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The Neighbour…

the neighbour

For the next few days after they made out Bayo would go past Titi’s door hoping to bump into her. After three days he decided to send her a message on WhatsApp. Titi had not saved his number so she was surprised when she discovered it was a message from  the neighbour. She told him she had to go on a trip on short notice and was bored stiff being the only Nigerian on the trip. They got talking over the couple of days after and bonded over video calls.

At a point Bayo will leave his video on in the stand and dress up. The sight turned Titi on so much and she would do same for Bayo when she dressed up. The tension was building up so much between them and being away made it worse.

This morning Bayo decided to undress fully in front of the camera and Titi opened her mouth wide when she saw his dick. It was well hung and she immediately started getting wet. When he wanted to wear his boxers, she told him to hold on for a few minutes and joked that she wanted to see what he packed closer. He moved closer to the phone and began stroking his dick.

It made her pussy so wet and she slipped her finger in her pussy while he stroked his dick and in minutes she came. More than ever she longed for his dick in her and the next few days to her returning felt like a lifetime.

She had a trip ahead of her so she channeled her energy into packing her bags instead of daydreaming about the dick she’d be getting once she lands. Titi was a very naughty girl and Bayo brought that side out of her often with his matching energy and vibe.

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The Neighbour Eats The Fattest!

the neighbour

Bayo, the neighbour offered to pick her up and by the time her plane arrived it was about 10:30 pm. Titi had intentionally bought sexy matching underwear and shopped for a few lingerie. She was going to be on leave the week after and was determined to make it orgasmic. As soon as she got into Bayo’s car she could smell his perfume and as they drove home Bayo ran his hands up her thighs. She wore a mini skirt and parted her thighs as his hands went up till it got to her pussy.

As soon as they got to her apartment, they started kissing from the door. She threw her shoes off her legs and held him tight as they kissed. She then rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower and came out to him with just her towel.

He moved over to her and began kissing her all over then laid her in the bed. He took off his clothes and got to kissing her all over her body; his tongue sending shivers down her spine as he kissed her. He began to kiss her all the way up to her inner thighs and as he kissed her thighs, he got his fingers in her warm pussy. He soon replaces his fingers with his tongue and teases her clit with it. He used his tongue on her clit for a while before he takes it deep inside her pussy, eating her out.

He squeezes her boobs and plays with her nipples while eating her out, soon her body shakes as she orgasms; it was a beautiful sight. She then gets up and takes his dick in her mouth, determined to give him as much pleasure. She flicks her tongue on his dick before taking it all in her mouth sucking and playing with his balls. She takes him deep down her throat that she gags.

He picks her up and tosses her on the bed, slaps his dick on her pussy as she lays on her back and slides his dick in her wet pussy slowly before he starts fucking her so hard. He kissed her as he fucks her deeply, raising her legs so he goes in deeper.

She grabbed the sheets as he pounds her. Soon he flips her and takes her from behind, slapping her ass as he fucks her hard. His dick was everything she imagined and more as it filled her pussy and gave her shivers. He fucks her so hard, grabbing her boobs from behind as he pounds her.

Soon she orgasms a second time and after decides to ride him. She gets on top of him determined to ride him till he cums. Bayo felt helpless as Titi grinded on his dick, pinching his nipples as she went up and down his dick; her full boobs bouncing as she fucked him. He grabbed her boobs as she rode him faster. Soon he felt the buildup of an orgasm and pushed her off as he came.

They both head to the shower to clean up and while he washed her back, she felt his dick already hard touching her butt. She bends forward slightly raising her leg as he slides into her pussy again and starts fucking her slowly. He holds her against the wall and fucks her gently from behind while the water from the shower hit her body. They both came again and cleaned up after. As they cuddled in bed Titi knew the next couple of days will be so good.

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