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Heartbreaks Are Normal


Remember the text I found on Salam’s phone? If you don’t remember it, I do and I’d never forget it.  “Aren’t you done with that bitch yet”? Lol, Me? Ronke? A bitch? Lol some people are funny sha. I have no problem with the text and I have no problem with the sender, I have a fucking problem with Salam. The sender was too comfortable with him, I hated it; it felt like he gave her the guts to say that.

You don’t disrespect your partner in the presence of an outsider and not expect them to treat them badly. That was what got me angry, the fact that he didn’t put me first and respect my feelings. I hate feeling this way, like I’m expecting too much; feelings and love would hurt you tbh.

Like I said before, I didn’t say anything or act like I was mad at him; of course, I was but you’d find out why soon enough. We carried on like normal couples, well I had to at least. As a nymphomaniac I was open to different options from men so far, they fit my specifics down to the letter but I had to put a stop to that because of my relationship.

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My heart was shattered and I didn’t know what to. Do I call him out on it? Do I cry it out or what? I was in a dilemma; I’d never been in this position before as I just fucked and kept it moving. I was a nymphomaniac not a fucking romantic. Salaaaaammmmmm, I’d never forgive you for this.

I had no option than to run to Tosan, my best friend and an expert in things like this. The funny part is she warned me that he wasn’t good for me and would only end up spoiling things and welp she was right.

“Hey babeeeeee, wassup?”, she said after 2 rings. I sighed deeply before replying, “I’m good, just chilling. Had a stressful day at work”.

“Ronke, spill. What’s going on?”, she knew, she knew I wasn’t fine; she could tell my mood just by hearing me talk. I couldn’t lie to her cos she’d probably drive down here to cheer me up and kill the bastard.

I told her everything, from the beginning up to this point and the first thing she said was all I expected her to say, “I’m coming now, don’t fucking move”. 6 words that felt more reassuring than the words the bastard would tell me if I asked for an explanation.

Again, I am a nymphomaniac and I didn’t need this stress. I was a bad bitch and all I needed was to make a call and all this would go away, at least for a while. I got niggas stacked up and I’m not even playing. But what use are these niggas when your heart wants what it wants?



Tosan showed up in 15 minutes and it was surprising cos she hated driving and would probably complain about it later. I needed her here and her presence just made me feel relieved.

“So, you mean the bastard lives here and you didn’t say shit since?”, she said immediately she entered. I explained my reasons and she shouted again; this was her way of slapping sense into me.

“Are you mad? Tell me, Ronke, are you mad?”, she went on to tell me how I was making the wrong choices and I shouldn’t have to suffer this way and let him live like nothing happened. I just sat there listening to her tell me my decisions were wrong, she was right; I was giving Salam power over me.

Guess what I did? I called the only person I know could help me out of this mood, Dimeji Adeniran.

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Tosan knew him and when I told her I was texting him to come over, she had no objections. She was my rock and the reason why I didn’t make wrong decisions in this life, well those she knew of though. So, when I told her about my desires, she didn’t judge or ghost me like others did but instead stood by me and showed me how to make the right choices.

“Always use a rubber and make sure you only fuck people you know would be there if anything happens”, that was her favorite line and I held on to it.

After talking for a while, Tosan made me cook for her; in her defense, “cooking makes you happy and there’s no better time than now to feel happy. Plus, I’m hungry she said”. I made spaghetti and grilled turkey which Tosan swore smelt like heaven. While we were eating, Dimeji’s text came in; he was on his way and he’d be here in 30 minutes.

Tosan saw the look on my face and knew what was up. “You’re sha sending me away because of penis. Make sure he does it well”, she said jokingly. This girl was a clown and I loved her. “You know I don’t fuck basic niggas babe. I’d let you know how it goes as usual”, I teased back. We exchanged hugs and she left then I went upstairs to prepare for my dick appointment.

Who Hurt the Nymphomaniac?


I was ready when Dimeji called to cancel, he had an appointment and he’d make it up to me his text said; men would fuck you up. As if one disappointment wasn’t enough, Salam called. What does he want now?

“Hey baby, I haven’t heard from you today and I thought to check up. How are you?”

Just so you don’t get confused, I was acting busy all-day cos I didn’t want to freak out and make assumptions. “I was busy with work babe; you know how it is”. We spoke for a little bit then he said he’d come over after work. Urghhhhhhh, I was tired.

If you’re trying to avoid fucking someone and you don’t trust yourself around them, please masturbate.

Post nut clarity, I needed that. I didn’t want to have sex with Salam cos I was so horny and I know the moment I see him, I’d melt. Masturbation was the answer and I had the perfect idea.

The toys I got were still in their packages in my bedside drawer, now was the best time to take them out. I took out the dildo, vibrator and nipple clips from the drawer and put them on the bed.

I played my favorite song and just let the tempo flow over me and then I undressed slowly like there was someone in the room with me. “You like that daddy? I know you do”, I said slowly. I ran my fingers over my body slowly making sure every touch lingered on my sensitive spots.

My nipples were erect and so sensitive, I was wet and turned on. I took the nipple clips and put them on. The moment it closed around my nipples, I let out a loud moan; it felt good and my senses were heightened. I kept touching my body and when my finger touched my clit, I felt the wetness.

I laid on the bed, thighs apart, the vibrator in my hand and I was ready for business. The lady I bought the toys from assured me of the massive satisfaction and now was the time to see if her words were right.

I turned it on and put it on my clit. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk it felt so good and the pleasure shot right to my brain; I was in heaven. As it vibrated, I tugged on the nipple clips as though my nipples were being pulled and my pussy throbbed. I moaned, I moaned loudly and sensually.

As if that wasn’t enough, I inserted the dildo in me and used both toys at the same time. I was to gone; my body was twitching; my legs were shaking and I think I was screaming in maximum pleasure. I was enjoying myself when Salam walked in.

“Ronkeeeeeeeeeee!!!” he shouted. I looked up at him and looked back down continuing what I was doing. I was close and I could feel my release, I moaned out loud “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and with that, my bed was soaked in my juice. I was weak but I felt relieved.

“Are you done? You promised not to use them without me. Well, look at who is keeping that promise”, he said. I didn’t know when these words left my mouth but I’m glad it did, “Lol says the nigga who lets his side piece call his girlfriend a bitch”. He looked at me, shock written all over his face.; he looked like a puppy who was being scolded.

“Oh, you thought I didn’t know? You must be a fool”. He tried to explain but I didn’t listen. I told him how I saw the message and I didn’t care anymore. I’d made the decision to break things off. But before I did, I asked, “who was she? And why did she text you?”

As if my thoughts were confirmed, he told me how his ex, Tamara was trying to get back with him and he didn’t know what to do and how to let her off; she was threatening him. Lol baggage and drama, two things I avoided like a plague. I just laughed and told him to walk out and never come back.

We were done and there was no coming back; Salam was old news and would always be to me.

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