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Sexcapades - S3E4 1

Sexcapades – S3E4

Hi, my name is Sandra and you all know me as Mario’s Crush. Ever since he stopped paying any attention to me, it’s been sorta boring and I didn’t like it. It was early in the morning and I got up to fix breakfast. I

Sexcapades - S3E3 6

Sexcapades – S3E3

The Wait! Going home was a super gig for me. I was just continuously staring at my phone, unlocking and locking constantly. I was hyperactive and surprisingly restless. I’ve had girls. I’ve had babes. Why’s this one creating this much inner joy? I had to

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Sexcapades – S3E2

Mario, The Hoe! I’m feeling way too happy about this. No reason for school because we’ve had so many inaugural lectures and as the unserious student I am, I’ve been home all week. Now I’m going to school again and I have to see Sandra.


Sexcapades – S3E1

Sexcapades Of A Sex Addict! Ever had a crush on social media and wonder what could have happened between you guys? Well I had one and this is how our sexcapades turned out. It was a sunny afternoon and Mrs Briggs class just ended. Her

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Sexcapades 2: Episode 7

In walked the head teacher, closely followed by the new teacher; the whole class quickly comported itself. After the brief speech by the head teacher, the new teacher was introduced. And it turned out to be Femi, the revelation was stunning and I could only

Sexcapades 2: Episode 6

  After the party, the three of us took the same ride home and we made small talk all the way. As Bisola alighted at her place, she kissed Femi which got me jealous for reasons I couldn’t explain. We got to my place and

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Sexcapades 2: Episode 5 (The Club)

When I woke up, I found Bisola sucking on Femi’s cock and the sight was glorious. Femi had his hands behind his head as he watched Bisola in action. I leaned over and kissed him then I squatted right over his face, giving him access

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Sexcapades 2: Episode 4

I woke up moaning, Bisola’s head was buried in between my thighs and her tongue was up in my snatch. I gripped her hair tightly as my orgasm washed through me, she came up smiling and my juices were coated around her mouth; I rose

Sexcapades 2: Episode 2

​Hey guys, sorry if the blog has been kinda static. It’s been really hard coming up with new series and stories. I’ve also been busy with a lot of things. I’d try as much as possible to post an episode a day. Thank you for