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 The Fuck Boy

the nympho

The way Salam was going, he was going to make me lose my mind and I wasn’t down for that. I wanted to just nut and send him back; I didn’t want him to start talking about getting back together cos honestly, I wasn’t down for that and I was getting tired of saying it.

So many thoughts ran through my mind and I was having a rethink. What do I do? Stop him? Even though I wanted this? I was distraught! He noticed I was pensive and tapped me, “Ronke what’s going on?”, he said. I was startled and only smiled and shook my head to express my nothingness.

“You can’t tell me nothing, just tell me what’s on your mind”, he said as he stood up and sat on the side of the couch just by my legs. Okay, was this where we argue and he leaves or what exactly is going on now? I decided to tell him exactly what was on my mind, can’t be scared of him and whatever happens, happens.

“I don’t want us to have sex and you’d think we’re getting back together. We’re just fucking nothing more”. He looked at me with worry and I continued, “I’m sorry, this is just my decision. I don’t want to lead you on”. I stood up and went to the kitchen to grab a drink, I think better when I drink.

In the kitchen, I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. I was still very much horny but I didn’t want to make a bad decision. Grabbed my drink and went back outside to see that Salam had left. Well, it was only normal, I didn’t expect him to still hang around after what I said. Here I was stuck with an aching pussy and no way to get off.

Drink in my hand, ache in my pussy, I texted Tonye to ask if we were still meeting up tonight for drinks and got an instant reply which read. “Of course, babe, I’d be at yours in 2 hours. You better be ready before I get there”. She hates when I’m late so I go up to get ready.

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The Hose And The Nympho

the nympho

I was feeling spontaneous tonight and, in the mood, to go drinking with Tonye and probably end up at a nightclub cos we both loved to dance a lot. What to wear was the issue now, do I go dressed as a slut or do I dress modest? I’d just go with whatever my mind picks first.

I went to shower cos I hadn’t yet since my time with Salam; the moment my fingers touched my pussy cos I needed to clean up first, I moaned. I was still horny and I had to get off before my outing. I had so many thoughts in my head and my body felt like Salam was running his hands over them; I still felt his touch and I still smelt like him.

My pussy was aching so bad, I needed something with enough girth in me. I took position just by the wall and placed the shower hose which I’d already picked up just at the top of my pussy; it felt so good! I instantly got goosebumps and I loved how it felt.

I moaned a little louder and started to scream as I increased the rush of the water. “Yes, yes, yes, just there, That’s the spot” I moaned out loud as if someone was there to hear me. In a quick rush, my juices rushed down my thighs, hot and sticky as ever.

Now that that was out of the way, I washed up and took my bath. There was relief when I got out, it felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. Now back in the room, I still had to decide what to wear – a quick look in my closet and a little black dress stared me in the face as if to say pick me, pick me, I went with it cos I hadn’t worn it ever.

It was time to do my makeup and I decided to do something subtle on my face but chose a really loud lipstick color, a one over in the mirror and I swear if I could, I’d have fucked myself right that instant; oh shit, I already did. Picked up my phone to see a text from Tonye letting me know she just pulled into the driveway. I sprayed a bit of my favorite perfume and walked down to meet her.

The Nympho Strikes Again


“Damn girl, look at you looking like a full course meal” Tonye said as soon as I walked out the door, she also looked stunning and it seemed like we both planned to go all out tonight. “Was the plan to get laid tonight cos girl we’re both looking lit”, I said in reply. Tonye twirled while laughing loudly and said, “Of course girl, the plan is to look drop dead gorgeous and if getting laid pops up, who are we to refuse?”

We both decided to take an uber cos the way it’s looking, we’re getting dead drunk tonight. Our uber arrived 2 minutes after we requested and just as we were walking up to meet him, Salam came out. We exchanged looks and I could tell he was shaken up seeing me dressed like that but what do I care – the nympho strikes again.

In the uber, Tonye attempted to ask what happened but I guess she already knew the answer cos instead she said, “tonight will be fun, you’ll see”.

It took us an hour for a trip of 30 minutes to get to our first spot, Lagos and traffic! We were here at La Taverna which was a restaurant somewhere on the Island. I’d always planned to go here but didn’t quite get to doing that cos of work and it seemed Tonye wanted to spoil me.

“You always told me you wanted to come here so here we are. We’re celebrating your promotion in grand style”. It seemed she had made a reservation cos as soon as we stepped in, we were shown to our table. I ordered a bottle of our favorite wine and we caught up on everything that happened. The evening was really starting to look good and I was enjoying it.

A waiter came to our table and handed a piece of paper to us. “We haven’t asked for the bill yet young man”, Tonye said in surprise. “I’m sorry ma’am but those gentle men sitting over there asked me to give you this”, he replied pointing in their direction. We looked over and they waved at us as if they knew we were shocked. I collected it from him and asked him to leave.

“Babes, what does it say?”, Tonye asked. I looked at it and laughed a little, she snatched it from me and read it out loud. It said, “You ladies look stunning, mind if we joined you?” I smiled and asked her what we should do and she replied, “A little adventure won’t hurt right?” Well Tonye loved shit like this and was always one to take the bull by the horn so I just followed her decision.

The men walked to our tables and Lord, they looked finer up closely. Imagine Idris Elba and RMD, yep they were that fine. “Hi ladies, I’m Tariq. We couldn’t help but notice you guys and I must say you look really stunning tonight” the one that looks like RMD said. We smiled and didn’t say a word, we just stared at them and listened.

“We planned to do something fun tonight would you ladies like to join us, that’s if you don’t mind? I’m Malik by the way”.

“Lol we have our night planned out already…” I replied before Tonye interrupted and said, “Of course we will” while tapping me lightly on my laps. “Well, we have to finish our drinks first”. We drank, talked and tried to catch a vibe and when the bottle was finished, Malik said “Well, who’s ready for an adventure?” We paid the bill and all walked out into the uber we booked.

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