“Don’t tell me such please. Do you know what I’ve sacrificed? Do you even know how many guys I’ve turned down because of you? And now you’re telling me we’re through. That’s a whole lot of bullshit Jola”

In case I didn’t tell you guys, Angela was after my man. Yes, my man Jola. I know it’s not official but he’s my man and I definitely have dibs. How am I supposed to even compete with her? I mean I’m still working on being up to her standard. But if there’s trouble in “paradise” I think I have a chance.

I walk in on her and she drops the call almost immediately as if she didn’t want me to hear her conversation which was funny cos I actually did.

“I have the documents you wanted.”

“Can’t you see I’m busy and I can’t handle this right now?”

“I’m sorry but you have me a deadline and I kept to it. I can’t see where the problem is”

“Just drop the papers. I can’t handle you and your smart mouth today.”

She was definitely in a bad mood and I am glad I didn’t get into trouble. It was time to move on to the next phase of “Operation Get Jola At All Cost” and I knew just how to start.

I quickly finished at the office and decided to go home early (I did this because my supervisor wasn’t around. She went home early to nurse her heartache Lol). I phoned Mariam whilst driving and gave her the details. She was happy for me and asked me to come over to her house to plot our next line of action.

The drive took longer than expected, Lagos traffic was very annoying and stressful especially if you’re shuffling from the Island to the Mainland. Whilst in traffic, I bought fried yam and sauce from a woman who sells somewhere around the bus stop, I was famished.

I was at Mariam’s finally and I couldn’t wait to talk through all the plans we’d come up with.

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