Shade's Fantasy  1

Hi, my name is Shade and this is a story about one of my fantasies. 

I attended a mixed secondary school; although I joined in SS1, I became popular as I had the brains of Athena and the body worthy of a goddess. 

Because of my body, I had lots of advances from seniors and my mates alike. All of which I turned down as I knew what I was in for. 

It was not like I was a novice when it comes to relationship or sex; I just didn’t want it yet. 
When I got promoted to SS2; my mom advised I moved into the hostel; an advice which I loved. 

While In the hostel, I was made a prefect; the post didn’t entail much, I just had to make sure the girls were well coordinated during preparatory class. 

One night, I was coming back from the prep class; I bumped heads first into a boy. As I bent to retrieve my things that had fallen, he bent too, mumbling apologies and I had to tell him it was okay. 
As we both stood; I noticed how tall he was; about a foot taller than I am though. He was dark skinned and cute in a childish way. 

I asked what class he was in and he replied sheepishly saying SS1. He apologized again, then dashed off leaving me stunned. 

I never even got him to tell me his name. 

I continued the walk to the hostel thinking of the dark skinned boy. 

The next day, which was a Saturday; I tried to locate him in the dining hall while we were having breakfast, all to no avail.

I began to wonder if I had imagined it all. 

After lunch as I made my way to an empty classroom, I heard someone laughing; the laughter was hearty, cheerful and care-free.

I immediately moved closer and I could hear some boys talking. I decided to go into the class and see things for myself.

I thought if they were my juniors, I’d ride them but if they were my mates or seniors, I’d excuse myself. 

As I made my way inside, I saw him; his back was to me and seeing him immediately made me feel horny for reasons I couldn’t explain.

I cleared my throat to gain their attention and told them to excuse me as I had need for the class making sure the black Diamond was exempted. 

As the classroom cleared, I moved closer to him and asked why he ran off yesterday. 

He couldn’t give me an answer so I forgot about it. I asked for his name and he said ‘Tayo”. 

I motioned for him to sit and we talked for a while; I blurted out that I’d like for him to be my school son, which he accepted. 

As the term went by, we got closer and people asked if we were dating; I’d just laugh them off and reply no. 

One Friday evening as I made my way to our meeting point; I saw him taking a leak, I decided to be quiet and tried to get a better angle at his tool and I was wowed by what I saw. 

That event made me look at him differently and I started to wonder how fucking him would feel. 
I didn’t have to wait for long; two weeks after the one-sided event, I sent word for him to meet me at our meeting point in the evening. 

I was horny and ready to throw caution into the wind. 

When he came in, I motioned for him to come deeper into the class; when he was inches away from me, I kissed him. 

He didn’t pull away and I controlled the kiss. He suddenly pulled back and I saw lust in his eyes; no longer was the carefree and fun loving boy there, in his place was a beast. 

He turned me around and placed my ass against his crotch; I could feel his dick poking into my ass. 

He fondled my breasts through my gown and also nuzzled my neck and ear. I broke free of his hold and knelt down in front of him, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants and briefs; at the sight of his cock I got wetter and I engulfed his cock into my mouth.

I sucked his cock for a while and he moaned as he was about to cum. I allowed him to erupt into my mouth and after he was done I swallowed it all. 

After Cummings, his cock was still erect and I raised my gown up. He bent me across the nearest table and slid my panties aside. 

He put in two fingers and fucked me for a while before replacing it with his cock. 

He thrusted hard and fast; making me moan a lot.

I orgasmed while he was fucking me and my release triggered his and he erupted into me. 

He pulled out and slapped my ass, we both adjusted our clothes and kissed for a while; he left for his hostel and said he enjoyed it and he hoped we fucked more. I smiled and said the same. 

As I made my way back to my hostel; I could feel his cum pouring down my thighs and I smiled; I had always wanted to be filled with cum. 

One fantasy down; more to go.

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