I met the most amazing man off the internet and for the first time I’m not scared! I’m Rania and this is my story, the love tales.

In The Beginning

The Love Tales 1

As you all know, my name is Rania and i’m a 24 year old. I’m very pleasing to the eyes and no man would be stupid enough to not want me. Well I know one who isn’t, Folarin.

Folarin is every girl’s dream man. Tall, fair, teddy bear like and urghhh he is so fucking fine. We started talking on twitter during one of my usual banters. he slid into my dm and the rest is history.

“Do you mind if I counter your shot with another shot?”

“Lol I don’t understand what you mean”

“I saw you shooting your shot and I want to counter it with mine”

“lol you’re not serious.”

“lol its true nah. Can’t let a fine lady like you slip through my fingers”

I laughed a little; you could tell he wasn’t trying too hard to please me or sound appealing, it just came effortlessly. He was intriguing yet fascinating and I really wanted to see how far this goes.

“May I have your number so I could call you sometime”

Wow so polite, they don’t make them like this no more. I gave it to him immediately and waited for his response.

“Thank you so much. i’d call you when I’m less busy.”

We talked some more before I went offline.

In about an hour or so, I got a WhatsApp text from him which said “I prefer texting here. It’s more interesting”.

This was the start to an awesome friendship/relationship.

Two Become One

The Love Tales 2

We became inseparable; always on the phone together, texting, calling and sharing stuffs. I liked the attention I was getting from him and it didn’t seem like it’ll stop anytime soon.

He was non-judgmental and was always ready to listen to what I had to say no matter what it was and give his two cents. He also helped me out with my career and was always there for me.

One afternoon while preparing for my exams, he called as usual.

“How’s my favorite girl doing?”

I wasn’t feeling too good and i told him and the next thing he did was to try and cheer me up

“You know I don’t like when you’re this way. what can I do to make you smile?”

“Lol Food! Food makes me happy and sadly you’re not here to get me food.”

“Lol do I have to be there to get you food? See this girl oh, i’d just order you something and have it delivered.”

Ah Big Daddy energy, lol. I gave him the necessary details he needed and we talked some more before he hung up, work duties. In an hour food came, Lol this man and his funny ways.

The D-Day!

The Love Tales 3

The first time we met is an amazing story and urghhhh I shiver every time I think about it cos yeah, it was that memorable.

I had a meeting on the island and as usual I told Folarin about it. He was happy cos finally I’d be closer to him and we could fix a meet-up. I was hesitant at first cos I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t the outgoing type. He convinced me and i had no choice but to agree. We fixed the meet-up and I went for my meeting.

My meeting ended in 3 hours and thankfully it yielded positive results. I called my man (if at this point you don’t know Folarin is my man then you’re sleeping on a bicycle) and luckily for me he was free. Booked my ride and in less than 15 minutes I was on my way to his office.

My uber driver decided to be annoying, the idiot made a trip of 1k become 2k and that wasn’t even the problem. He was unnecessarily rude and trust me to put him in his place; emi marlian mi o raye oshi (a marlian like me, I don’t have time for rubbish). And as if that wasn’t enough, the security guy at the gate decided to delay for a little while cos I had to call the person I was going to see even after telling him who he was.

Like my knight in shining armor, my man came out and told him to open the gate for me. I walked in after giving him a one over and doing ntoi lol.

There stood my 6 ft tall king in all his glory and awesomeness. I fell deeper the moment I laid my eyes on him, ah how can someone be so appealing to the eyes without trying?

His office was very cosy and quite different from what I thought it’ll be. He welcomed me with a cup of coffee which i humbly declined not cos I didn’t want it but because I was shy. He smiled and didn’t push!

We talked for a while and sorta got used to being in each other’s company. And then he casually asked, “I don’t feel like working in the office anymore. I want to go to the hotel. Would you come with me?”

The hotel was spectacular and oozed money. it’s the kind I saw only in movies. This one likes to be extravagant and it all seemed new to me cos I’ve never had someone do all these for me.


The Love Tales 4

The Love Tales 5

You know when you have sex and it leaves you weak for a while and each time you think about it you get flashbacks and its almost as if you’re reliving the moment? Well that’s what we had and it was the best sex I’ve ever had.

He started by getting me comfortable and easing me into it. It wasn’t my first sexual experience but it was my first time being with someone of his age. Oh wait, you thought he was one of those young-ins that don’t know how to treat a lady? Lol my man is a man and he’s the manliest man you’d ever meet.

He started with kissing me lightly on the cheeks, I took a whiff of him and damn he smelt so lovely and sweet I could eat him up at that moment. The light kisses turned into deep ones and in that moment I could feel the desire and want in every one of his touch I looked up into his eyes and there it was, the fire I’d been searching for.

As he deepened his kisses, he whispered into my ears how much he wanted me and needed me. It seemed like his words were all I needed to spark my fire ‘cos almost immediately I got wet and just wanted to do nasty things to him.

He undressed leaving his boxers on but I was too shy and because I wasn’t really comfortable in my body yet (Fupa szn lol), I got topless and left my trousers on. I got on the bed and he pulled me closer to him. I admit I was shy at first but it all went away the moment his lips met mine. His lips were so soft and damn, I could kiss them all night.

In a split second, he was on top of me kissing me non-stop. I sensed the need, the hunger and want in every of his kisses and when I looked into his eyes, there was desire in them. I had to up my game, this man can’t come and kill my shine. Emi hot-cake haba, Rania one of Lagos, he has to accept I’m his Queen and hence has to bow down.

It started like every other sex would; his hands were all over me, touching my breasts and tugging at my nipples ever so gently. His touch sent a shiver through my spine and I didn’t want him to stop. He went a little lower and tried to touch me but my trouser was in the way and he motioned for me to take it off including my underwear. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to freshen up, who knows things might get hot in there.

Got back into the bed and we picked up where we left up. His kisses were more intense than the earlier ones and it made me go wild. I kissed him back intensely and it felt so good. He moved his hand down and found out I was wet and smiled sneakishly.

He laid me down and parted my thighs and said “no matter what I do, don’t close your legs”. I was scared and curious at the same time ‘cos of the tone of his voice, it was commanding.

Spreading my thighs, he laid in between them and gave my cunt one hard lick and I shivered. I had to resist the urge to moan out loud and hence whimpered. Folarin kept going at me till my juices were overflowing. He kept on rolling his tongue around my clit forcing me to close my thighs. Slapping them away, he looked up and said “don’t force me to tie you up.” I nodded yes and braced myself for what came next.

He continued again, licking me slowly and making sure he was pleasing me enough. When he added a finger, I was forced to moan out loud. He looked up at me and said “Yes, moan louder. I want you to scream.”

He added another finger as he fucked my cunt while still tongue fucking my clit. I couldn’t hold it no longer and I climaxed heavily. Folarin increased the rate at which he was pleasing me and I orgasmed again.

“Yes baby, I want us to mess the sheets. I want your juices all over the bed. Let’s make a mess.”

He stood up and took off his boxers; bringing out his cock which stood at full mast, he had a slightly curved cock his girth and length were crisscrossed with veins and the tip was engorged. His dick was perfect!

While I was still in the throes of my orgasm, he pulled me down on top of him so that my ass was on his face so that we were 69ing. He sucked me some more and i’m sure my juices were trickling down his beards making it messy just how he wanted.

I sucked him like my life depended on it while slowly grinding my pussy on his face. Damn, it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. I swear, I could have stayed in that position forever.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and helped me up. We switched positions and I was lying on my back then he buried his head in my breasts; making love to each one, teasing my nipples and making them hard.

I was busy whimpering avoiding not to moan too loud. He took me down to my knees and sandwiched his cock with my breasts; he tried to fuck but there was not enough lubrication.

I took that as my cue and spat on his cock trying to create some friction.

He used the saliva to fuck my tits for a while; meanwhile my cunt was busy drooping; I wanted his cock so bad. He pulled out of titty fucking me and I stood up; he pushed me down on the bed and in that moment I knew it was it.

He slammed his cock into me and I moaned out loudly. He started thrusting into me slowly and later picked up the pace. Every thrust was long and deep and it made me feel good.

I climaxed around his cock as he was thrusting into me, he pulled out and turned me around. He takes me doggy style; my back was arched perfectly and he kept pounding into me as hard as he could. I moaned louder calling out his name.

“Who’s your Zaddy?” he asked slowly

“Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” I said still moaning and throwing it back.

“I’m your Zaddy. no one can fuck you like I do. I’m the only one that can treat this pussy the way it needs to be treated.”

“Yes Zaddy. This pussy is yours! Only You!” I said amidst strokes

He went on and on fucking my pussy like a monster and then he splattered his cum over my face.

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