I’m Sonia Thomas, a 21-year-old graduate of the University of Ibadan. I am not a slay queen but I did try my best to look good and smell nice at all times. I’m quite tall for a girl and I have the body most girls would kill for; I was what you’d call a “thicker body”. Recently,I landed a job at a top-notch company, Mirabelle Consults which is ran by the famous Jola Bishop.

Jola is the guy of my dreams! He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man; Tall, dark-skinned, great body and dreamy eyes. I’m drooling just thinking about him. News around town said he was a bachelor and looking to settle down soon as his parents were on his neck. As my mother didn’t born me to come and carry last, I decided I must get him by all means. I had to do strategic planning and I must be smart about it. Hence the beginning of my adventure; Sonia’s Adventure!

The first thing I did was to call my best friend, Mariam. She has been my friend since 100 level days and we’ve never left each other even when we have little squabbles. I was not anywhere close to her fashion-wise, she was the opposite of me. Everything about her is fleekish. Her hair was always long and the type that was from Malaysia or India abi where are these human hair from sef? She always had on designer outfits, makeup was on a 100, shoes, bags, everything she wore spoke class. She was my go to for fashion advice. If I was going to land Jola, I had to up my game.

I quickly put a call through to her and after the third ring she finally picked up.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” she said

“Babe, I got the job oh. The one I told you about.” I said squealing with joy.

“Wait, you don’t mean it. I’m happy for you baby girl. We definitely have to celebrate tonight.”

Mariam was a party girl; Every club, Every happening place, Every popular person she knew and sometimes it was fun but being a really conservative person, I found it tiring sometimes.

“That’s not why I’m calling joor. You know my “boyfriend” Jola? Anyways, I just found out he runs the company. You know how much I’ve been dying to be with him seems God has handed him to me on a platter of gold. I need to step up my game!”

“You and this your love sha. I’ve got you, you know that. You could come over anytime you want, we’d work on something together.”

We talked for a while then I hung up as I had a few things to do. Jola was going to be mine and I don’t care how it’s going to happen.

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