You won’t believe what Mariam asked me to do; she wanted me to seduce Jola. I was surprised she’d want me to do that.

“Babes, I know you want this guy but since he’s not even giving you face and your impatient why not seduce him?”

“Mariam! Can you even listen to yourself? How do you expect a klutz like me to do that? Do you even know what you’re saying?”

Jola and I haven’t had alone time and it’ll be hard talking to him or even seducing him. I can’t do what she’s asking me to do especially when Angela wants him too. How would I seduce him? This seemed so impossible.

“Mariam, you know my supervisor wants him too. I can’t compete with that. There’s a huge difference between us.”

“Now this is where I always have issues with you. You always look down on yourself. How many times do you want me to tell you you’re beautiful and every guy would be lucky to have you. To seduce him won’t be so hard, you just need a little push from me.”

She thought of a plan and asked me to carry it out the next day. I couldn’t make it home that night so I slept at Mariam’s. Her words kept playing in my head; “every guy would be lucky to have you. If you really want him that bad, go for him”.

It was 8am and I managed to get to work before HRH Angela, I can’t stand her nagging about late coming. I had a lot to do and it was going to take a lot of my time.

It was almost 12pm and Angela wasn’t at work. I spoke to Fayo who is my colleague at work and expressed my worries. Fayo is one of the few people that I talk to at the office. She welcomed me and showed me around, made me feel at home. Most importantly, Fayo seemed to know everything going on in the office; she was your typical amebo.

“Fayo, What happened to HRH? I haven’t seen her today and I have some documents she needs to sign.”

“So you haven’t even heard, HRH was here earlier and she was in a really bad mood. Guess she’s having man problems because she was on the phone with a man and was shouting” She said smiling sheepishly.

I remembered her conversation yesterday and made sure not to bring it up so it won’t be all over the office.

“She asked me to give you this note. Don’t worry I didn’t read it” she said smiling.

I took the note from her and was shocked when I read it.

I won’t be available today because of some personal problems hence I won’t be available for 2 weeks. You are to report to the CEO for anything concerning the work you’ve been given. My absence doesn’t mean you should not be on the office. I would be aware of everything you do. Angela Abasi

Wait, what? Was Angela offering Jola to me on a platter of gold? She doesn’t know what she’s in for. I definitely would make use of this opportunity cos I know it’ll only come once. Jola here I come, you won’t know what hit you! I’d seduce Jola if it’s going to be the last thing I do.

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