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My Sexual Awakening

The Exhibitionist 1 - An Exhilarating Fantasy 1

I am Feyi, a 22-year-old from Central Lagos. I was a tom-boy when I was younger and it made the guys more of my friends than partners, they never gave me the attention other girls got. But I blossomed after secondary school. At 5’9″ and very fit, I was very pretty and loved the attention I got. Just having a man looking at me turned me on tremendously. I was beautiful and I knew it. I had an amazing body, firm “DD” breasts, an hour glass figure and a round perky ass. I found out most men loved these traits on me and used them to my advantage.

I am quite conservative and reserved. I have only had a few sexual encounters before my marriage. I was what you’d call a “closet freak”, you would never know the kind of dirty thoughts I had just by looking at me. I am dating Mide, who I met in school. Our sex life was boring. He was incredibly handsome and knew his way around a woman’s body but I could never orgasm with him.

It wasn’t until a vacation I had, that I figured out why. I was going through the drawers in the room my girls and I got for our stay when I noticed a Playgirl magazine. I was intrigued by it. I flipped it open and what I saw in front of me was a gorgeous black man with an enormous penis.

This was different from what I was used to. Like I said earlier, I’d only just been with Mide and his penis was not up to this man’s. I was instantly turned on. I kept staring at the picture and before I knew it I had reached my fingers down my pussy. It was wetter than I knew it to be. As my fingers flicked my clit, i felt an electric wave engulf me. I stared from his beautiful smile to his enormous penis and rubbed myself.

I slipped two fingers inside my pussy and studied his body. I imagined him pressed down on me, ramming his huge, hard penis onto my tight pussy. It was my first time masturbating but it was obvious I was pleasuring myself well. The closer I got to my orgasm, the more I rubbed my clit and the more I wanted to feel him pushing deep into my pussy.

And it hit me. It took all over my body. I let out a moan as the waves of the orgasm engulfed me. I was exhausted and weak from the convulsing due to intense orgasm.

This moment was the start of my sexual awakening. I started masturbating almost every day, fantasizing about being fucked by men with huge penises and, exhibitionism. The thought of men getting turned on by seeing me naked turned me on a lot.

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The Exhibitionist

The Exhibitionist 1 - An Exhilarating Fantasy 2

Mide worked a lot and I was left home alone with my dirty thoughts. One morning while I was out on my routine jog, I noticed two construction workers in the building close to mine. The two apartments were so close you could see through the buildings. Anytime I left my apartment or came back, they were there, smiling and saying hi.

These men were out there working for over a month. And every day, I’d make sure I got completely naked and walked past the windows hoping they’d see me and give them a show. When I was sure they’d seen me, I’d go take a shower and have a great time with my shower head which brought me into an amazing orgasm.

I would dream about the two of them coming over and having their way with me. The pleasure of this act would be only known to me. There’s no one to blame for this happening, I’d innocently walked past the window completely naked and they’d both seen me and were overcome by lust.

Everything fun had an end. The construction work was almost complete. I didn’t want to lose my audience. I decided to give them a treat for their last day. Like the exhibitionist I was, I walked to the open window and stood right in front of it. They were both standing dead in their tracks staring right at me. The wave of arousal that took over my body was overwhelming. I could feel their eyes all over my entire body.

It was sexy! I pretended to be looking at something on the curtains so I could stay a little longer. I felt my wetness building. I decided I’d stood there enough and stole a glance at my voyeurs, they still stood there staring at me. It seemed I’d stood there for hours but I’d only been there for 3 minutes, the best 3 minutes of my life. I walked away noticing my juices dripping down my thighs.

If they had come over at that moment, I was very sure I’d have fucked both of them gladly. Instead I settled for my bathroom routine. Today’s orgasm nearly knocked me out. I was so turned on thinking of my little show.

When Mide came home that night, he was greeted with my sexiest lingerie. I needed to be fucked long and hard. Unfortunately, he was tired and not in the mood for sex. This was when I knew I had to find pleasure elsewhere.

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