Mario, The Hoe!

I’m feeling way too happy about this. No reason for school because we’ve had so many inaugural lectures and as the unserious student I am, I’ve been home all week. Now I’m going to school again and I have to see Sandra. You remember her? Wait, you remember me yeah? Mario. Your friendly Neighborhood hoe boy.



I’ve not been able to think straight since I saw Sandra and the acclaimed mishap that happened between I and her. We both know she’s nasty too and she wants to get down with the brother. I’m so sad I can’t hide my excitement.

She’s been in my head a lot. I can’t stop thinking about her. What kind of game is she playing? Why is she acting so difficult when we both know the chemistry is there?

The Search!

Sexcapades - S3E2 1

Walking into the faculty and I started scanning through for Sandra, i didn’t even know what level she was in yet. Time clocks 8 and I begin lectures, couldn’t pay one bit of attention all through because I couldn’t think of anything else. It’s free period 12 noon and I quickly rush down to the cafeteria hoping to see her, no-show. I didn’t want to text her asking where she was because she had complained the last time that I was too forward. 2 o’clock and I had to resume lectures, I started taking constant exits to leave the class in pretense to pee but lowkey searching for Sandra, I just wanted to see her.

In one of my lying bouts and I did want to pee for real this time, I had unzipped my trousers and pictures of her big juicy boobs and nuttela looking nipples glanced through my mind, Instant Hardon.

Wait, What Just Happened?

I was in near tears as I found out I left my phone on the desk in class with Bobby. I was so frustrated already. Went back to class and sat all through till all classes ended by 6. I was sad and I wasn’t even thinking straight anymore. Walking past the ice cream guy and I bought a scoop trying to console myself and Lo and Behold, there’s Sandra walking towards me. I was happy, tensed and angry at the same time. See those babies on her chest!

I’m smiling like a geek and she just walks past me, crosses the road and enters a cab leaving school. I was lost! I’m very certain she saw me, what just happened?

I was in a self-induced dilemma and a message pops into my phone. It’s Sandra.

“Hey bighead, learn to hide your excitement when you see me. Your dick was calling from so far out”.

It took 10 secs before I noticed my dick print was actually bulging out from my jeans. I was red and quickly adjusted. How the hell did that happen?

Open For A Surprise!


I was still trying to get my balance then a new message pops in again. Guess who? you guessed right. It’s Sandra.

“Open for a surprise” it says. My mouth goes dry. Slowly taking my time, I open the message and it’s those beautiful boobs of hers, this time in one of the sexiest lingerie I’ve ever seen. I can’t control my excitement, my dick instantly grew hard.

I’d do everything possible to get her except I’m not Mario, The Hoe!

Walking to the gate was sort of difficult, my dick was throbbing and I was wearing sweatpants. I had to adjust and walk some type of way so I don’t get noticed.

The things this girl puts me through though, I hope its all worth it in the end because I lose focus when she’s around. I wanted her and I wanted her badly!

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