Sexcapades: The End  1

I wasn’t shocked at Akin’s entrance; after all he was Amy’s ex but he sure was shocked about the position in which he found us in. 

Upon his entrance; he walked into the living room, got himself seated and cleared his throat. 

He said “Shade, you should’ve called me back, I was worried sick when you didn’t return my calls and neither did you come home last night”. 

“And by the way Fola is arriving today if he hasn’t arrived already; I’m on my way to pick him up; he made mention of you not picking his calls”. 

The mention of Fola arriving jerked me up; finally, I had missed my baby for so long.

I told Akin we would be leaving for the airport together which he agreed to. 
I sprinted back to the room and got dressed; I wore the shirt and pants of my suit and grabbed a plimsoll from Amy’s shoe rack. 

It wasn’t the best footwear for my dress but then who cares; my baby is back! 

I try the shoes on and it fits perfectly, I then pack my bags and made my way back to the living room. 

I was wondering how I would get my car home as I was leaving with Akin and I didn’t want Fola knowing I slept out; if Akin didn’t tell him already. 

Amy seemed to have read my mind as she volunteered to drop my car and belongings home for me. 

Before I accompanied Akin to the airport, I hugged her and thanked her. 
On the way to the airport; Akin and I tried to make small talk. To my surprise; he never mentioned my presence at Amy’s. 

He asked about the attitude from the other day and I told him he didn’t try to keep his affairs private enough which he laughed about and apologized. 

We arrived at the airport and made our way to the arrival hall; and there he was; all 6′ 5″ of him; the love of my life. 

I ran towards him and jumped on him; he caught me, I was surprised when he kissed me, he was a little edgy about public displays of affection. 

After the kiss; Akin came closer and they hugged each other, we grabbed his luggage and made our way back to the car. 
After putting the luggage in the trunk; He told Akin to chauffeur the car as he wanted time with me. 

I got into the back seat with him and we talked about his trip. 

He said it went well and said he also missed me then he added he was ready. 

I was lost at that; then he added a wink.

I whispered in his ear asking him if that meant what I thought he meant; he just laughed and said maybe. 

I laid my head on his chest and snoozed as we made the remainder of the journey home. 

Upon arriving; I met my car in the compound and I mentally thanked Amy.

Fola left Akin to the luggage and grabbed my hand tugging me towards the house. 

Once we were in; he carried me, I mean he swept me off my feet and headed towards the bedroom where he dumped me on the bed, then went back to lock the door. 

He started stripping; I thought, well this would be over soon and I stripped too. 

He moved closer and kissed me. 
I’m talking about the kind of kiss that would make your toes curl and your insides melt. 

He breaks the kiss and kisses my forehead, nose, chin, jaw, my neck and finally my breasts. 

He engulfed each nipple in his hot mouth and I got wet; I expected him to slide in as was his custom but no; he actually went down on me. 

Okay this isn’t my Fola. 

I don’t know what happened to that one but so long as this Fola eats me out like this; I’m contented with him. 

Fola ate me out so good I was overflowing with juices. I had two orgasms while he was eating me. 

He brought his cock towards my mouth and I teased it. He cussed and grunted. 

He finally pulled out of my mouth and slid his dick right into me. I climaxed as soon as he penetrated me. 
Fola fucked me so good, I had three more orgasms before his release was triggered. 

After he pulled out; he laid beside me smiling. I was so tired I couldn’t talk but I was satisfied and happy with the new development. 

While we were resting; I asked him what brought about the change and he explained saying while on the trip he had time to reflect and he overheard someone talking about trying new things with your partner. 

I was so happy and I kissed his forehead and we slept off after that!  

Right till after we got married, Our sex life always had the fire burning. 

I’m sure y’all are wondering about Amy; she left the country a couple days after Fola’s arrival; we still talk though and yeah, Akin is happy with Sharon. 
Well, this is where my story ends.

Hey Guys, Sexcapades has finally come to an end. I must say I had a good time writing this and I hope you guys enjoyed it. 

Other categories would be added very soon. 

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