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How Summer ’19 Started

Summer '19 1

I looked forward to Summer 2019, cos it’s been a very stressful year, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve been planning with my friends in the Uk since last year how turnt Summer ‘19 would be. I’ve heard lots of stories how lit summer is. I booked my flight as early as March because August cannot meet me in this crazy shit hole country. I got to MM1 around 2 pm for my 5 pm flight, you cannot predict Lagos traffic you know. I was updating Jide as I queued to check in when I was caught off guard by the astonishing “aroma” of Elizabeth Arden 7th Edition, I looked away from my phone and I saw this sexy mermaid; about 5’8, chocolate in complexion, cute round boobs and ass that perfectly fits her shape. She wore blue leggings and a pair of black Yeezy. Apparently she had a spot just ahead of me on the queue. As soon as she took her spot, I knew it was time for me to strike a convo, I couldn’t let that body pass me by that easily but again, I kept my cool. She had excess luggage of a few pounds, and had no more Naira to pay for it. I noticed, brought out my atm card and sorted her bills. Her name was Cynthia, and we got talking almost immediately. She gisted me about Bimbo, her friend who was getting wedded in the Uk. While we sat next to each other after we checked in, I logged in to Twitter and plugged my ear piece (or so I thought), opened my DM to read Jide’s message- he sent me a video Helen sent to him, Helen and her roommate, Anna, at UCL was twerking naked and Jide wanted me to meet Helen while he hooked up with Anna. I looked up to Cynthia with a curious face as to why she was laughing, only for me to discover my ear piece wasn’t plugged. She noticed I was shy about it, so she kept teasing me about the video. Oh well, I told her I’m an ass guy, and wouldn’t trade the sight of a fat ass giggling at my face or some 69 shit for nothing. My dear, that was the beginning of a great Summer ‘19.

And It’s On

Summer '19 2

Our convo got intense and she told me how much she’s missed a man fuck her like his life depended on it. Hey God, what was I created for if not for that. The speed at which my 7” black massive rod got erect was faster than the London Underground trains. I adjusted so as to hide it but the bulge was so obvious (remember I’m a shy guy) but you know determined women, they always get what they want- she brought out her S10+ and unlocked her secret folder, oh my, seeing her nudes got me drooling and did I tell you she wore waist beads too, loool, something must kill a man, and today is the day of my death. Since we aren’t sitting together on the Boeing 747-800, I suggested she meet me at the convenience, specifically the second to the last one. I just wanted the whole of me inside her for a century and more. She was with me in less than 4 minutes and I lost my cool. You know one thing with guys with innocent and straight face, we’ve got the devil’s agenda deep inside us. I placed her on a slab, rolled down her leggings, pushed aside her thong, and whoosh, her pussy got confessing the sins I’ve not committed. I leaned forward, spread her legs and kissed her inner thigh. I kissed her belly button as I fondled her clit. She was moaning softly, she couldn’t let it all out, I mean we was in the men’s convenience. She got really wet and she licked her pussy juice off my fingers. I took off her leggings completely, knelt down, and I sucked her passionately. I sucked her clit and swallowed all the liquid that came out of her. I spelt “oioi” with my tongue while my finger was back rubbing her g-spot and she grabbed my head aggressively. My other hand was on her boobs rubbing her stone hard nipples to the rhythm. I stopped sucking her pussy, and this time, two fingers were already working on her g-spot. Her moans got intense and I rubbed against her g-spot faster and softer. At that moment, she held my hand stiffly like she wanted to rupture my muscle. She let out a loud moan and her legs vibrated. She blushed and said “That was dope.”I was about dropping my shorts when we heard “This is the final boarding call on Virgin Atlantic Flight P1315 to Heathrow.”

We hurried out of the convenience so we don’t miss our flight.

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