Hey guys, welcome back to my website. Here’s a new story, Aisha’s Tales, about a young girl who likes to take life by the balls and enjoy herself no matter what. hope you enjoy it as much as I did while writing it!

Aisha’s Tales (The Beginning)

Aisha's Tales 1 1

It was a cold Friday evening and I was in school bored as usual. Classes ended early and there was no power in the hostel; heat and boredom, a bad combination. Oh shit, pardon my language and manners, I forgot to introduce myself; I’m Aisha, Aisha Lawani. A student of Mass communication in University of Lagos. I’m 24 and a baddie. I’m dark in complexion, 6ft and slim thick with a set of 36DD racks; I was a babe no doubt about that! Back to the story!

Boredom pushed me to call Josh, he is my play thing and we only saw when I wanted to fuck or needed to be babied. He was aware of our situation and never tried to change it which worked perfectly for me. This time I just needed company and whatever happens, happens.

“Hey babe, how are you?” I said when he picked up

“Hey baby, been a while. I’m good. Just chilling.”

“We need to see and fast, same place be there by 4”.

“Won’t you even let us have a decent conversation first?”

“Josh! Don’t get on my nerves. 4pm, don’t be late” I said angrily before hanging up.

See this dude trying to get a conversation out of me when all I just want is to be babied, urghhh. It was 12 pm and I hadn’t had a decent sleep in a while. I had 2 hours before I start preparing for my meeting and I hit the bed just so I don’t get cranky later.

A call from Josh woke me up, he wanted me to know he was on his way. shit, how long did I sleep? 3 fucking hours. Got up from the bed to freshen up not after booking my uber. All dressed in a black wrap dress and heels, face beat to perfection, I looked like a snack; no a full course meal. My uber got here in under 30 minutes and I was good to go. Grabbed my jacket (cos you know how cold Lagos gets most times) and went down.

Our usual meeting spot was Lilly-field hotel situated at Lekki Phase 1. I really loved the ambiance of the hotel and it is a really nice place to relax and chill out. I’d booked our usual room in advance and ordered food and drinks from room service, everything was good to go.

I am a well known face at the hotel so it was normal I was treated as a priority. Walked down to the lift while one of the serving boys helped with my bag; in this life, have money and everything will fall in place for you. Once in the elevator, I give myself a one over and when I see every thing is perfect, I relax.

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Got upstairs and walked towards my room, knocked and waited for Josh to answer. He opened the door and there he stood, “my man” dressed in just jeans; he had taken off his shirt revealing his well toned body. I swallowed spit a little, something was brewing and it wasn’t coffee. He stared at me wondering what was up but I pushed him aside and walked right in. Noticed he’d made himself comfortable like I asked and ordered room service. Spotted my favorite drink and snacks and smiled a little, “this man knows how to get on my good side”.

How It Went Down!

Aisha's Tales 1 2

I know I had plans to just be with him and chill but the moment I saw him, sparks flew, I wanted him and I wanted him bad. The most amazing part is that he wants me just as bad as I do. It was in the way he looked at me, the way he called my name, the way he touched me, the way he did things I liked; it was amazing.

The idea is to make him want me just as much as I do and I knew just how to. I started by showing a little skin and I did this by taking my jacket off revealing my luscious skin and graciously rounded boobs. Sitting right in front of him, I made sure I bent a little too much just so he sees my babies. He’s acting like he doesn’t know what i’m doing but I can see he’s a tad affected.

Lol it’s time for phase two and this time there’s no holding back.

“Josh, can you pass the wine please?” This was my way of getting him to kinda loosen up. I knew he was still mad cos of how I shut him up during our phone conversation.

He pours some into a glass and passes it to me, “here you go” he says holding the glass out to me. I reach for it and brushed his fingers a little. It was there; the spark, need and want; it was all over the room, the air and everywhere.

Acting unperturbed, he goes about his business and continues texting. He was getting on my nerves and I didn’t like it.

“Josh what’s wrong with you?” I asked coldly

“Oh, so now you want to talk?”

“What do you mean by that? Don’t I always want to talk to you? What are you even saying?”

“So you didn’t blow me off while I was trying to have a conversation with you? Look, I don’t want to argue”

“Sigh i’m sorry babe, I had a really annoying day. Please don’t be mad.”

This was my cue to make him feel good with me and also get my nut, lol.

Walked up to him and sat close to him, taking his hand in mine, I say “I’m sorry”. as small as those words are they carry a lot of weight and i think it really did something to him cos the moment I said it, his eyes lit up.

“How hard was that?” he said sneakingly taking me into his warm embrace and planting a kiss on my forehead which I must say is really popping. I wanted more than just a kiss and embrace so I took charge. I climbed on top of him not breaking our embrace and then kissed him, a big wet one.

And then came the tighter hug mixed with burning passion and desire, he wanted me just as much as I wanted him; urghhhhhhh how can someone be so perfect.  With each kiss, his hand wandered around my body, igniting a fire in me that was ready to explode.

Laying me down on the bed making sure I was comfortable, he unwrapped me, like moin-moin, like i was his favorite gift handed to him at christmas. He was beaming with joy, his baby came really prepared; I wore lingerie, something I don’t usually do. Before me, he gave me this look that said “you don’t know what you are in for”.

Lord, help me. I think i’m gonna need it!!! 

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