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Love Bug



It’s funny how I went from being broken hearted to finding someone who matches me sexually and in every other way. Since that night with Tariq, I’ve been happier, more open and less of a recluse; I even stopped seeing Dimeji, it was that serious. Salam was still threatening me which I wasn’t paying any attention to anymore; It was so perfect!

It seemed God had a plan for us and used Tonye to get us all we’ve been praying for cos Tonye also started seeing Malik and it seems like he’s love-struck cos he’s always all over her and that’s all I’ve wanted for her, happiness. Work was great, my love life was amazing, oh Tariq and I are dating now and it’s actually beautiful even though I’m taking it step by step and everything is fine.

Weekends were now my favorite as there was a lot to look forward to, Tariq loved taking me to places I’d never been to. We planned a getaway with the rest of the gang, yeah, we were now a gang, for the end of the month and I’d been looking forward to it all through. I wanted a getaway for so long and never got to have one cos of Salam.

Speak of the devil, he called and ruined my good mood. “What is it? Can’t you let me enjoy good things?” I said coldly.

“Wow Tonye, is this how to speak to someone you used to love?” he replied

“Exactly, used to love. I don’t anymore so I can talk to you anyhow I deem fit” I counter replied. I was getting angry already and I didn’t need this rn.

“I know I have done a lot to hurt you and I’m sorry. I just wanted you back and couldn’t stand you being happy with someone that wasn’t me…” Lol see this bastard, does he think I’m a fool and does he think I’d fall for his antics again?

“I know you and I know what you’re thinking…” Lol that’s your business and I don’t care, “… You want me gone I know but please let me finish”

“You have one minute, please make it fast, I have things to do”.

“Well I called to tell you I was letting everything go and I moved out yesterday. I’m starting over somewhere else and I’m trying to be a better person. You taught me a few things and I want to put it to good use”. we spoke for a few minutes which was him apologizing basically and me saying okay I’ve heard, call ended and I went on with the rest of my day.

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The End Of The Nympho

the nympho

It was the day of the getaway and everyone was excited. We were going abroad and thankfully; it fell during my leave period. We all got to the airport in time for the journey and after an hour we took off. Our trip took 16 hours and thank God for a hitch free trip.

Tariq being the lavish guy that he was booked us a very luxurious penthouse, he wanted all of us to stay together and enjoy every moment; I was taken away by the scenery and Tonye helped us bring our bags in whilst giving me the look. We ordered food while we settled in and in 30 minutes room service was here.

Usually, we were meant to be tired from the trip but we were not cos we slept all through the trip and somehow, we were kind of a little energetic. I noticed Tonye and Malik were both quiet through dinner and was suspecting something was up. Tonye had this look on her face and I didn’t see their other hand on the table and instantly knew what was up; what a nasty bunch.

We tried to engage them in a conversation but they only answered when they were spoken to directly by either myself of Tariq. Then Tonye said, “We’d like to be excused now. We’re a bit tired” and they walked away as quickly as they said it.

I was about to protest and offer a movie or something to watch but Tariq took my hand and pressed on it a little. “Let them be.” He says. “They need time alone and we both know we need time together too.” He rubs my shoulders as he talks.

“Yeah, you’re right. I just wanted us to enjoy the night together” I say.

“Good.” He kisses my neck and says, “Ready for the movie?”

I smile and say, “No. But I’m ready for you.” I stand up and straddle him, which he was ready for.

We kiss and he takes off my top and pulls one of my breasts out to nurse my nipple with that long generous tongue of his. My nipples are so sensitive and by the time he has unleashed the clasp and freed my breast from bondage, I am soaking in my jeans. He holds them both with two hands close together and puts his face in my breasts, licking and sucking my dark areolas until my nipples were so hard, they were pulsating. Then he stands up and turns around to lay me on the couch.

He takes off my skinny jeans and sees my lace thong and smiles. He doesn’t even bother taking it off. He bends down and licks my wet clit right through the fabric making me moan involuntarily. He pulls the lace a little upwards, so that my labia are on the outside and my clit and inner lips are enclosed. He holds it tightly and keeps licking me.

He has me right where he wants me. As always, he starts out with gentle licks from the top to the opening and then he increases his speed and pressure directly on my clit, until I am trembling before him with my orgasm. But he doesn’t stop. He takes me all the way past my breaking point, driving me over the edge. I am pulling his hair to stop because I was getting louder and I remember we are not alone. But he knows that’s a lie, I want the explosion too.

He sucks my clit hard through the lace, then a gentle release, then tightly, then release. He does this over and over again rhythmically, like his lips are my own personal clitoris suction. My climax is coming faster and taking me higher and my entire body temperature is rising. And then it happens: I’ve fallen over the edge and I am gushing all down his chin through the fabric. Only then does he release me completely, leaving my insides pulsating different then my heartbeat.

He stands up and I see his chin and the top of his shirt is wet with my cum. I did a good job; you’d think he splashed water all over his face.

“Damnnnnnnn” Was all I could manage to get out. He took off his shirt and I rolled my eyes looking at his perfect body. He takes off his jeans and boxers and his big dick pops out. He moves to crawl on top of me but I sit up quickly and grab his dick, put my thick lips over it and sucked him off. He moans in his throat as I make my way down. When my lips get to his end, he  holds my head there until I gag with his dick down my throat, pulls me back just a bit then slams my head back against him.

I have to tap his hands to let me out which his does respectfully as I cough up a lot of spit to coat his dick with and stroke him with both hands. I look up at him with spit all down my chin and he leans over to kiss me. I can still taste my cum on his lips and it’s a complete turn on, it sends me over the edge. This was what I loved the most, our foreplay. It always made me crave him and want him more.

I move to the top of the couch, take off my lace thong and he lays over me. We kiss again with love and passion, then he slides his dick inside me. I look into his eyes as he did this, his eyes lit up every single time he slides in, as if he still can’t believe how warm, wet and tight I am.

I lift my legs up around his waist to push him in deeper and we move together as one. We kiss and hold and touch each other. We change up positions as he leans up and puts my legs on his shoulders fucks me deep and hard then turns me over so my ass was up and my chest down and fucks me harder than before. I loved how long he lasts in bed; it pushes me to my limits and it’s nice to have someone keep up with my stamina.

He was giving it to me real deep and I was soaking up the couch while calling out his name loudly. He keeps thrusting deeply and fast until he says, “I’m close baby.” And just like that he was close. He starts slamming into me from behind making me cum again and he moans. I can feel it leave his balls, pulse through his dick and swim inside of me. And I think what I always think: One day I’m going to have his babies, but not today.

He rolls off me after he kissed my lips and laid next to me. He’s so sweaty and I could hear him gasp for his breath. I could get him going again easily, by pinching or sucking a nipple, but I don’t. Instead, I put my head on his chest and laid there. He looks at me and then taps me to get up to go the bathroom so we could shower together. We walked hand in hand and heard the other couple getting it on just as loudly as we were, we both looked at each other smiling. This was going to be One Hell of a Getaway!

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