Stepping up my game wasn’t easy at all and I was getting tired of the constant shopping sprees Mariam took me for.

“A lady can never have too much clothes and you my friend need some stepping up. I’d stop helping you if you complain again. THis won’t be our only shopping spree so be prepared” she said to me amidst my rant. I dare not go against her wishes. Mariam was feisty if she sets her mind on something and i refuse to budge although I got away with it a couple times, I doubt she’d let me off the hook now.

We got so many dresses and they were beautiful. If it showed cleavage, Mariam picked it which meant we bought half of the store because for some reason their dresses revealed cleavage.

After what seemed like forever, we were finally done. You needed to see how we dragged our shopping bags out of the store. I was glad though, I was going to look like the kinda girl Jola should be with and I didn’t even care how much it’ll cost me. Mariam dropped me off at home since she drove us and promised to call as soon as she got home. As soon as I got home, I dropped the bags on the floor and jumped on the bed. Who knew shopping for clothes would be this tiring and stressful? Almost immediately, my phone rang and brought me back to life. It’s a call from Shola.

Shola was a toaster who was getting on my nerves. We went to school together and he was a rash that didn’t want to clear up. He pesters me with calls and texts saying the same thing over and over again. He wants me to be his girlfriend at all cost. I didn’t even see him as a boyfriend material. He didn’t want to leave even though I’ve dropped hints so many times. I am tired of his useless moves in getting me and it was either he left on his own or I made him.

“Hello Shola” I said reluctantly.

“Hi babe. Been calling for a while. Are you busy?”

“Yes I am. I have to sort out something at home but its fine.”

“Sonia, you still haven’t given me a positive reply. I really want to take this relationship to the next level. You know how much I love you and want to be with you.”

“Shola, I have already told you and I don’t know how many times you want me to tell you that I can’t date you. Please hang up, I have things to do. I won’t listen to this again.”

“Stop this talk Sonia! I want to be with you! I’m in love with you! Don’t you get it.”

“Seems like you have nothing good to say. Goodbye Shola!” I said and hung up

I am tired of his calls and blocking him would be the best thing to do. Because I was up, I decided to sort out clothes and make dinner. I had to do them now because I was lazy and didn’t want more work for myself later. Tomorrow was Monday and I didn’t want to be late on my first day.

Monday was here finally and I made my way to work. I had to leave home early because of traffic and it was because work was on the island.

Since I was the rookie at the office, I was assigned a supervisor who was worse than a witch according to gossip in the office. Everyone disliked her and dreaded her path, her name is Angela Abasi. Mere looking at her, I knew I wasn’t in her league because I wasn’t anything close to what she stood for and represented.

I wasn’t as thick as she was. First of all, my make up was average; And my clothes were still getting there, hair looked like it needed more effort from me and my shoes were always flat hence Angela was the opposite of me.

Everything about her was on point. Her hair? Always fleekish. Makeup? Expertly done. Her style? Out of this world. Did I forget to mention, she always smelt good. She was high-class and I wanted to be just like her or even better which meant more work from me.

I was given a job. I have reports to write and submit later in the afternoon. She looked like she hated me and would stress me every chance she gets.

It took me about 3 hours to complete the report and I had to go to her office which was on the other side of the building since the supervisors were in a different building from the normal staffs. I made the walk down to her office. I was not prepared for what I heard!

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