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The Love Tales 1

The Love Tales

I met the most amazing man off the internet and for the first time I’m not scared! I’m Rania and this is my story, the love tales. In The Beginning As you all know, my name is Rania and i’m a 24 year old. I’m

Lustful Desires II 7

Lustful Desires II

A Trip To Dreamland! “Yes! Right there! Oh that’s the spot!” “You like that don’t you, you naughty girl”? “Yes daddy, I’ve been a bad girl. I want you to punish me”. “Oh I would love to…” And then he got out his ropes and

Lustful Desires! 11

Lustful Desires!

In The Beginning! It was in the afternoon, something around 2pm when I got a call from Juwon. He missed me and wanted us to hang out. I admit I missed him too and wanted to see him so I agreed. The meeting was fixed

Big Titty Joan 14

Big Titty Joan

Hi guys, this story is based on a friend. This is one of his many sexcapades in school. Names have been changed for animosity. Hope you enjoy this story as much as I did whilst hearing it. It was in the evening, something around 5.30

Aliyah 22 15

Aliyah 22

He stared at me for a few minutes and I could see the desire in his eyes; he wanted me and I wanted him too, the only problem here was who’s gonna make the first move? Was it me, Aliyah or him? “Tell me what’s

Aliyah 21

I was spread out like a turkey prepared for Thanksgiving Sunday… Yes, my legs were spread wide. He kept staring at me like I was a meal… Okay, I was at the moment but then I wanted to be treated with more respect; I’d have

Aliyah 20

His house was far from beautiful, it was glamorous. It was a 3,000 square foot house sitting on an acre of land in a very private and secluded area on the island. The gate to the main house wasn’t a walking distance, you had to

Aliyah 19

It is finally the day of my date with Alex, oh how I would love to moan his name all night long; I just wanted him for one night only if that wasn’t too much too ask for. He made arrangements for the “date” a

Aliyah 18

I was waiting for this moment for a long time but still I couldn’t speak, I opened my mouth but nothing came out; I was lost in this mans eyes. They were blue and they seemed to sparkle when light reflected on it, they were

Aliyah 17

Rachael and I became best-friends… We did everything together and were always around ourselves. She brought out a side of me I didn’t know existed, she was the best friend I never had and I loved her so much; Our friendship was envied by many,