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#TaraTrain 3

A truck parked beside us with like six torchlight pointing at us… Permit me to curse? I was like what the actual flipping fuck? The great Nigerian police force, seven officers in a truck; Apparently police is not your friend, can you imagine? Please can

#TaraTrain 2

“Martins behave yourself and come back here”, I replied her with “Fuck off” because I’m bad like that; Brethren, I had already done some James Bond U-turn, I was right there before she could reply me on BBM. Okay pause! I forgot to tell y’all,


Hey Guys, So I’d be having a featured page on my blog where I’d be showcasing writers and their works. Cool, isn’t it? This current Series is from a very awesome writer and it would really make you laugh. Sneak peak: Its Funny Erotica! I