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Down To Business

welcome to westlake

“They are feeling good, don’t they?” she asked, adding that they were quite real in case he couldn’t tell.

“Yeah, they do,” he said slowly, still a little shocked by her actions.

Tiwa asked, again not waiting for a response, as she directed her hand to the row of buttons. “Would you like my blouse to come off?”

“But Shola said she would be back.” he argued half-heartedly.

“Don’t think about Shola,” Tiwa said, “like I said, she’s going to be gone for at least half an hour if not more.” Dimeji was all too eager to consider this. He was just sitting here enjoying a glass of wine a few minutes ago and now he had an older yet undeniably attractive woman who encouraged him to feel up her breasts.

“Come on, you know you want to see them,” Tiwa said, opening the first buttons herself up.

Of course she was right, and giving in to the temptation Dimeji finished the last few, slipping his hand under her blouse fold and then under one of her bra cups. He sighed loudly as his fingertips brushed her bare flesh.

“Doesn’t that feel nicer?” Tiwa asked as she placed her hand on top of his and guided him to her thick nipple after she had used it to rub her breast.

Dimeji was too excited to answer with words, at least, but it was clear that he agreed. The next question from Tiwa pushed him even further over the cliff.

“Do you want me to take off my bra?” she asked.

He wanted something more intoxicating in that moment than just a glass of wine, because then he could have blamed his response on having had too much to drink. But he hadn’t, and so he couldn’t place responsibility on anything but his own motivation for his reply.

He stammered, “Yeah.”

Reacting with no hesitation than if he had just asked her to move the tiny cheese snacks that were put out with the wine, Tiwa grabbed her open blouse and slid it off. Then, she removed her bra casually and also threw that aside. Suddenly topless, she gave a view to Dimeji that left him breathless.

And Its Going Down!

welcome to westlake

Her breasts were hardly the first Dimeji had ever seen, but certainly the most impressive. In the center of similarly hued areolae, large pink nipples stood prominently erect, each as wide as a silver coin. In addition, they were surrounded by an incredible bounty of fleshy, an abundance which was crying for attention.

“Ok, are you just going to look at them?” she asked as she slipped a hand under each mound and raised them upwards, allowing him to take them.

“Yeah, very good,” she grinned while playing with both breasts, rubbing them gently while he moved back and forth with his hands.

“If you wish, you can kiss them too,” she said.

Tiwa’s nipples were as big as those on baby bottles, and Dimeji impatiently wrapped his mouth around one and then the other. The environment around him, and any thought about it, seemed to fade away, leaving before him nothing but the sense of the bounty in front of him.

His heart was racing as he sucked at her mounds, drawing her deeply into his mouth as he worked his tongue back and forth across the hard tips. Simultaneously, Tiwa ran her hand through his hair, caressing his scalp with her gentle fingertips as she urged him to suck her even harder nipples.

In a few more minutes he managed to do so until she put a finger into his mouth and broke the pressure on her breast. Reluctantly, he let the soft mound slip from between his lips and looked up to see what the matter might be.

“I hate to interrupt your fun,” she said with a curious smile, “but since I showed you mine, don’t you think you should show me yours?” Dimeji wasn’t exactly sure what she meant for a moment, but she removed any doubt as she slipped a hand between his legs, placing it firmly on the hardness that was found there. Her intention was now clear, the young man shifted his body and reached down to undo his belt.

“No, let me,” Tiwa said, pushing his hands away and replacing them with her own.

Quickly undoing his belt, Tiwa pulled down his zipper and pulled his trouser and briefs down to his thighs with a little support from Dimeji as he lifted his butt off the cushion. Suddenly unrestrained, his six inches of manhood rose in salute, drawing the attention of her hand as she closed her fingers around him.

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“Oh God!” Dimeji moaned quietly, as she pumped his cock up and down a couple of times.

“You like that?” Tiwa asked.

“Oh yes,” he said, “it feels really good.”

“And I’m going to make it feel even better,” she said. With that, she leaned her body against him, bringing their mouths together as she kissed him.

It was a gentle kiss at first, but one that got tougher when she put in her weight, running her tongue across his lips before slipping it into his mouth.

They kissed for a second or so, her hand stroking his cock all the time. The wonderful sensations of her actions grew stronger with every breath, and he began to worry that if she did it much longer, he would explode. Something she didn’t seem to be worried about, especially given what she whispered in her ear.

“Do you know what I said about Mr. Lawal?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Dimeji responded, wondering what it had to do with anything.

“Well, unlike him,” Tiwa responded in a soft voice, “I don’t even need a first date to give anyone as sexy as you do a blow job.”

Before those words could even be registered in Dimeji’s brain, she pulled her body away from him and, sliding off the couch, lowered her head into his lap, and swallowed his cock in a single motion.

“Oh… my… God!” he gasped, almost unable to utter the words, feeling his cock engulfed in the wet, velvet walls of his mouth.

Dimeji received his first blowjob from Halima, a fellow student with an accounting background during his first year in the university. He had heard rumors that she was going to come down on you for dinner and a movie, but he couldn’t believe them to be true. Much to his surprise and delight, not only did she suck, she choked. His best experience, though, was with Eva, a waitress at the cafe, where he worked part time during the rest of his time in the university. Eight years older, she had given him a present on his 21st birthday in the parking lot. All women had their own abilities, and he cherished each of them fondly, but neither came anywhere near the incredible ability that Tiwa had.

She started slowly at first, gently sucking the head of his cock first, then working her way down his length, taking more of it with each downward movement of her mouth. Her hands clipped and caressed his hair, gripping firmly to the bottom of his shaft as she guided it in and out of her mouth.

She managed to do so for a long time, making Dimeji almost crazy in excitement as she took him to the brink of orgasm twice. Totally focused on the warmth of her mouth and the delights it offered, he soon forgot that she was still in Shola’s flat, and that she could return at any moment. All that mattered was his imminent orgasm, a victory that grew closer with every passing breath.

Skrrrrrrrrrr Skrrrrrrrrrr!!!

welcome to westlake

“Are you going to come for me, baby?” Tiwa asked, letting his cock slide out of her mouth for a moment before capturing it again.

“Oh yes,” Dimeji gasped, still not believing he’d lasted this long.

“Then give it to me, baby,” she replied, “I want you to come in my mouth.”

Those were the magic words that shattered his last vestiges of resistance. He hadn’t done that since that night with Halima and, if anything, Tiwa was more into it than she had been. Even as he felt the rising tremor inside him that signified this was it, Tiwa took his cock even deeper into her mouth, the head of it pressed almost against the back of her throat. Less than a few seconds later, Dimeji exploded, filling her mouth with the fruits of his penis.

“Oh God!” he cried out, his body convulsing as he felt the life drain out of him.

Despite the brevity of the encounter, Dimeji knew that a new standard had been set that he would measure all others by. It was an experience he wanted to just lay back and savor, only to have that abruptly denied as, with a frightening suddenness, reality returned with a vengeance.

“What the hell is going on here?” he heard Shola demand; her tone filled with outrage.


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