“Please,” I started to plead. “Please fuck me. Please, please, please, fuck me, fuck me….” His cock moved away from my clit and plunged into my hot wet hole. I gasped in shock. He was huge. I’d never felt a cock so large inside of me. He rammed himself in all the way and stayed there. His hands reached around me and began to unbutton my blouse. He removed it and also my bra and began to play with my breasts, cupping, squeezing, pinching and pulling my nipples. His long thick cock was still buried deep inside my pussy and my pussy was going crazy. He continued to play with my titties, showing no signs of fucking my pussy no matter how much I pleaded. Finally, I moved myself a couple of inches forward until my clit was pressed against the edge of the table. I ground my clit against the hard wood and my pussy exploded immediately into an orgasm, clamping down and squeezing the huge cock inside of me. I didn’t stop, I continued to grind my clit on the table until I had another orgasm. With that huge hot cock inside of me and Jola’s hands working my breasts it didn’t take long. Finally, he put his hands on my hips and began to move within me. I cried out, “Oh thank you!” My legs were useless shaking like jelly beneath me. He held my hips down to the table, pressing my clit against the wood that was now wet and sticky with my juice. Every time he rammed his cock into me, my clit ground against the table. My pussy was tingling, vibrating; his every small move was ecstasy. I was moaning and crying out, begging him not to stop. Another orgasm came over me so quickly that I was completely unprepared for it. It was tremendous, rocking my entire body and leaving me lying limp on the table as Jola continued to pound my pussy with his huge cock.

When I finally regained my senses I knew that I had to have that big cock in my mouth. I started struggling beneath him until he released me. I turned around and looked at my boss. He was a new man. My Jola. It was the same charcoal covered suit that I had seen him in dozens of times, but the trousers were undone revealing a huge pulsing cock surrounded by fabric soaked with my cum. His cock was so huge, even though I had felt it in me I was still shocked to see it. It had to be over ten inches, I’d never seen one so big except in Port movies. I looked from the cock up to his face, flushed and in the throes of passion he was a new man, A real man; My man. He was looking at me intently, waiting to see what I was going to do. I knelt down in front of him and started slowly licking my cum off of his cock and balls. He moaned and ran his fingers into my hair, holding my head near his cock. I stuck out my tongue and traced a circle around the head of his cock, poking my tongue into his slit and tasting him, it drove him crazy. The head of his cock was so big! I took the head into my mouth and began gently tonguing and sucking on it. I wanted to go slowly. I loved the feel of any cock in my mouth, on my tongue, between my lips, filling me, but this cock was extra special. I slowly took more and more of his cock into my mouth, exploring and tasting it with my tongue as it entered me. I pulled his trousers down to completely expose his ass and started caressing his firm cheeks. When I had taken all of his cock into my mouth that I possibly could, I wrapped my hand around the rest of it, well I shouldn’t say around since I couldn’t actually put my hand all the way around his thickness. I began fucking his cock with my mouth, sucking for all that I was worth and pumping the base of his cock with my hand. The fingers of my other hand slid in between his ass cheeks and I started rimming his ass hole. He was grunting and moaning above me, holding my head and pushing his cock into my eager mouth. He let out a long deep moan and I prepared to receive his cum. His cock started spurting his delicious seed into my mouth and I swallowed all that I could. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth and when he pulled his limp cock from my mouth, I licked his cock clean and used my fingers to get as much of his cum as I could into my mouth. He knelt down in front of me, took me in his arms and started kissing me, sucking at my cum soaked tongue. I melted against him.

I never felt so alive and fulfilled, I have finally accomplished what I wanted. It was time to tell Mariam how much I made her proud.

This is the end of my first adventure. Sit back and relax cos I’d be back soon.

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