Hi, my name is Sandra and you all know me as Mario’s Crush. Ever since he stopped paying any attention to me, it’s been sorta boring and I didn’t like it.

Sexcapades - S3E4 1

It was early in the morning and I got up to fix breakfast. I was wearing my nightie and of course nothing was underneath. My hair was pulled up in a messy bun. Music was playing in the kitchen, my favorite song rocket by Beyoncé and I had a bowl of pancake mix in my hands. I enjoyed cooking especially for other people. It took me 10 minutes to get everything ready. Pancakes and a bowl of fruit not forgetting a glass of warm milk. Settling down to eat my meal, I thought of Mario. It’s a little shocking I’d be thinking of him but ever since he started giving me the cold shoulder, thoughts of him has been popping up in my mind. I was going to win him back and I didn’t care how.

Winning Him Back!

Sexcapades - S3E4 2

Texting him was my last resort and I immediately did that.

“Hey Mario, I was wondering if I could see you. Could you please come over? Text me back”.

I have mixed feelings about this text and I couldn’t shake off this kink I felt in my guts. Would he text back or would he ignore? I wasn’t looking this spiral at all. Now that that’s settled, I put on some music and dance a little. Crazy love was playing, I was dancing and singing loudly unaware of his presence.

Standing in front of my doorway was Mario, My Mario. He was wearing a black tee and grey faded jeans. I stopped breathing and moaned a little. Yes, he was that breathtaking!

“I’d been knocking for a while and when I heard music, I let myself in” he says.

Turning off the music, I gestured for him to have a seat and got a drink for him.

“You must be surprised I texted you out of the blue but I really needed to get something off my chest” I said.

He looked at me, his eyes filled with shock and surprise but still keeping a good composure, he says “It seemed urgent so I had to come immediately. What’s up?”

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while” I said in a low voice.

“Sandra…” he managed to croak.

In one quick move, I reached behind me and let my nightgown fall to the floor.

“I’ve wanted to do this forever” I whispered as I moved towards him. I put my leg on the arm of the couch he was sitting on and pushed his fingers between them. My eyes were squeezed shut and my breath became a little rapid. Inches away from his eyes, my nipples became a little hard and I started to shake it what seemed like the first orgasm of the night.

“Good,” she moaned quietly, “so good…” I bent over, shuddering, and his fingers came away wet. It took a minute for me to regain my composure. When I did, I took his hands again, leading them to my breasts.

“Mario” I whispered sinking to my knees by the couch.

He tried to object but the next words out of my mouth stopped him. I fumbled with the zip of his jeans and finally I got his dick out, balls and all. My heated breath scorched his bare skin as I begun to stroke him up and down.

“I’ve done this with a couple of guys but none of them was as big as you are” my lips so close to the tip of his rigid cock.

I kissed the tip of his cock wetly getting enough saliva on it. He shivered and a moan escaped his mouth. Bending down, I planted a kiss on his balls exploring his scrotum.

“Oh…my…god!” he croaked when my mouth came up and enveloped the tip of his glans. He watched as my lips stretched, encompassing the whole of his glans and then slipped down his shaft. My tongue began to move on the underside of his thick shaft. I began to make choking noises and I coughed a little. Mario tried to pull out of my mouth but I shook her head and began twisting it back and forth until magically his glans had passed my gag reflex and I was taking more of his cock into my throat. When I had all of him in my mouth that would fit, I began to bob my head on his thick organ.

“Fuck!” he yelped, cum spurting from the tip of his erection. Refusing to move my head away from his erupting cock, I kept my lips tight around his shaft as he pumped his thick creamy sperm down my throat. I knew what I was doing to him and I could see it in his eyes, he was lost in me.

I refused to let go of his cock until long after the last of his sperm had disappeared down my throat. With a final lick at the tip of his cock, I stood up and tugged at his clothes until he was completely nude. Taking him by the hand, I led him to a bare spot in the deep pile carpet of my living room and laid him on his back. He tried to sit up and take me in his arms, but I pushed him back down.

“I’ve done this a thousand times Mario, lying in my bed late at night with my panties pushed down around my knees and my nightie pulled up around my waist. I know exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it”. My face came close to his and he felt himself falling into the deep blue vastness of my huge eyes.

Cumming To My Senses!!!

Sexcapades - S3E4 3

“People tell me what I want is nasty, that only a really bad girl would do it, or even want to do it, but I do Mario, I want this bad. Just let me do what I want,” I said, my lips touching his, “and when I’m done, you can do anything you want to me.”

Rolling him over, I spread his legs. My lips and tongue followed my fingers as I explored the utter base of his cock and his balls.

When I was finally down, I rolled over to my back and extended my arms to him. He was rigid, his cool straining as he knelt over me. My eyes were wide as we’re my legs.

“I’ve been a bad bad girl Daddy. Punish me!”.

“Jesus,” Mario croaked, staring into the depths of my eyes as the tip of his

A naughty girl like you needs to be taught a lesson. Don’t you agree?” he asked rhetorically and grabbed my breasts in his bare hands. He sucked and pulled on them until they became hard for him. He crashed his lips onto mine biting my lip for entrance to my mouth which I tried to resist but he bit harder and I moaned so he took advantage and struck his tongue into my mouth. He searched hungrily and our tongues made contact.

He left my lips and trailed kisses down my neck, between my breasts, down my stomach till he reached just above my pussy. He continued kissing until he reached the opening of my pussy and slid his tongue straight through. I moaned in pleasure.

Sexcapades - S3E4 4

“Oh god!” I yelled. He inserted his fingers inside of me and finger-fucked me deeper and harder with each thrust.

“Fuck!” I yelled in pleasure as he went faster and faster inserting another finger inside of me while he flicked my clit with his tongue.

“Such a dirty mouth. We’re gonna have to find a way to fix that” he says.

He has three fingers inside of me along with his thumb massaging my clit and his tongue flicking it at the same time.“Don’t cum yet!” he yells.

“Hold it!” he yells again. “Just a little longer!” And with that I cummed all over his fingers. He gets off of me and licks my pussy clean, he slips his cum-covered fingers into my mouth as I moan.

He licks my pussy one more time and thrusts deeply into me. He goes in fast and hard. I yelped from his unexpected action. He stayed deep inside of me and slowly left my pussy feeling empty.

Once he was fully out of me, he jammed himself back in with a groan and I screamed. Now he moves his hips and pushed himself in and out of me. I screamed for him to fuck me harder. He grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand and put his other on my shoulder as he fucked my deeper and harder.

Oh god, yeeeeees!” I yelled. And after a few more thrusts he stopped and flipped me over again. He placed one of my legs on his shoulder and left the other on the bed, on the other side of him. He placed himself in front of my pussy and slowly entered. I silently moaned in pleasure.

Once he was in, all of him, he slowly fucked me. Slow but deep. He looked at me, he watched me. My tits bouncing up and down as he slowly fucks me faster. I wanted more, I needed more.

“Faster.” I moan yet he keeps his pace.

“Fasterrr” I moan just a little bit louder but he doesn’t do anything in response.

“Faster!” I yelled and he suddenly accelerates so much. I could barely handle it. I screamed and yelled in pleasure.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” I yelled at him. “I’m gonna cum!” I yelled.

“Then cum with me,” he groans back and we climaxed together. His cum in my pussy and coming out. He once again stroked his fingers along my pussy and stuck them in my mouth and I licked them clean.

“I’m sure you’ve learnt your lesson and would never make me beg for you again” he says whilst dressing up.

“I don’t know, that’s for you to decide.” I replied as I stayed laying on the bed with my legs wide open just for his eyes to see. And with that, he left.

I got off the bed and cleaned up. I took a long hot bath afterwards and knew that I would be very sore in just a few hours.

A beep on my phone alerted me to a text message and it was from Mario.

“You’re mine, Naughty Girl!”

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