The Virgin and The Dom  1

My name is Sharon and this is a story of how I met Michael.

I am a 21 year old girl with a nice body. By nice, I mean perky breasts. I use a bra of size 38D; and yes at 21, I still remained a virgin.

Not that I haven’t made out, I have but no one has gotten to third base yet. I just feel I haven’t met the right person; besides I don’t get wet when I’m making out which makes me think I’m an alien.

I always leave the room when my girlfriends decide to rant about the sexual positions they find terrifying.

I was out with my girlfriends at the mall; we just decided to have some fun.

We entered a clothing store; I found the women section and I looked out for new items.

I was walking down each aisle with my friends behind me then I looked behind me around the lingerie section and I couldn’t find them again.

As I decided to go look for them, I bumped into a tall man. As we were busy apologizing to each other; I checked him out as he picked up my bag and he wasn’t all that bad.

He was an Adonis; he had a well sculpted face and noticeable was a couple days growth of beard.

He handed me my bag, and walked past me like I was nothing; I was irritated by his arrogance but something about him had me getting uneasy and moist.

I went ahead to look for my friends and I found them checking out a romper; I joined them, and got them to follow me to the lingerie section.

I wanted some new panties; something different from the granny panties I wore. I selected some lacy panties and a couple of bras and as we were proceeding to check out other things, I noticed the guy from earlier and he was smiling; talking to some other girl who I presumed to be his girlfriend, no wonder he wouldn’t talk to me.

When we were done shopping and proceeded to pay for our things, I saw him again without the woman this time and I wondered where she was.

As we went out of the mall, I saw him from behind and damn, he had a nice ass.

My girlfriends noticed me in the trance and snapped at me.

As we approached our car, I noticed our car had a flat tire. We had a spare but who was gonna change it? I looked around the parking lot and couldn’t find anyone.

Then I saw him; the fates must have a plan for me, I took in a deep breath and decided to approach him before he drove off; as he was loading the trunk of his car with items he bought.

I approached him and told him I needed his help; when he would reply me, he had a thick voice that cascaded around me like it was velvet.

I was starting to like him, he finished what he was doing and followed me back to my car where my friends were waiting; he got out what he needed and rolled the sleeves of his shirt up.

When he was done, I thanked him and introduced myself as Sharon; he replied in the same thick voice which I found sensual and said he goes by Michael.

Then I asked him for his number as I could sense he wasn’t going to ask for mine. He seemed taken aback; but he punched his digits into my phone and I told him I would call him.

My friends watched us in silence and started giggling immediately he left; we got into the car and drove off after.

Later that day, I called him and he picked up on the fourth ring. We moved to texting and we finally hit things off; things got serious between us and we started dating.

We were making out in his car after our third date and he slipped his hand into my panties and tried to slide in; I screamed for him to stop and told him I was a virgin and I would like for him to be my first.

It took some time for him to reply and I was scared I wouldn’t like his reply and when he spoke, he said “I wouldn’t want to be your first and you wouldn’t want me to”.

I asked him why and his reply was shocking.

He told me he got off on the pain of a woman.

He was a dominant; he loved bondage and inflicting pain no matter how slight.

I was shocked and he started up the car and drove us home; as he parked in front of my house, he muttered goodnight as I alighted.

The drive home had been uneventful as neither of us said a word to the other.

As I got into my room, i did some research on all what he said and I was thrilled and wanted to actually try it out.

I called him after I showered and when he picked up; all I said was Yes, he was lost and I told him, “Yes, I want you to inflict pain on me”.

He asked if I was sure of what I was saying and I replied affirmatively.

We set a date for the Deal and said goodnight to each other.

As I drove up to Michael’s house; I got scared and intrigued also.

When he ushered me into what he called his fortress; I was blown away.

The house had a masculine touch to it and it’s walls were decorated with various works of art and painting.

He gave me a quick tour of the house as it was my first time there, then he led me to what he called the master bedroom.

Its walls were painted grey and in the middle was a king sized bed with a canopy above it.

As I approached the bed; I had this mixed feeling of fear and awe; I caught sight of a tall closet and when I approached it, he pulled me back and said no; then asked if I was sure of what we were about to do.

I said yes and kissed him.

He told me since it was my first time, he would go easy.

He went to the bed-side table, opened a drawer and picked a key; he went on to the closet and unlocked it.

And Lord were all instruments of pleasure and pain there; he got out some kind of rope made of silk, a couple nipple clips and a whip.

He brought them towards me and dumped them on the bed, then he kissed me and undressed me slowly.

He nuzzled my neck and whispered sweet nothings into my ear; I was already wet and he went over to my breasts. My nipples were hard already and stood out like a cherry on ice.

He suckled my nipples and I could feel some force on the nipple he just sucked. I looked down to see a nipple clip around my nipple; after sucking on the second nipple, he added the second clip.

He trailed his tongue down my torso, leaving wet trails; when he arrived at my pussy… he gave me a long, slow lick.

He suckled on my clit and I was lost in a world of my own pleasure. I gripped his hair as he kept eating me out and I squirted my juices into his mouth and all over his face.

When I returned from my short trip to heaven; Michael tied my hands and legs to the bedposts and had me eagle-spread before his eyes; the look in his eyes was that of a demon and I got scared.

When he undressed; I finally got a full glimpse of his erection.

He was long and thick; his girth was criss-crossed with veins and the cap of his cock was engorged.

I didn’t think I could take him all; he donned on a condom and the anticipation of what was to come got me wetter and I felt I was starting to make a puddle on the sheets.

When he penetrated me, I screamed and moaned from the pain; he started thrusting slowly and the sensation made me cum around his cock.

He quickened his pace and I wanted to touch him but I couldn’t; suddenly he pulled off a nipple clip and the sudden rush of blood to my nipple made me scream.

He suckled on the nipple, soothing me and still thrusting in hard and fast; he did the same for the second nipple and the sensation made me climax again.

Then he pulled out and went around to untie me; his cock was dripping with my pussy juice and he motioned for me to go on all fours.

He grabbed the whip and started spanking my ass; he whipped lightly but the pain made me scream and I cried a little.

Suddenly, he stopped and kissed my ass cheeks then slid his cock back into me; filling me up.

He fucked me for a while and I climaxed again; then I felt him tense and he climaxed too.

He pulled out and headed to the bathroom; he returned and kissed me.

He apologized for the pain inflicted and I told him it was okay and I enjoyed it.

He cuddled me and I fell asleep; feeling happy and contented bearing in mind to change the sheets once we were up.

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