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The Beginning


The neighbour


Titi just moved to Lagos. After spending 2 years in the UK for a postgraduate degree and another trying to get a job, she finally landed a good job in an oil and gas company in Nigeria. She got a serviced apartment in Victoria Island and most of the houses were vacant.

She couldn’t sleep the night before because her neighbour chose that day to display a pint of madness. “The neighbour” was a guy in his late twenties, who you can tell by his dressing worked at a good paying company. But he had a bunch of friends who were rather noisy. They would laugh, play loud music and make trouble which sometimes got on Titi’s nerves. She was tempted to call him out once but could not bring herself to get mad at him when she got to his doorstep.

She knocked the door and it was opened by a girl not half as beautiful as herself, she looked nineteen or less in an oversize T-shirt that could pass for her father’s. Titi opened her mouth to say something but closed it when she saw a wet male figure behind the girl. He brought his arms around the girl’s waist as if to pull her close but seemed to change his mind when he saw Titi.

“Good morning” he said sheepishly. She stuttered a bit before telling him in the politest tone to lower his music and try to consider the fact that he shared the building with others.

“We are meeting each other for the first time on a bad note, sorry, I’m Bayo,” he said. The girl then walked back into the house and Titi made sure she gave her a disgusted look before she left.

She managed a smile and shook his hand. “Call me Titi,” she replied reluctantly, then continued “I moved here 4 days ago and I already had three sleepless nights, thanks to you and your friends here. I take it I’ll have to deal with this once in a while but please, it’ll be humane of you to consider the rest of us.”

Bayo curved his lips, shook her hand and assured her it won’t happen again. His hands felt surprisingly soft. She nodded nervously and said nothing more to avoid making a fool of herself.

Titi thought to herself, “he would have made a fine gentle man if he lived a much more responsible life”. He was good looking, had a good build and the water that was drying off his body made him look like a model on bay-watch. They say their goodbyes and she could feel his eyes on her as she walked to her apartment.

She walked in to her apartment, grabbed her purse, her car keys and rushed down the stairs. She always takes the stairs, a friend of hers died in a hospital elevator and it scared the hell out of her. It was a few minutes before 7 am when she got to her car, she started it but it kept on going off. She didn’t know a thing about cars, she never felt the need to learn. She had to be at work before 8:30 am and here she was battling to start her car.

She saw Bayo walking towards her 10 minutes later, well dressed in a black silk suit. Who knew he could clean up this well? He walked past her to his car. He got inside and as he was about to leave, he noticed Titi’s car wasn’t starting. He got down and walks to her to ask if she’s fine. She tells him the car keeps going off and proceeds to tell him not to worry but he insisted he helped and he took off his suit which he put in her backseat and then walked to her bonnet. He fiddled with a few things inside and the car comes to life.

He tells her it’s the battery that lost connection. She thanks him and they both get in to their cars and head to work.

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The Invitation

the neighbour

A few weeks passed and they had become better neighbors that said hi and occasionally exchanged a few sentences. On a fateful Friday night Titi had to stay at work late and it rained heavily outside. She hurriedly finished her work and left for home in a hurry. On getting home she reached for her keys and discovered her house keys were missing. It was pouring heavily and she was getting soaked.

She was cold, frustrated and tired. She wondered if she had lost it or maybe left it in the office. Either ways, there wasn’t much she could do because the guards locked the doors immediately she left the office and they sure won’t be out by the gate now for the heavy rainfall won’t allow it. She stood by her door freezing cold and helpless, she considered knocking on the neighbour, Bayo’s door for help but decided against it. She decided to sit by her door and wait till the rain stopped before heading out to lodge in any hotel she could find nearby.

Bayo came out half an hour later and saw her sitting, her long legs were folded beneath her, with her hand supporting her chin. She was sleeping, her soaked chiffon shirt was glued to her figure displaying a round shape underneath. He bent over her to tap her and she woke up with a jolt. It was still raining heavily and she knew it wouldn’t be wise to go out in the rain. He offered to let her stay in his house for the night after she narrated her ordeal and she had no choice but to oblige.

His house was cozy and surprisingly neat for a guy. He had no friends over and if not that she had known him he would have easily passed for a perfect gentleman. She felt very uncomfortable as she sat on the couch. If only she had friends close to where she lived. She wasn’t used to anywhere asides her office and home.

He offered her his shirt and told her it was new. The image of the girl she met earlier flashed in her mind. She reluctantly took it and went into his spare room to shower and change. She felt so awkward as she had to tie a wrapper too. This isn’t happening she told herself, then walked to the living room to sit with him.

They had a long conversation and he was so funny and before she knew it, she was laughing and making jokes with him. He asked about her personal life and she told him work took all her time and she barely had time for a social life. He was like, “you should have said you wanted a taste of fun rather than bashing I and my friends for disturbing you.”

The Neighbour 1 1

Bayo playfully touches Titi as they talk though she seemed not to notice it. It had been a long while Titi had been with a man and she couldn’t help imagining what Bayo would fancy and if he was interested in her. Bayo then tells them to play a game of truth and dare. She was reluctant at first but obliged. They kept asking different questions and Ben then asked how many men she had been with. She said 1. He acted surprised and when she asked him, he said 9.  He joked that it was a low number for a man in this day and age.

He decided to opt for a dare and Titi after thinking so hard decided to dare him to take off his shirt. He took it off and she laughed. They continued the game with Ben shirtless. Titi then chose dare and Bayo’s dare was for Titi to kiss him.

He joked that it was at least better than asking her to take off her top. She laughed and thought to herself there was no harm in that since it was a game. He reached forward and she kissed him, his lips were gentle on hers and for a moment it felt real to her. As she pulled away, he pulled her back and kissed her deeper, she didn’t plan for this but she loved it. She opened her mouth and allowed him explore, their tongues teasing each other. He rubbed the back of her head as he kissed her, biting her lips gently.

She started feeling the tension build in her, it’s been about a year since she was touched, not to talk of kissed and this felt so good. She allowed his hands go under her top which was his anyway. He cupped her bare boobs and teased her nipples. She was so turned on. He then took off her top and kissed her boobs, sucking them and drawing circles round her nipples. Her thighs tightened as she moaned in excitement. She played with his chest as he sucked her boobs.

He then went lower and kissed her legs. She trembled as he kissed her all the way up to her thighs. His hands moved under her wrapper and between her thighs. She spread her legs, as his hands moved further, he could feel her warmth. He slid a finger inside her and she let out a moan. She lay on her back now and while she was squirming, she felt his breath between her thighs. He kissed her beneath and got his tongue inside her. Teasing her while his fingers teased her clit. Before she knew it, she came. It was ecstatic and she laid there for a second to catch her breath.

It all felt sudden and strange to Titi, she was starting to feel insecure and uneasy cos of the neighbour and his antics. “I need to sleep, goodnight Ben.” she muttered as she walked towards the guest room to sleep leaving him in a confused state.

“I’m leaving here as soon as the day breaks, can’t believe I almost made a huge mistake with the neighbour. You’re so silly Titi” she said to herself as she shut the door behind her before getting into bed for a not so goodnight’s sleep.

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