Looks like Shola caught Tiwa and Dimeji during their love bout. What do you think would happen in Welcome to Westlake 3!

Caught In The Act

Welcome To Westlake 3 1

His head snapped up as the shimmering face of his hostess came into view, fracturing his joy into a hundred fading pieces, as an enveloping chill replaced his previous enthusiasm.

Tiwa lifted her head towards the direction of the sudden arrival, but, unlike Dimeji, she seemed totally calm.

“Ah, hi Shola,” Tiwa said quietly, as soon as she let Dimeji’s quickly deflating cock slip out of her mouth. “I didn’t think you’d be back soon.”

“Apparently…” Shola responded, her tone even colder and sharper.

“I can explain this,” Tiwa continued as she sat up, making no attempt to cover up her exposed breasts as she did so. “I mean, it’s really not as bad as it looks.”

“Somehow, I doubt that,” the older woman countered.

“I didn’t mean for it to go this far,” Tiwa said, her tone still calm and levelled, “but after all, you were the one that said we should go out of our way to make him feel welcome.”

“And you thought this was what I meant?” Shola inquired.

“Maybe not this exactly,” Tiwa professed, “but if you saw the cock on this kid…”

Her words faded immediately as she glanced down between his legs and saw that his penis had shriveled up like it had been doused in ice water.

“Well, five minutes ago, you’d have seen what I was talking about,” Tiwa said almost blushing.

It was at that moment that Dimeji’s initial shock finally wore off and he realized his pants were still down around his thighs, with his cock all covered in cum just laying there for all to see. He quickly grabbed his pants and pulled them upward, trying to regain his decorum.

“Maybe I’d better go,” he said as he started to rise from the couch.

“You better sit back down,” Shola said, with such force that he did just that. “You’re not innocent in this and I plan to have a few words with you as well.” He nodded instantly in understanding to her statement.

“But first, Tiwa and I need to have a little talk,” she went on, “and I think it might be better if we had it in private,” she added, motioning with her head toward the direction of the bedroom.”

“I think you’re making way too much of this, but whatever,” Tiwa replied, leaving her blouse and bra on the floor, as she headed in the direction of the bedroom.

Then, with a silent but penetrating glare in Dimeji’s direction, Shola quickly followed close behind.

Through the closed door, he could hear the tenor of their discussion, if not the substance. It was clearly an animated exchange and the longer it went on, the more worried he became.

Rationally, he knew he hadn’t done anything wrong. He was of legal age, as was Tiwa, in fact doubly so. Neither of them was married, or attached in any way, so no laws, legal or even moral, had been broken; unless one believed sex outside of marriage a sin. Shola certainly hadn’t struck him as someone who might, but that wasn’t a certainty. Normally sensible people, he’d discovered, sometimes reacted quite unexpectedly in regards to sexual matters.

The cause of his concern rested in the fact that he was actually only subletting his apartment, from a tenant whose job had taken him out of the country on a year long work assignment. Without his name on the lease, he had limited occupancy rights, and a complaint against him by someone as prominent in the building hierarchy as Shola Oniru could see his tenancy terminated.

The sudden silence from inside the bedroom seemed even more disturbing than the argument that had preceded it.. Especially when it stretched, first into a few minutes then to nearly a quarter of an hour. He considered leaning on the door to try and hear what might be going on behind it, even though a part of him cried for him to get out while he could. In the end, however, he felt compelled to do just what he had been told to do, sit there and wait.

Finally, after another few seemingly endless minutes, the silence was broken as he heard what was, even through the door, unmistakably Shola’s voice calling out to him.

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Welcome To Westlake 3 2

“Dimeji, would you mind coming in here for a moment, please,” she said.

He took a deep breath and, rising to his feet, approached the closed door. When he reached for the knob and began to turn it, the 23 year old felt more than a little fear about what was waiting for him on the other side. He didn’t really expect to find Tiwa lying on the floor with a gaping head wound and Shola standing over her with a blood-stained object in her side, but his imagination had come up with almost as outlandish a possibility as he waited.

As he opened the door and stepped inside, the sight before him made the crime scene scenario almost tame in comparison; at least in terms of what he might have believed possible. The two women were not only very much alive, they were dressed in a way he never before imagined as just the sight of them shattered all of his previous conceptions.

“What the fu…” he had started to say, only to have his voice fade before he could finish the thought.

Back in his teens, Dimeji, like many of his friends, lived for the nights when he might sneak a look at the lingerie section of his mother’s magazine. The photos contained the closest thing to naked women any of them might reasonably expect to see. Those outfits, forever preserved in his memory, paled next to those Shola and Tiwa now wore.

Gone was Shola’s conservative blue dress, replaced by a sheer, white lace robe that did little to conceal what lay beneath it, especially since it had been left undone and hung loosely from her body. The half cup bra wrapped around her breasts made them seem much larger than they actually were, with their bright pink nipples partially visible. Just above her matching panties, which were as sheer as her wrap and diminutive as her top, she wore an old fashioned garter belt, complete with traditional grips attached to white lace stockings.

Tiwa had forgone an outer covering, preferring to more fully display the see-through black lace bra and panties she now had on. Even though he had already seen her fully topless, he was captivated by the way her translucent undergarment made the large mounds beneath even more enticing. A glance further downward presented a similar view, with her full and dark bush quite visible. The younger woman had settled for more modern leggings, but the simple, thigh highs were just as flattering as the ones on Shola.

“You’re not going to pass out on us, are you?” Tiwa asked, taking note of the paleness in his face.

“I do hope not,” Shola added, “because that would be most disappointing.”

“No, I’m not going to pass out,” he managed to reply, even though the words were hard to get out and he had his doubts about their accuracy.

He opened his mouth to say something else, but found that it was all he could do to just keep breathing. Thankfully, the question in his mind seemed to have well anticipated.

“An explanation is probably in order,” Shola said, “even though I’m sure some of what I’m about to say is readily apparent.”

That, Dimeji thought, was certainly an understatement.

“As I’m sure you have now realized,” Shola said, “Tiwa and I are much closer friends than our neighbors might think. In fact, I might say that we were more like sisters than friends, except that sisters don’t share the things that we do.”

“They do if you count the Wilson sisters,” Tiwa quipped, only to be cut off by a quick look from the older lady, admonishing her to focus on the matter at hand.

“As I was saying,” Shola picked up as she returned her attention to Dimeji, “Even though we maintain separate residences, if only for the sake of appearances, the two of us are essentially married, even if society might not recognize it as such.”

‘That certainly explains why Shola was so outraged at finding Tiwa going down on my cock,’ he thought, having cavalierly thought at first that it was because they might’ve stained the expensive couch. He also found himself wondering how often, given the younger woman’s flirtatious manner, such things happened.

“If I’d known that she was married, I would’ve never …” he started to apologize, taking her description of the relationship for what Shola said it was, despite its lack of legality.

“An apology isn’t necessary,” Shola interrupted, “Even though we do consider ourselves married, we don’t deny each other the company of others who might catch the interest of one or both of us.”

Dimeji had heard the term ‘open marriage’ expressed in reference to some celebrity unions in gossip blogs, so that seemed as good a term as any to use. In taking the time to search his brain for it, he missed the implications of exactly what she had just said.

“Wait a second, you said both of you?” he finally repeated as he finally realized the implication.

“Well, it took you long enough to figure that out,” Tiwa chimed in. “I would’ve thought that the change of outfits would’ve made it rather obvious.”

“When you mentioned sharing, you were talking about me?” He finally said.

“It’s a good thing that it’s not the head on your shoulders that I’m interested in,” Tiwa replied with just a touch of sarcasm noticeable in her voice.

“Now, now, my love, we should allow the young man some latitude for being a bit discombobulated,” Shola said, using one of her favorite old words. “After all, you and I have had weeks to consider the possibility, and he’s only had a handful of minutes.”

“Wait a second,” Dimeji said, now paying much more detailed attention to what was being said. “Are you saying this is something you’ve planned for weeks?”

“Not exactly,” Shola replied after a moment’s reflection on the question.

“What does not exactly mean?” He inquired as he looked at the brunette, only to have Tiwa be the one to answer.

“What it means,” she said, “is that my dear friend has been quite taken with you from almost the day you moved in. She can’t really explain why, but for some inexplicable reason she finds you near irresistible. Not as irresistible as me of course, but pretty close to it.”

‘Irresistible?’ He thought, unable to imagine being described that way. Yet, when he surveyed the look on Shola’s face, that was the word that came to mind.

“It doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, it’s usually just a physical thing,” Tiwa continued, “something to get out of her system and then move on. In your case, however, it’s proved to be just a bit more complicated.”

“Complicated?” Dimeji repeated, thinking that it had hardly been complicated an hour ago when she had been sucking his cock.

Then again, if it was Shola that was infatuated with him, why had it been Tiwa who came on to him? Thankfully, the answer to that was immediately forthcoming.

“If you two had met on vacation, or even at some social function, Shola probably would’ve already fucked you six ways to Sunday and been done with it,” Tiwa bluntly stated. “Unfortunately, you weren’t some random guy she could fuck and forget the minute you walked out the door. No, you had to be one of our neighbors, which made screwing you a line Shola didn’t feel comfortable crossing.”

He was sure that Shola would’ve explained it all in a less risque manner, but he could understand her concern. That the two of them were carrying on a sexual relationship, to say nothing of the fact that they occasionally invited in others, wasn’t exactly the sort of thing you wanted to share with the neighbors.

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