“That’s all right, Sonia, I know that it was an accident,” Jola said. His voice was strained, hell, he was obviously strained. The sight of my bare ass had really jarred him. I could also tell that he was conscious of the fact that he was visibly upset. I acted like I thought he was angry.

“No, Sir, I can tell that you’re angry. I am very sorry. It won’t happen again. I’ll clean it up right away,” I said quickly, trying to sound as if I was afraid of his supposed anger.

“No, Sonia, I’m not angry. It was just a shock seeing… seeing that box fall down. I’ll help you clean these files up,” he said reassuringly.

“Thank you, Sir. But, I dropped them, I should clean them up myself,” I protested. I was thinking that I could spend a lot of time on my hands and knees, giving him a lovely erotic view as he sat at his desk. But he wasn’t buying it.

“No, I’ll help you. We’ll get done faster and then we can get back to work.” He knelt down and began sifting through the papers that had slid out of the fallen files.

I went down on the floor near him. I sat on my folded knees, my ass resting against the heels of my feet, that way whenever I needed to stretch to reach for more of the scattered papers I could just raise up on my hands and knees and reach for them. My ass and pussy were right in front of him, giving him the best possible view. My pussy had been wet but now it was mass-producing juices. I could smell them and feel them coating my thighs. I knew that Jola had to be able to see that my pussy was glistening with wetness and he had to be able to smell the pungent odor of my arousal. I behaved as if I was completely unaware, unaware of my bare ass and pussy waving in front of his face every few minutes, unaware of my own sticky wetness, unaware of the fact that he was so upset that his hands were shaking as he sorted papers. I chatted calmly and haphazardly, efficiently sorting papers on the soft blue carpet. I don’t know how he did it but Jola restrained himself. He never once tried to touch me as I innocently (as far as he was concerned) exposed myself to him on the carpet. We finished putting the files back together and we both went back to our work. But after this encounter Jola’s mind was less on his work than ever before. And I took a few more opportunities to bend over and expose myself to him.

I knew that Jola always brought his lunch to work and so I had brought mine too. When it was time for lunch I asked if he would mind if I joined him. I said that I didn’t want to get out of the office and lose my “focus on work”. He agreed, but I could tell that he was fighting a battle within himself. It was killing him to have me there in front of him but he didn’t want to make me go away either. I made a quick trip to the ladies room and cleaned up my pussy (it was really messy and uncomfortable!). I was careful not to do anything to ease my arousal. I was also glad that our offices are at the end of a hall and that the bathroom is right next to it. I didn’t run much risk of anyone seeing me in a state that was nothing short of erotic. I grabbed my lunch, went back into Jola’s office and pulled my chair up to the front of his desk. I’d wanted to expose my other nipple, but I knew that would really be over the top. I just loved the feel of Jola’s eyes on me. I sat across from him, eating my lunch and chatting, knowing that his eyes were now devouring my hair, facial features, and the nipple that was still poking at him invitingly.

We finished lunch and went back to work. Something seemed to change in Jola. He became calmer and was paying more attention to his work; I was so disappointed. I was so full of hope and now it seemed like it was all going to come to nothing. I still continued my efforts, but I felt they were becoming more and more useless. He watched me but with less interest and agitation. Around mid afternoon I put a file down on my table and bent over it to make some notations. I had of course purposefully bent over, exposing my ass to him but I was soon involved in my note making, forgetting all about my arousing position.

Suddenly I felt hands on my hips. I gasped in shock, in pleasure, I was finally going to get what I had wanted for so long. Jola pulled my ass back towards him and ground himself against it. I could feel the hard length of his cock against my ass and my sticky juices were rubbing off on the front of his charcoal gray trousers. It felt so good, I was letting out little sighs and moans and pressing myself back against his hard body. His hands went to my ass and he cupped and caressed my cheeks, pulling them apart to widen the crack of my ass and rubbing his penis into it. I heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down and I cried out in anticipation. I tried to put my hand behind me to feel his cock but he grabbed it and put it back down on the table which I was still bent over. I felt the hot head of his cock, dripping with precum, begin to trace over the cheeks of my ass. I moaned, closing my eyes and picturing what it must look like. I spread my legs, opening my thighs and he rubbed the head of his cock up and down over my slit. I waited breathlessly and then I felt the head of his cock part my soaking wet lips and burrow up until it reached my clit. I gasped and cried out in pleasure, pushing my clit against his hard cock. He rubbed his cock in circles around my clit, I had been aroused for so long that I almost had an orgasm just from those few strokes. I wanted him so badly, I’d never been so turned on.