I stepped out of my car early one Monday morning and stood looking around the parking lot, watching the other employees making their way towards the office. Today was “The Day”. I was going to put all of my effort into seducing Jola. I’ve been working with him for a month now and I called him sir. I knew that the other employees were jealous I was the only one chosen to work with him but I didn’t care, I had him all to myself and that’s all that mattered.

Today I was going after him and nothing would stop me. All month long we had been doing this inventory/evaluation of all of the files Angela had in her office. We’d been working together in his office all week and each day my clothes got more and more revealing. And I was getting hotter and hotter! I’d had to excuse myself to the ladies room and finger fuck myself several times that week (yes, I was that starved). I stepped into the ladies room near my reception area now as I went in to work. I was wearing a chiffon shirt that was very businesslike, buttoned up to the collar and had long sleeves. It was easy to see the white bra that I wore beneath it, the bra was cut so low that it barely covered my nipples, in fact if you looked closely you could see a bit of my nipple sticking out of the top of each cup. I was wearing a Black blazer over the shirt of course, no sense starting a riot as I walked to the office. I was planning on taking the blazer off as soon as I entered Jola’s office.
I dropped my things off at my desk and entered his office. He always got to work early and he was already looking through files. He barely looked up to give me a polite “Good morning, Sonia.” I took off my blazer, hung it over a chair, and announced in a cheerful voice that I was “ready to work today, even if I have to stay late.” This made him look up with an approving, oh-what-a-good-secretary-I-have smile. I was smiling at him innocently, watching his eyes as they slid over my body. I have to admit that Jola wasn’t exactly oblivious to the way that I looked on any given day, it’s just that it never seemed to have any effect on him. Today, his eyes lingered for a few seconds on my breasts and I felt a fluttering of hope start in my bare pussy. He thanked me for my good attitude, and we started working.
There were two extra tables set up in his office. One held boxes of files and I was working at the other table. I took every possible excuse to walk back and forth between the tables, walking with a bounce in my step that would make my skirt move back and forth and reveal skin and make my large breasts jiggle. I also took every opportunity to lean over his desk (from the front, I didn’t want to reveal my ass too soon) and put my breasts into his view. He was certainly looking at my breasts more often today than ever before and I was almost cursing myself for not wearing a more revealing shirt. I comforted myself with the fact that he was paying attention to my breasts.
Awhile later I moved into phase two. I secretly pulled aside one of my bra cups and allowed a nipple to pop free. There was no need for me to tweak my nipple, it was already standing at attention, pushing against the thin fabric of my shirt. I walked over to Jola’s desk and leaned towards him, asking him a question about a file. I looked at him innocently, awaiting his decision about the file (I’d kept this file back on purpose because I knew that we would have to discuss its contents more than the others). He noticed my hard nipple almost immediately. He looked away and was silent for a few seconds, then he turned back to me and began discussing the file. His eyes went again and again to my nipple. It was turning me on so much! My nipple was aching, begging for his attention. We finished discussing the file and I went back to my table to take care of it. Every time I went to his desk with a question his eyes were glued to my nipple, and when I walked back and forth between the tables his eyes followed me.
I was getting very excited and aroused. I knew that I should go to the ladies room and take care of myself but I didn’t want anything to decrease the powerful, overwhelming feelings that were coursing through my body; I also didn’t want to leave Jola’s sight for a moment. My agitation finally paid off in a big way. I was carrying a box of files from the file table to my desk when it slipped out of my shaky hands. The box fell and I bent over it in panic, not even thinking about the fact that I was baring my ass to Jola.

I was just worried about the files since it would be hell to put them all back together. I was completely caught up in the moment, saying things like “oh my god!” and “how could I have done this?” The files were well packed and it didn’t take me long to get over my panicked reaction and notice that only about 40 files had spilled out onto the floor, it wouldn’t be impossible to reorganize them. As soon as I calmed down I realized that Jola had been silent, he hadn’t jumped up to help me like he would normally have done. At the same time I felt the sensation of air on my exposed ass. I almost straightened up immediately to cover myself, but luckily I was able to control myself and remain bent over. I didn’t want him to know that I realized that I was baring myself to him. When I heard him getting out of his chair I stood up and turned to him with real remorse on my face and then I cried “Oh, I’m so sorry sir!”

What happened next? You have to wait for the next episode to find out.

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