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The Adventure Begins


“The adventure” started with us going to a karaoke bar, Shaunz Bar, which was quite close to us. Tonye suggested it and since we were already tipsy there was no excuse not to. The boys were more than excited to do it with us. I’d never done this before and was looking forward to it.

“You guys should get ready for a fun night. I know some really good spots and I’m sure you’d love them”, Tariq said. Tariq is roughly above 6ft, dark, quite buff – you could tell he worked out a lot, brown eyed and he has a beautiful smile. There was something intriguing about him and he sparked my interest. I tried to get him out of my mind; I didn’t want tbh seem desperate but tbh I’d like a piece of him.

We got there in 30 minutes, I offered to pay for the trip but Malik refused, “C’mon, why would you pay? Mind you, we pulled you out of your plans”. He went on to pay and I accessed him from where I was. He is shorter than Tariq but still tall enough so maybe few inches shorter, fair, had huge beards and was buff but not too much; he sorta sparked Tonye’s interest cos she was all over him.

At shaunz bar, there was a lot ot do like smoke, drink and karaoke of course. I offered to buy drinks for us and pulled Tonye with me. “Babe, you know I wasn’t down for this. I’m only here cos you made me come here”, I said while we walked towards the bar. “You never let us do anything fun and I knew you’d have refused that’s why I accepted the offer. Loosen up Ronke”, she said.

Of course, my best friend was the wild one, the one to randomly accept offers from strangers and also the one that makes all my tough decisions. I had no choice than to just suck it up and enjoy the night; I didn’t know why I started feeling weird about everything but I shook it off immediately.

I got us two bottles of Jameson, bottles of sprite and a few lemon slices then we both walked towards the guys. There were two girls singing and having fun. Lol it looked fun but I was scared of embarrassing myself; I haven’t sang in public before and I was nervous.

Tonye was already talking to Tariq and I was watching the singers do their job when Tariq walked over, tapped me on my shoulder and said “Hey, you seem to be a loner. You haven’t said anything to us since”.

I looked at him, smiled and said, “I’m used to being alone, work has me occupied most times. Plus, Tonye practically forced me out today”. We talked some more and he turned out to be a really good conversationalist. He made me laugh with his funny tales about life in school and work; I enjoyed our talk. Looking over to where my friend was sitting, I saw she was also having a good time too.

It was finally our turn to sing and Tariq wanted us to go first, “Cmon Ronke, it’ll be fun. Just imagine you were in your shower”. I downed my drink and went with him after telling him I’d choose the song. Tonye and Malik cheered us on and I had no choice but to laugh. I picked out against all odds by westlife, it was a duet so it’s easier for us. The instrumental started and we started singing, the song was my favorite and I knew it by heart. Singing with Tariq was on a whole different level cos it seemed like we both connected to the song and it was magical.

We kept staring into each other’s eyes, it sort of felt like we were alone in the bar and the song was sending a message. Well, I won’t mind having him but I just got out of a relationship and wasn’t sure if I was ready to jump back in the dating game but if he was down to fuck, I was down. We finished and walked back to our seats.

“Okay, what happened on stage?” Tonye asked and continued with, “Guy, I didn’t know you could sing like that”. “I enjoyed it and I don’t know where it came from but it felt really good being on stage”.

Tariq And The Nymphomaniac


We talked some more and Tonye made a suggestion that blew my mind.” Ronke why don’t we go to your house? I think it’ll be more fun there. What do you think?” It took me off guard cos I wasn’t sure I was ready to invite them over and I think Tariq noticed that and replied Tonye instead, “She doesn’t have to do that. Would you like to come over to mine instead?” Tonye’s face lit up and she nodded her head, I guess my opinion didn’t matter.

“Ronke, it’ll be fun. Trust us, we don’t bite” Malik said which were his first words to me since we got here. I had no choice so I told Tariq it was fine.

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I wasn’t expecting Tariq’s house to be what it looked like, I don’t know what I was expecting but thus was wow; his house was beautiful and it looked like it cost a lot. If it looked this good outside, I wondered what it’ll look like inside.

“Your house looks really good Tariq”, I said. He smiled, thanked me and we all walked inside. Tonye and Malik really seemed to have hit it off cos they were both in each other’s arms all night. I smiled at them and walked in. I wasn’t ready for how the inside looked, guys I kid you not it was more beautiful than the outside. I was amazed at the decor and even more surprised he had an eye for such.

“Well, y’all settle in while I go change. Malik keep them company and stay off the alcohol, you’ve had enough for one night”, he said

“Bro, you do know I came here for the booze right? So please don’t be a party pooper” he said while walking towards the bar. Tonye came close to me and said “What do you think about the guys?” I looked at her and said “this girl, what are you up to?”, she looked ta me with wide eyes and said “Malik invited me over and I think I’d love to go”

I was surprised cos Tonye never did anything out of the blues like this. “Babe are you sure you really want to?” She smiled and assured me she wasn’t making this decision cos she was drunk. I smiled and said if that’s what she wanted. it was fine by me.

The boys came back and I suggested we played a game. Everyone seemed to want that and I suggested strip poker. Tariq said he had cards somewhere and went to bring them out. We started playing and it seemed the guys were good at it cos 30 minutes into the game and Tonye and I had to take off some items. I wasn’t backing down without a fight and ganged up with Tonye so we could beat the boys.

My plan seemed to work cos few minutes later, the boys also took off their clothes. We were all naked now and it was more comfortable. I didn’t know why I looked but I looked at Tariq’s legs and saw he had a really nice dick. It was huge and I really wanted to see it up close.

He looked up and I looked away immediately hoping he didn’t see me. It was now one hour into the game and we were all tired. Malik said he had to leave and he and Tonye said their byes; I was now alone with Tariq. I was about dressing up when Tariq said, “What do you think you’re doing? You have to finish what you started.”

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