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Hey guys, this is a new series called The Nymphomaniac’s tales. It is a story of Ronke and all the men in her life and how they all played different roles. It promises to be an amazing story. Hope you guys enjoy reading this story as it’s true life and from someone who wants to remain anonymous.

I want to tell a story, a personal one, one I’ve been trying to write for a long time but had no words or better still it felt like it wasn’t the right time to tell it. I’m not much of a talker and as I go on, you’d figure it out. I’ve been called names: A hoe, A whore, lol the funniest was a dog but I’ve decided to go by the nymphomaniac. It’s more dignifying!

Why do men do this though? Call women names for doing things they are doing too? They swear they want a woman who’s just down to fuck and then switch up when they find out that’s what she wants also; control, that’s what they want, to be in control of everything and when the tables turn, they feel vulnerable. I’m rambling again, I do this a lot.

My name is Ronke, a 25-year-old graduate of mathematics in University of Lagos and this is my story. I’m not an overly attractive person and I’m not that bad either. Standing at 5’7″, 36DD tits and a really thin waist with a hips that fit it too and an ass that was proportional to my body; I had it all and I knew it too so it was normal I went for guys I could be seen with.

My first sexual experience isn’t one I’d forget anytime soon and I sort of regret it. He is the reason why I’m getting these “titles” and is the reason I hate men. It angers me just putting this down and I wish he could see how his actions changed me.

Salam’s Story.

the nymphomaniac

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon; I was outside reading my novels as usual when he showed up in my compound. There he stood just right in front of my doorstep, all 6ft of him. He had on Blue jeans, a band tee and white sneakers. He wasn’t muscular but you can tell he loved to work out, he was fine and he knew it. I knew it too and damn…

“Hi, my name is Salam and I just moved here” he said.

Getting a grip of myself before he knows I was already lusting over him, I said in a low tone “I’m Ronke, nice to meet you.”

“I was on my way out when I saw you and decided to come say hello so we get acquainted” he went on to say.

“That’s nice of you and really thoughtful” I said looking him in the eye which I just noticed was blue. Damn how can one man be so beautiful? I wanted to lick him on the spot.

“I’d better get going now, I’ve got an appointment I can’t be late for” he said. We said our goodbyes and he went on his way while I watched until he was out of sight. Continued reading while wondering who this man was.

Later that day, I heard a knock on my door and it was Salam who was at the door when I opened it. I was expecting someone else and was shocked when I saw him.

“I’m really sorry for barging into you like this but I need somewhere to stay and you’re the only one I know here” I let him in and went to get him a drink before we continued.

“My brother left after I did this morning and I didn’t take my keys with me. I felt I could wait here for him until he’s back. He said he’d be a while”. I didn’t know if it was a good option but he seemed helpless and like he had no choice.

“You can stay here till he’s back. I was just about to make dinner; would you love some?” He nodded yes and I went on to prepare the meal. Food was ready in about an hour. Salam had gotten comfortable and was seeing the game on the sports channel so I took the food to him instead of disturbing him; I was a good host. We chatted over dinner and I must say we hit it off right away, it was a good vibe and I loved it.

It was now normal to see Salam at mine every evening. We’d talk, laugh and he’d try to cook for me which was fantastic by the way. I’d grown to enjoy his company and always looked forward to having him over; it was gradually turning into a steady thing and I loved it.

If only I’d listened to my guts which told me I was moving too fast in just a little while. My excuse, people deserved the benefit of a doubt.

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The Nymphomaniac

the nymphomaniac

A woman who has strong sexual desires is a nymphomaniac according to Google and I admit it really suits me. I was exposed to sex at a young age and it has made me see sex as a craving and I just want it satisfied. How did I get here? To being called the nymphomaniac? You’d find out soon.

I should have prepared for the worst but I was lost in the vibe already and just didn’t want it to end. So, what did I do? I continued letting him into my home and it’s safe to say we became good friends after that.

Salam was over one fateful day and as usual it was a good day and we were having fun until he popped the question, “Would you be my girlfriend”? I admit the question caught me off guard but it was expected, we were too close to not be in a relationship at some point.

I went into the kitchen cos I didn’t have an answer and I didn’t want him to read my expression. I needed to think, needed to breathe and figure out if this was what I really wanted. The signs were there but I chose to ignore them and guess what I did? Yep. I walked back out and said yes.

He was happy and I could see it in his eyes. If only I had waited. If only!

We started dating and everyone knew us as a couple in the compound. I was happy with him and I guess he was too. We did everything together, I mean everything! He was perfect!

As a couple it was only normal to spend the night together which we did soon enough.

Salam loved sex and he told me one night while he was over so I decided to do it with him. I went all out and got fancy lingerie, toys and a few other items I thought he would like. It was going to be a wonderful night or so I thought.

I prepared for his normal visits but this time instead of making dinner, I was dinner. I shaved, waxed, made sure I smelt lovely and wore the lingerie; I wanted to blow his mind. As the nymphomaniac that I was I knew a lot about sex and had looked forward to sharing it with Salam.

He got in a quarter past 7 and had called before coming so I was prepared, he knew I had a surprise for him but he didn’t know what.

“Babe I’m here. Where are you?” he said to announce his arrival. He came upstairs to find me and was shocked as he entered the room. I was lying on the bed in my red lingerie, I knew I looked amazing and his face confirmed it too.

He didn’t say anything as though he knew what was on my mind, well I think he did cos he came closer and kissed my forehead. I smiled and then helped him un-dress so he’d climb in bed with me.

I took charge, touching his thighs gently and slowly, I kissed him. The kiss was passionate and was full of emotions I wasn’t sure were there. He broke the kiss and walked to my side of the bed and asked me to stand up too. I did just that and he walked me to the corner of my room.

He kissed me again, slowly, while touching my thighs sensually. He traced his fingers all over my thighs and with each touch, I gasped for air. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment and let my mind wander a bit.

He continued kissing me and instead of touching my thighs he went to my tits and squeezed my nipples and they got hard immediately. “You look so beautiful tonight and I really want to show you how it makes me feel” he said in my ears.

He kissed me again but this time I could feel the fire and desire and his grip on me became more intense. I didn’t know when I moaned out loud, “yes daddy” rolling off my tongue like spit.

“You like that, don’t you? You’re one naughty girl. You know that, don’t you?” he asked then looked into my eyes as if waiting for a response but I was too turned on to say anything.

He picked me up and continued kissing me then dropped me on the bed. In one swift motion, my bra was off and his tongue rolled on my nipples. I gasped for air and that was his cue to graze them with his teeth. Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!

He was getting into my head and I liked it but this wasn’t my orgasm to get but his. I wanted him to feel things, I wanted him to crave me with just a single thought, I wanted him to feel me everywhere; I wanted him to be mine only!

I pushed him off me, sat on him and grinded my ass on his crotch slowly; this was me taking charge. I licked him from his head down to his belly button and lingered there for a while. Looking up at him, I could see he really wanted this and I smiled.

Going a little further down, I got to his dick and was amazed at the size. It looked big and long, 9 inches I guess; I loved it. I took it in my mouth and licked it slowly, he twitched and I chuckled under my breath. I was good at blowjobs and he was going to confirm that in a bit.

Slowly, I took him in my mouth and sucked like my life depended on it. I choked on it, spat on it and even deep throated; I did everything. He held onto the sheets cos it felt like life was leaving him. I continued sucking not minding how he felt. I could feel he was close but I didn’t stop. I let him cum in my mouth then let it roll off my tongue and onto my tits, it was a nasty sight.

He looked at me like he was lifeless and needed rest but I wasn’t done yet. I kissed him again making sure he licked all that was left of his cum in my mouth. His nipples were his weak point, I found out a while back and I wanted to use it against him now. I played with them with my fingers and then licked him until he was hard enough for me again.

When I saw his hard cock, I climbed on him and lowered myself down gradually. He moaned and I did too, almost at the same time. I was tight enough and his dick was so perfect for me. “You’re so warm and squishy in there, babe” he said in a low tone.

I focused on riding him and made sure it was a perfect ride. The tip to riding I learnt somewhere was to imagine Rocket by Beyoncé was playing and follow the tempo. So, I started off slow, twisting my waist in circular motions so he’d feel everywhere and when it was time to go fast, he grabbed my waist and pushed me down so he’d hit me from below.

It felt so good and, in an hour, we were out of breath and sweaty. I wasn’t done yet and told him; he looked me in the eye like I was joking but I kissed him to get that thought out of his head. He was about to hit it from the back when a text popped up on his phone, “Aren’t you done with that bitch yet?” I looked back at him and in that moment everything shattered.

There and then, I made the decision to never be in my feelings with anyone and that’s how I became the nymphomaniac and my relationship with Salam ended; we still fucked though cos he never knew I saw it and I didn’t tell him.

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