The Wait!

Sexcapades - S3E3 1

Going home was a super gig for me. I was just continuously staring at my phone, unlocking and locking constantly. I was hyperactive and surprisingly restless.

I’ve had girls. I’ve had babes. Why’s this one creating this much inner joy? I had to put in my ear plugs to jam up some certain vibes. This was too much to bear. I couldn’t wait to fast forward to when I’d have to see her; finally, school was having a meaning.

Never been the type to hurry my tasks but I did today. I texted her with a lazy hey. She read and obviously didn’t reply. Every notification on my phone was like war. I was tired along the line. Travis Scott’s new album was making the waves so I decided to bump up and I slept off.

I woke up by past midnight and with sleepy eyes checked my phone. 3:13am. 3 notifications from her…

She’s in love!

Sexcapades - S3E3 2

“Hey, you good?” The first one said. “Sleeping?” the second said and trust me I wasn’t ready for the next one… “I can’t stop thinking about you” it read.

I cleaned my eyes thinking I was dreaming and wasn’t reading properly. I stared at my phone again and it was still the same thing. If this girl is trying to play with my emotions, she’s not going to hear the last of it, I thought to myself.

Texted her instantly with an “hey, I just woke up” totally ignoring her last message; it was my turn to play hard to get. I’ve always had girls run all over me and it was a little shocking that Sandra didn’t care about me like I expected. Finally, I had her where I wanted and I wasn’t going to misuse it. She texted back almost immediately with an emoji, the kind that tells you you’re missing something. I smiled and replied with a smiley face. She quoted her last message with a dot and I laughed when I saw it. She’s obviously in love, I told myself. Ignoring her message, I dropped my phone on the bedside table and slept off.

Sweet Revenge!

Sexcapades - S3E3 3

It was another day of school and I planned on avoiding Sandra the best that I could. As if luck was on my side, the day was going to be a busy one for me. My lecturer decided to give a group assignment to be submitted that day and he wasn’t the kind of lecturer to be messed with. I was paired with Labi, Funke, Sonia, James and Shola.

Funke is my favorite girl (but she didn’t know this), very sweet on the eyes, big boobs and a very round ass.

In between work, I decided to go get food and Funke wanted to go with me. We’ve had a series of run in lately and I could tell she was on her heat period. Though I wanted to smash, my heart still wanted Sandra. Honestly, I didn’t have to do much to get her to go home with me but then I think that ship has sailed and I’m becoming a good guy. I dreaded this moment, the day I, Mario would turn down any girls’ advances.

Sandra was at the eatery when the both of us walked in. She was looking peng today but I had to act unbothered.

While buying her meal, Funke brushes her ass against my dick and I got hard.

Sandra notices and tried to play it cool but I noticed it affected her and I was glad it did.

My phone beeped and Yes it was Sandra.

“She’s the one now, Yeah?” it said.

I didn’t reply but just shoved the phone back into my pocket and paid for our food. Not saying a word to Sandra, we left the restaurant back to the faculty.

Sexual Healing!!!

Walking out of the eatery was funny. Everybody was looking at Funke who I didn’t notice earlier was wearing one of the hottest bodycon ever.

I smiled, I was so carried away with the assignment. Rushing back, everybody had left and we had to submit the assignment ourselves. Called our lecturer and he said he wasn’t gonna be back till past 6.

Funke and I were left in class, alone. Evening hours in school was mostly empty, students were either at campus fellowship, games stores, eateries and the likes.

I adjusted my earplugs and continued my album. Few mins later I’m dozing and poof! I’m being kissed by the softest lips I’ve ever felt in my life… I open my eyes to see Funke with the horniest and dreamy eyes I only see in porn.

I’m smiling and shocked and she’s says “I couldn’t help it, watching you sleep made me too wet”.

I moved well into my chair and she asks “Can I suck your dick, Mario?” I looked up confused and she continued “I know you want me, I know how you look at me when I walk around the class, can I suck your dick?” this time more assertively.

Before I even reply, she’s already unzipping my trousers and Viola, my man is always willing and nods in excitement. She touches my dick and I could fill it all over my spine.

I’m wearing my biggest smirk rn and she directs me into her warm wet slurpy mouth. Cloud 54 was too close… I couldn’t feel my legs for a minute; I was in heaven. She goes down on me like them pornstars and I had no choice than to grab her ponytail which felt so convenient at this point. The deeper she went, the more I held on to her hair in fear of losing my soul.

“You like that don’t you?” she said looking up and smacking her lips. I was gooooooooooooone. She went down on me again and this time swallowed my dick; I felt her guts. Fuck, she is freaky and I can’t wait to go deep in her.

She made sounds as she sucked me into oblivion. I couldn’t help but call our her name. I could feel my release coming. Her mouth worked wonders cos in a few minutes, I was shooting my load down her throat. She took all in and let some trickle down her mouth. I almost lost my mind.

In one quick move, I put her on the table and zipped down her gown. She was wearing a lace bra and matching panties. Fuck! She was prepared. Red… They were bright red. I had a thing for red underwear and the moment I saw them, my dick went hard and was throbbing with delight.

I took off her bra revealing the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen; pink nipples, full and firm. As soon as I put one nipple in my mouth, she let out a soft moan. She liked it! I did my best to satisfy her. As I sucked on one, I flicked the nipple of the other. Slowly! Slowly!

My hands wandered down a little to her panties, it was damp. I smiled. I liked the reaction I was getting. I took it off and took a whiff before dropping it on the floor. Kissing her lips slowly, I stick a finger down her wet pussy and she moaned. It was warm and squishy.

I kiss her body and stop at her pussy, teasing her clit with my tongue. The damp folds parted a little as I licked along them teasing and gently probing with the tip of my tongue. She worked along her slit, moving up to the nub of her clit, drawing lazy circles over it and bites her lip to stop a moan from escaping her lips.

Fresh liquid trickled down as her orgasm began to take hold, I pressed my tongue to her clitoris, flicking it as she rocked her hips back and forth caught up in the sensations flooding through her body. As she calmed down I licked up every bit of cum between her legs.

I stood and stroked my throbbing cock, squeezing the foreskin back and forth; my fingers were a blur, breath coming in short gasps as I masturbated furiously needing release.

Thick, hot spurts of cum shot from the tip, I strained with each jet arching my back, a firm grip on my shaft as I aimed it at her, each sticky shot landing on her mound or her firm tits.
Some of it even splashed on her pussy lips, running down the crack of her ass to pool wetly underneath her.

I stood, panting and spent, shaft twitching in my hand the foreskin pulled back exposing the swollen end where a drop of spunk oozed from the tip.
I looked down at the mess I made, smiling sheepishly.

“Fuck me” she said. I acted as if I didn’t hear her.

“Fuck me please” she said begging

“You want this don’t you?” I asked rubbing my dick on her pussy.

“Yessssssssssssssssss” she squealed.
Oh FUCK!” she cried out and stroked me harder.

I gathered the fluids from her body on my fingers then pulled them out.

Rubbing the head of my throbbing cock with the slickness, I pushed her hand away as my hand went down the shaft.
“Fuck yes! Fuck me!” she said, trembling with need.
She had no time to prepare as my cock lined up with her opening and pushed it inside. Her cries were muffled by my kisses but as I slowly stroked in and out, going deeper with each drive forward, her voice got louder.


I felt her clamping down on my cock and it pushed me over the top. My orgasm rocked through my body as I kept thrusting. My body was shaking.
“You’re trembling,” she panted quietly as she touched my cheek.

I smiled as I caught my breath. “Don’t worry. I’ll be alright.” I said falling on top of her.

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