them off to reveal a tightly trimmed mound.

Shola, meanwhile, took advantage of the fact that he hadn’t worn a t-shirt beneath his now removed shirt, ran her hands back and forth across his chest. Wrapping her right arm across his shoulder, she arched his head back and kissed him deeply. Her tongue invaded his mouth with fierce desire, exploring its inner reaches with abandon. She continued to do so while Tiwa once more freed his hardness from within his trousers.

“Now this is what I was talking about, Shola” Tiwa said as she triumphantly lifted his no longer flaccid cock out of his pants, gripping it tightly around its base as one might a trophy.

“Ah, I can see why you couldn’t resist,” Shola laughed as she stopped kissing Dimeji long enough to take a look. “That is indeed a prize,” she added, with just a hint of envy that Tiwa had gotten to sample it first.

Still holding his cock in her hand, Tiwa pressed him down onto the bed even as Shola released her hold in order to give him room. They had played this particular game enough times for each of them to be able to anticipate the other’s moves. No sooner had the young man landed on his back than Tiwa dropped down between his legs and took him deep into her mouth. A loud moan of satisfaction rose from Dimeji’s lips, only to be cut short as Shola kissed him again.

She continued to do so while Tiwa sucked his cock, until, desiring more, Shola pulled away and, undoing the loose sash of her wrap, slid it off her body. The skimpy bra beneath it barely covered her breasts and it took little effort to free them from it. With the rounded orbs now laid bare, she replaced the softness of her lips with the hardness of her nipples as she pressed them against Dimeji’s lips, inviting him to partake of their sweetness. An invitation Dimeji eagerly accepted as he drew her soft flesh of her left breast into his mouth.

Tiwa meanwhile pulled up alongside Shola on the other side, there to suckle at her remaining mound. Out of the corner of his eye, Dimeji could see what he’d only fantasized about, one woman pleasing another, and it filled him with a sense of excitement. What else might they do to each other was a question that flashed through his mind, one that he was certain he wouldn’t have to wait long to have answered.

At one point, their mouths came together in the small valley between Shola’s breasts and they shared a quick but satisfying kiss. Tiwa then shared a kiss with Shola, with Dimeji watching closely as their tongues intertwined. A second and third kiss followed before the women again changed position.


Welcome To Westlake 4 2

Now it was Shola with her mouth wrapped around Dimeji’s cock, savoring the prize that had obsessed her these past few weeks, her long tongue sliding up and down its length. She pumped his length in and out of her mouth, her lips forming a tight seal again his hardness. Tiwa’s mouth found his, showing that she too could be a ferocious kisser. He pulled her close trying to match the pleasure she was giving him.

Shola continued to work his cock, using a free hand to also play with his balls, continuing to do so as Tiwa again changed direction, moving down along Dimeji’s body, where she joined her friend between his legs.

Shola generously offered to share her treasure, sliding Dimeji’s cock from between her lips and holding it erect between them. Together they caressed it with the tips of their tongues, alternating possession of the prize as it passed from one mouth to the other, each of them taking his full length deep into her throat.

“Oh my God!” Dimeji gasped, thinking this had to be the most awesome experience of his life. Only a short time ago, he had marveled at the feeling that one woman blowing him had produced, and now he had two of them doing it.

Like a tag team, the two women continued to drive him to the peak of ecstasy, both of them pausing just before it proved impossible to prevent the inevitable. It was a form of exquisite torture in a way, but one that he submitted to willingly.

Another change of position followed, and now he found himself down between Shola’s thighs, his face pressed tightly against her saturated panties. A barrier that was removed as Tiwa took hold of the sides and unlaced the thin straps that held the garment in place. Unlike her mound, Shola’s was covered with a wild, hairy bush of varying hues, only one of which matched the hair on her head. Not that he would have cared what color it was by then.

Cunnilingus was another thing that Dimeji had little real experience with. Women he’d previously been with had been either uninterested or willing to settle for just a token effort. It didn’t take much consideration for him to think that Shola was going to expect a bit more. With that in mind, he went at it with, if not total enthusiasm, then at least a desire to not embarrass himself. An effort that, much to his surprise, she seemed satisfied with as, stretching out across the bed, she savored the gentle thrust of his tongue as it worked its way inside of her.

Her response increased tenfold a few minutes later when Tiwa, as she had done when Dimeji was sucking Shola breasts, again slipped in beside him and began to add her efforts to his. In addition to taking a turn licking the older woman’s inner recesses, Tiwa also offered him advice on how to improve his performance, taking care to point out her lover’s more sensitive spots.

Her hands squeezing her breasts, Shola moaned softly as the dual caress of their tongues sent ripples of delight washing across her body. The combination of mature experience and youthful exuberance was almost more than she could bear, but the longer it went on, the more she cried out for more.

Dimeji and Tiwa traded kisses across Shola’s clitoris, the location of which had previously baffled the young man. Between the two of them, it didn’t take long to bring Shola to the brink of orgasm, a threshold that Tiwa was quite happy to ferry her friend over minutes later as, taking over completely from Dimeji, she demonstrated a skill that the newbie could never hope to match.

“Oh God, yes!” Shola cried out, as her body quaked with pulsating waves of uninhibited pleasure.

The force of her orgasm actually scared Dimeji a bit, never having seen a woman climax so powerfully. It made him rethink the satisfaction he’d brought, or at least thought he had, to previous partners. It was a question and a lesson he would not soon forget.

“You did good, kid,” Tiwa whispered into his ear after sharing another deep kiss, one that allowed her to share the sweet nectar of Shola’s pussy.

“Damn, I think she really means it,’ Dimeji thought as he returned the kiss, her compliment making him feel pretty good.

“Your cock still hard?” Tiwa asked.

“Sure,” Dimeji replied not being able to imagine how it could be anything else at this point.

“Then I think it’s time to give her what she’s wanted the last few weeks,” Tiwa grinned.

Actually, seeing that, of the three of them, she was the only one who hadn’t enjoyed an orgasm tonight, Tiwa was tempted to take the first ride on his cock herself, but love for her partner gave her the strength to wait. After all, it was her fantasy that had brought them here.

Besides she told herself she’d get hers soon enough.

“Fuck me, oh God, fuck me, baby,” Shola called out as she rode his cock cowgirl style, her hands planted firmly on his chest as she rocked back and forth.

“God, that feels so good!”

She leaned forward, just far enough for him to reach her small breasts with his mouth, and once more he began to suck on them deeply. Her look of delight spoke volumes as to how much she was enjoying herself.

Both of them had been going at it for almost a quarter of an hour, while Tiwa had been content watching from a nearby chair, her hands gently stroking both her breasts and pussy. Still, as stimulating as the spectacle before her was, she had never been much of a watcher. She climbed back onto the bed and, straddling his prone form, took up a position just above his head, her body facing Shola.

“Mind if I join in, lover?” she smiled.

“Of course not,” Shola smiled in return.

From beneath her, Dimeji saw what JTiwa had in mind. It was time for him to take her instructive suggestions earlier to heart and return some of the pleasures she had helped him to Shola. His assumption was confirmed moments later as she lowered her body and pressed her pussy down against his mouth.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” She said after he had been working his tongue across the breadth of her pussy for a few minutes. “Keep in mind what I showed you earlier.”

Leaving him to his own devices, Tiwa turned her attention to Shola, reaching out to cup her breasts with eager hands. Shola followed suit and it wasn’t long before the two of them were fondling the other’s mounds, even as their lips met and tongues intertwined.

“Thank you for doing this,” Shola whispered to Tiwa as their cheeks brushed.

“For you, I’d do anything,” Tiwa replied, also in a tone too low to be overheard.

With his cock deeply imbedded in Shola’s pussy, and his tongue likewise rooted in Tiwa’s, Dimeji was part of a triangle of delight, one that echoed through all three of their bodies, intensifying with each heartbeat. Every drop of his youthful vigor was concentrated on pleasing both women, and years from now he would look back and consider the moment he actually brought Tiwa to orgasm a highpoint of his life. One only eclipsed by the heaven that was still forthcoming.

Tiwa climbed off him, setting in motion another change of positions, that left Shola laying on her side with him pressed close behind her, his cock still buried inside her. She had moved to the bottom of the bed, where she’d stretched out perpendicular to the two of them, a placement from where she could reach out and play with Shola’s clit with one hand while massaging Dimeji’s balls with the other.

It didn’t take long after that as, with even more soul shattering intensity that he had under Tiwa’s ministrations, he climaxed in what he would eventually think of as the second loss of his virginity. Just before he did so, however, he carried Shola across the goal line, riding waves of ecstasy until they peaked with inexpressible joy.

“Well, good morning,” Tiwa said wrapped only in a towel as Dimeji stepped into the living room.

“I couldn’t find my clothes,” he replied.

“Shola cleaned up a bit while you were sleeping,”Tiwa replied. “You’ll find them in the guest room.”

“Oh, okay,” he said, looking around for any sign of her.

“She had an early appointment but didn’t want to wake you,” Tiwa said in response to his non-verbal query. “I volunteered to hang around until you woke.”

“I was hoping to talk to her about last night,” he said.

“Did something happen last night?” Tiwa asked, her tone unexpectedly serious.

A look of confusion and even concern flashed across his face, one that lasted long seconds until, thankfully, Tiwa started laughing.

“I’m just playing with you, kid,” she laughed. “Last night was awesome, and I can’t wait until we can do it again.

“We’re going to do it again?” Dimeji asked, surprise replacing his previous expression.

“Unless you don’t think that you’d want to,” Tiwa replied, “although I think that’d be a shame, with you just living a few floors down.”

“Oh no, I definitely want to do it again,” Dimeji quickly replied.

“Good,” Tiwa smiled, “because I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together, and who knows, you might learn something.”

“I’d like that,” Dimeji said, remembering how much he’d learned just last night.

“Excellent,” Tiwa said. “Why don’t you plan on coming over for dinner tonight and we’ll have a long talk about the future? That okay with you?”

“Tonight … tonight would be fine,” Dimeji answered, still slightly stunned by the thought that last night hadn’t been a one-time thing.

“Oh, and Dimeji,” Tiwa said with the broadest of grins, “in case I never said it, welcome to the Westlake.”

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