Hey guys, hope this meets you well? I’m happy with the feedbacks I’ve gotten on The Nymphomaniac Tales, thank you so much. Episode 3 promises to be more suspense filled and amazing. Sit back and let me take you on this wild ride.

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The Rebirth Of Ronke

the nymphomaniac

It’s been a week since I flared up in Salam’s face. I’m starting to think I made the wrong decision and maybe I ended things too fast. First off, I didn’t deserve to be treated like that and sure as hell didn’t need his drama and baggage. But deep down, I feel I should have listened to him. A visit to Tosan would set things right and give me the clarity I needed; I did just that and she came out to meet me. “Someone finally remembered me after getting good dick. How was it this time?”

I cut her off before she finished asking her questions, “I didn’t see Dimeji yesterday, he didn’t show up”. She looked confused and I went on, “Salam came over instead and I said some things”. This was when she went to grab a bottle of wine from the fridge. Tosan drinks when she’s tense and needs to relax; now was a good time to indulge her.

She brought two wine glasses and a bowl of chips; this one is ready for premium gist. “Did you cuss his ass? Did you throw him out when he showed up? did you drag his sorry behind back to where he came from?”, she is the fighter in this relationship and never missed an opportunity to “beat” up someone; I was more reserved.

“I threw him out babe but I think I should have listened to him”, I said looking her right in the face. She downed her drink and hissed before replying me, “the problem I have with you is that you are too emotional”. I was emotional, yes, but only when I needed to be. I could be stone hearted too but I wasn’t with Salam and that’s what made me so angry.

“Guy, you need to fucking wake up. This nigga ain’t shit and won’t mean shit in a few weeks. What’s this nonsense? I’m sure he hasn’t called you since you threw him out, prove me wrong”. She grabs my phone and checks my call logs, “You see, no calls or texts. He’s probably fucking the bitch rn and you’re beating yourself up”.

We talked some more, well Tosan did the talking while I listened; she was the mother hen and I was one of her lost chicks. She was right, I let myself get lost in emotions and it fucked me up. It was time to make things right.

“I’m calling Dimeji to come over, he’d make me forget everything”.

“If that’s what you have to do, do it. I want you to forget the bastard and move on with your fucking life. If you have to fuck, fuck but please use a rubber”, she said in a stern voice.

She was right, all I needed was a good fuck and Dimeji would give me that. I called him and he apologized for yesterday which I’d already forgotten btw. We fixed a meeting for 6 pm at his place; that was settled, all I needed was to forget that bastard and I’d get it. Tosan decided to spoil me before I left for home, what would I have done without her?

The Nymphomaniac Strikes Back

the nymphomaniac

Preparing for a date wasn’t an easy task especially when you know it’s a dick appointment. I needed to prepare but I didn’t know what to wear. I looked in my closet but was so confused; should I go for a slutty look or should I just wear something subtle? I decided to bath before making my choice.

The shower was nice, I felt somewhat relieved and I was smiling; it’s magical what a simple shower can do to your mood. I put on music and went to choose what to wear. I decided on a slutty look, this body’s banging and everyone needed to know. Black bralette, a mini skirt and heels; I decided to not wear a bra but wear a thong, going to murder this man on site. I wore makeup but not so loud, wore my favorite red lipstick and when I decided I looked damn good, I sprayed perfume not before giving myself a one over.

Grabbed my car keys from the table and walked downstairs. As I was locking the door, I heard my name; it was Salam. I was happy he saw me; I was jumping for joy in my head. “Can we talk? I have something to tell you.” I gave him an irritated look then stood for a while to listen to what he had to say.

“I miss you and I want you back”. I didn’t know when I burst out laughing, this nigga ain’t shit; like bruhhhhhh, is it crack? Then I go, “do you miss me or you miss this pussy though?”. I walked away as soon as I said that, the nymphomaniac strikes again.

I felt on top of the world, this would teach him not to mess with me; “I miss you, lol nigga please”, I said into the air as I started my car and drove off. Dimeji was already expecting me and had texted while I was talking to Salam.

The drive to Dimeji’s was not long as we stayed not too far from each other but on different sides of the main road, I got there in 45 minutes. I horned for the gateman to let me in which he did without hesitation; I was a familiar face.

Dimeji looked dashing as always, he was standing by the door ready to usher me in. Dimeji is 6ft tall, dark skinned, skinny but muscular and had abs to die for; he was hella fine, yes, more handsome than Salam. I looked in the mirror to make sure everything was in place and when I was satisfied, I got down and walked to him.

He was stunned, nigga looked like he had seen a ghost; I had that much sexual appeal and it made me feel on top of the world. “There goes my baby, the nymphomaniac. Damn girl!”, he said as I walked towards him. he didn’t even let me get to where he was before I started kissing me. Slow down Nigga, you’ve got a lot of work to do.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

the nymphomaniac

The Nymphomaniac was Dimeji’s nickname for me, he calls me this cos he knew my story and always said it to make me feel happy. It was obvious I didn’t come here to play and he knew; the moment we walked in to the house, he kissed me and hugged me so tightly. I longed for him, for his touch and his warmth; I kissed back, more intensely than he did.

“Damn, you don’t know how pretty you look in this outfit. Fuck, I want to do bad things to you”, he said. I was wet hearing him say this to me and muttered, “are you sure?”, in a low tone.

As if he got the answer he needed, in one swift motion, he carried me and took me up the stairs not breaking the kiss as we went up; next thing I knew, I was on the bed. He took off my skirt and smiled when he saw I wore his favorite thong, that was unplanned. He kissed my thigh slowly and sensually until he got to my pussy. He took in a deep breath and slid my panties to the side.

I shuddered a little, I knew what he wanted to do and I braced myself for the impact. he stuck two fingers deep down my pussy and I moaned out loud, he took it out and sucked the juices off; I was wet. he looked me in the eye as if to tell me to keep shut and let him do his work, I sighed and tried to maintain my composure.

He climbed on top me and kissed me biting my lips slowly as he did; he was hard and his dick was right on top of my clit. “You like that yeah?”, he said. I nodded slowly in response and he grinded his dick on me making me moan in ecstasy. “You are not quiet baby girl”, he said before taking off my thong and stuffing them in my mouth. How did I forget that? Maybe I didn’t, maybe I just wanted him to be nasty.

He took off my bralette tossing it on the floor and then kissed me from my head to my toe slowly. I was wet and turned on, all I wanted was for him to stick his cock inside me without mercy; I needed the pleasure and I needed to cum. He kissed my thighs slowly paying more attention to my inner thigh and when he got to my pussy, he licked my clit slowly with his tongue; I shuddered.

I felt on top of the world. With each lick, he played with my nipples and squeezed a little bit at intervals. He took off the thong when he saw the dazed look, I had all over my face.

“I want to cum, I want to cum…”, I when I could feel my release coming. He didn’t stop, he went on faster until my juices flowed out all over his face. He didn’t stop there, he turned me over and told me to arch my butt and then rammed his dick into me. He fucked me like a bitch, faster with each thrust, increasing the tempo at intervals.

I could feel my release coming, it felt more intense than what I’d felt before and I moaned out; he moaned out too and, in a few minutes, we orgasmed and fell on each other. It was the best I’d gotten that week and my legs were still shaking from the impact.

He kissed me and played with my pussy for a while, rubbing my clit slowly with two fingers and then tasting my juices when his fingers got sticky enough. He did it again but this time, I sucked his finger dry and then gave him the best blow job ever and when he was hard enough, I fucked him cow-girl style until we were both out of breath and tired.

In a twinkle of an eye, Salam was out of my head and out of my life for good; good riddance to bad rubbish. The nymphomaniac got rid of that bitch and she got her nut

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