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Weather For Two

Dark Corners Are Fun!

It was a Friday evening and I was invited to a house party by a guy my boyfriend works with. It’s an annual affair, very fun, and usually has a large crowd. But the weather was extremely cold. The last time, it rained heavily, but the party still went on anyways.

The house is huge and properly designed. There’s a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and bushes. The scenery was so breathtaking, the effect on you was spectacular. The host let us know that it was easy to maintain the garden and that it was worth it just to sit outside watching the sunset and rise daily. I found out later, that it was amazing for another reason.

I invited my best friend too, just so I’d feel more at ease and actually have fun. Whenever we go out, one of us will let go and get drunk, while the other acts as the “mum” and designated driver. This time, I was the one to let go and enjoy the party, while Shade (my best friend) stuck with Soda. We had a good time mingling and eating. In fact, we both put on a little show for everyone. We took shots and before we knew it, we were dancing together. When we noticed everyone liked what we were doing, we took it up a notch and started rubbing against each other.

The guys cheered us on as we did that. It was fun but it also turned me on to know I was being admired by a small crowd. I don’t know if I imagined it, but it felt like they were enjoying the show. There were younger guys watching too, which was even better. Even though they were in their 20s, they seemed like good kids when I spoke to them and they were very hot!

As darkness fell, the cold remained. I tried to stay warm, but I wasn’t dressed appropriately. I had on a loose gown which wasn’t making me warm at all. My friend pulled me aside to join them in a smoke session in the garden.

We moved there, speaking quietly, and settled in a small spot. Someone passed a joint, as it passed from one to another, I had several hits and so did Shade. As I experienced the first hit, she pulled me close and kissed me. Her tongue moved between my lips and her hand palmed my butt. My boyfriend was somewhere in the crowd so he didn’t notice this happened.

I almost forgot where we were and started grinding against her. Soon, however, the joints were finished and the giggling died down. By now, I was warmer, but we went separate ways as we left the garden. I guess it’s cos I withdrew – I wasn’t talking to anyone, just sipping my drink and focusing on one of the young guys, fantasizing about him. He looked really young, maybe only in his 20s but he was too hot and it was a long time I’d been with someone as hot as he was.

I had been staring at him, keeping my eye on him but he still slipped away from me. I looked around for him and saw him walking towards a dark path. Feeling freaky, I went after him, like I was spying on him. I expected to see him peeing.

What I saw, was very different. He took something out of his pocket and brought it to his lips. I realized he was rolling a blunt. Just as he let out the first puff, I jumped out and whispered, “Boo!”

He jumped, obviously scared. I felt sorry for him but he calmed down and his face flushed in embarrassment. I hid my smile and apologized for scaring him and touched his arm gently. My fingers lingered on his arm as a flush rose to his face. He said, “Please… don’t tell anybody…”

“I shouldn’t be doing this…” “… drugs. I mean!” He was staring into my cleavage. I traced a path on his arm and assured him I won’t tell anyone. I looked down, I saw a bulge twitch in his shorts. Still staring at my chest, he asked if I’d love to try it too. I asked him, “Is it supposed to arouse you like that?” He looked down, blushed so hard, and said, “No”.

I took the blunt from him and took a drag. I felt the rush spread through my body. I was more aware of my body and the surroundings. I felt really good until I saw the bulge had increased, and just like that, I felt my inner area heat up. we stayed like that for a while, letting the drug make its way through our bodies. I was completely turned on, in heat and, I’m sure he felt it too. I wanted to feel him inside me, but I didn’t know him. I couldn’t have sex with him – at least not here and now.

Letting go of all my thoughts, I felt his crotch. Knowing that we had to leave soon, I made a quick decision. I kissed him slowly and then dropped down in a squat in front of him. I moaned a little as I tried to take off his shorts. He moaned too, and out came a very pretty cock – nicely shaped and leaking with pre-cum. With no hesitation, I wrapped my lips around it and licked every drop of the cum. We moaned in sync.

I took more of him into my mouth. He arched his hips as his cock hit the back of my throat, I took him out of my mouth, savored the tip of his cock, and then it dawned on me – I was going to go all the way – I had to go all the way and I didn’t care how.

Cupping his balls, I grabbed the base and squeezed them gently while my tongue took a long lick around his tip. I tasted more of his fluid as my tongue explored his cock. The sensation of what I was doing drove me wild with desire. The faint aroma of my pussy was in the air, as I sucked his cock. I jacked him a bit and he suddenly erupted in my mouth. His sperm flew into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed some and left a bit to flow down my mouth, It was so hot!

He cried out as I did this, his hips jerking a bit and soon his cock began to shrink. I felt ashamed of what I’d done. My boyfriend was close by, and I was here sucking off a young guy in the bushes at a party. I let his cock slip from my lips as it reduced completely. I rose up to grind him for a bit just so I could feel him against my body. But instead, I kissed him lightly and walked back to the party, leaving him shocked and with his shorts down.

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Weather For Two…

Weather For Two

Everyone was busy mingling with each other to notice I wasn’t amongst them all along. I breathed in a sigh of relief not like I cared though. I took a drink from one of the coolers and that’s when I felt hands around my waist. And a hushed “Boo!” sent a shiver down my spine, as he pressed his crotch against my ass. In a panic, I looked around, hoping no one saw this.

Then he said, “Hey sugar!”, as he licked my ear. My shock at recognizing that it was my husband embracing me almost made me faint, and goosebumps filled my body. A huge rush of guilt, enhanced by the drug, coursed through me as he dipped the tip of his tongue into my other ear.

I spun around and hugged him tightly, hiding my face in his shoulder. He held me quietly for a while – I don’t know what he was thinking. His arms relaxed me though, and I soon felt warm again. In fact, my skin heated rapidly and the gooseflesh disappeared. Well… all but those two little bumps on my boobs.

Tilting my head back, I looked my boyfriend in the eye – wondered what he was thinking – wondered what he’d seen, or what he suspected. He looked serious but calm. And then he kissed me, gently at first, but with increasing heat. My lips parted when I felt the tip of his tongue. With horror, I remembered the last man that had been there – sure that he could taste the other guy’s spunk.

But he just kissed me, as hotly and deeply as ever, causing my lust to rise again. Causing my juices to flow, as we pressed against each other. Once again, I was trying to fuse with a male body, wishing it were inside me. And once again, his hands slipped down to grab my ass. As our tongues met, he massaged my ass and succeeded in causing my pussy to become even more inflamed.

Suddenly, he pulled back. By now I had my hands on his ass too, so he couldn’t do more than lean back a bit and whisper, “If we don’t stop, we’re going to be fucking in front of everyone” At that moment, I didn’t even understand. That would have been fine with me – I was more than ready to fuck! Every nerve in my body was aching with the need to cum.

But he pushed me away a little more, before he said, “We’re going to have to give you some, aren’t we?” I smiled knowing he knew what I wanted when I wanted it. I needed more than he knew, I’d say!

Right then, a drop of rain hit me. We hadn’t noticed the change in the weather, but others had. We hurried into the house, along with some other guests. Soon, the music was blasting and several people were dancing, and the rain outside was forgotten.

And I was starting to have a good time again too. My boyfriend doesn’t dance much, so I was left to dance around alone.  Soon I was dancing with anybody and everybody – all at once.

There were a few guys – all of them young – but most of us were girls. I was a little relieved to notice that my fling wasn’t around. For a second, I wondered how I’d act if he showed up, but soon the rhythm of the music carried me away.

Soon, the music was flowing through me, and I moved with it freely. A group of younger girls had moved close to me, temporarily surrounding me. I scarcely noticed the lack of guys, so much as I was mesmerized by the sights of these young bodies shaking and jiggling around me. One girl with full heavy breasts wearing a mini-skirt over heels, and a top that exposed her midriff. She was obviously braless, and her nipples protruded invitingly as they swung to and fro.

In my highly heated state, I didn’t realize that I was staring at her, but she did. All I knew was that the pulsing movement of my dance was making me extremely aware of the heat of my lust. And the hottie there in front of me was watching me watch her.

She raised her arms over her head, lifting and emphasizing her round breasts. We locked eyes as she gyrated in front of me, and her dancing took an erotic turn. I started to imitate her moves as we moved closer together. We began to dance more together than separately, as we mimicked each other’s steps.

As she spun, her skirt flared and I saw a glimpse of her ass. She was backed up against me, shaking her butt as she moved against my lap. Without hesitation, I rested my hands on her slim waist, pulling her to me. She ground her round little bottom against me and I answered her with two quick thrusts of my hips. We were so caught up in what we were doing that neither of us realized that we were dirty dancing in front of everyone – including my boyfriend.

I was fantasizing about fucking her, and my body was acting accordingly. My nipples swelled as they brushed her back, and she continued to grind her ass into me. I wanted to touch her breasts, and I might have done it, except that she broke contact and slowly danced away.

Left with a renewed aching, I was deep in an erotic dream world of my own. In my mind, we were just a heaving mass of flesh seeking release in the sharing of each other. Visions of body parts flashed through my head – breasts, asses, legs, and cocks – all combinations, and all seeking release.

Suddenly, there were hands on my hips again, and I smelled a light perfume envelop me just as a pair of soft breasts pushed into my shoulder blades. Her hands slipped down my flanks as her lips moved close to my ear. And then she was whispering, “Hmmm… you look so hot!”

The rush of sensation caused by her breath threatened to overwhelm me. I simply nodded, blushing. She could have done anything to me, at that point, but she simply murmured, “Want to get away?” I must have nodded again, but I don’t remember it, as I was lost in this fantasy where everything was reduced to flesh seeking flesh.

She turned me a little and then led me forward toward a darkened hallway. As we moved along, just past the bathroom door, she pulled us around a corner and pressed me to the wall. I put my hands out for leverage and pushed my butt back against her as her hands encircled my breasts. She whispered again, murmuring, “God! I wish I could fuck you right now!”

Visions of being fucked sprang into my mind – I saw a long stiff rubber cock strapped to shapely naked hips, and then I saw this cock entering me – filling me with swift, sure strokes. But all that happened was that she groped my tits a little before turning me back around.

I leaned into her as our lips met. Our tongues slipped against each other as we shared a passionate kiss. My hands slipped around her neck and my thighs parted to allow us to connect below the waist. Her thigh ground into my pussy, and I welcomed it. I wasn’t really thinking about our situation – standing there in the hallway, kissing with so much desire and passion. I was only trying to get off. All I wanted was to be fucked!

She had a grip on my butt cheeks as we frenched deeply. I ground my pussy against her leg as she caressed my back under my top. My hand slid up under her skirt a little, then up further, caressing her smooth inner thigh. Dazed by lust, I gently aimed for her pussy. My fingers pushed past the elastic and I slid between her labia.

She gasped breathily, “Can we just slip into one of these rooms?” My finger pushed into her. “Yes!”, my brain screamed, but my lips were locked in a slippery embrace with hers, so nothing more than a high-pitched moan escaped. Yes, I wanted to fuck her, and I was dying to let her fuck me – I wanted somebody to fuck me – anybody!

Suddenly, she was pushing me away, and I became aware of someone walking down the hall toward us. It was horrible because I just didn’t want her to go – I was nowhere near finished. But she was. She pulled away, and my fingers slipped through her wetness as I saw my boyfriend round the corner. Both she and I were panting and probably looked like we’d been doing what we had been doing. I didn’t feel guilty at all, though. By then I was just desperately horny.

The girl in the tiny skirt fled as my boyfriend stopped. I threw myself against him, my hands moved down his back, and onto his hips – so that I could pull him to me. He started to grind his hardness against me.

Pulling him back into another deep kiss, I moved my middle finger up between our noses – sort of like I was scratching my upper lip – but when he caught the scent of her, he broke the kiss. He looked at me, he looked at my finger, and then he looked back at me and smiled as he took my whole finger into his mouth.

After just a few moments of sucking on it, he let my hand go. It returned to his butt, of course.

“What has gotten over you?” He said smirking.

I could only whisper, “… it’s the weather, babe”, as I nibbled on his collarbone. Taking my hand, he began to lead me to the door. “Yes”, he agreed, “Weather for two…”

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