Sexcapades Of A Sex Addict!

Ever had a crush on social media and wonder what could have happened between you guys? Well I had one and this is how our sexcapades turned out.

It was a sunny afternoon and Mrs Briggs class just ended. Her classes are a bore as usual. Who cares about the history of the world when we all get to die at some point and become history to another person? It’s not like you can know it all. I’d rather sleep than attend her class but I don’t know why I went today.

Walking out of the faculty as quick as I could, I needed to be home and there I spotted her; the chick from Instagram. Wow. She’s in my school?! I was star struck. I hastened my strides to meet up to where she stood and yo, The boobs were REAL!!!


Let me backtrack a bit, I’m Mario and I’m a sucker for big boobs. Met this girl off my gram and I’ve been stalking her for weeks. I legit jerk off to her pictures in my head. And now I’m seeing her in real life. WOW!!!

I quickly walked up to her and said hi, basic introduction though and she smiled.

I’m Sandra she says. “I know that already!” I say in my head.

We exchanged numbers and she left. I hadn’t walked a mile and a message popped up. It read “you couldn’t take your eyes off my breasts Mario, naughty boy. You look pretty by the way.”

I stopped and stared at my phone for about a minute. Didn’t know how to react to what I just read. Although, I wasn’t really staring but then I kinda liked that she noticed.

She called me pretty, lol I doubt that. Rather, I like the term fugly

I’m Not Prince Charming!


First of all, I’m not all that but people say otherwise. Either refer to me as Ugly or fugly but never a fine as man. I’m just an average looking guy .

They call me pretty, handsome, peng and all that crap but then I’d never believe because I’m just a normal guy.

I’m 6 ft tall, dark-skinned and slim. I had full dark hair and girls sort of liked it. I always got the “OMG Mario, I love your hair. Can I please plait it?” Having two sisters who decided hair styling was their calling wasn’t easy as well as I ended up with different hair styles. Please don’t laugh, I always looked good in them. My ex used to say I had soft lips and it was one of the things that attracted me to her. She still left though so I guess my lips weren’t all that perfect.

Another one loved my eyes. I was blessed with piercing brown eyes. She always loved looking right into them.

As a result of this, I was considered a ladies man hence steady pussy. Consequently, girls and guys alike would drool over my eyes but tbvh all I saw was the same void.

I’ve never been a sucker for looks, I just want to sleep, eat, play video games and fuck when I want to. Yes, I love to fuck and its something I’m proud of although no one shared my views.

I texted her back immediately, didn’t want her to think I was proud. “Nice bra today. I wouldn’t mind taking them off sometime.” Did I just send her that? What was I thinking?

Well, she needs to get the point soon. I’m not ready for a relationship and the sooner she knows that, the better.

We Talked Like Lovers Do


The trip home was long and tiring. The Uber driver decided to take a really long route, “I’m trying to avoid traffic” he said. Instead it was the complete opposite that happened. If he thinks I was gonna give him 5 stars after this, he’s joking.

Home finally and stressed as hell, I decided to unwind by playing my favorite game, Fifa ’18 after a shower though. My battery was flat so I plug it in first and hit the shower.

It was so refreshing I wanted to spend hours in there enjoying the peace and tranquility. The beep of my phone brought me back to life, someone was calling me.

As much as I’d have loved to stay in there, I couldn’t. This is what stress does to a man.

I dressed up in basketball shorts and a black tee and went to grab my phone. I missed a couple of calls. It was from her. I think a smile formed on my face instantly.

While calling back, I got comfortable. “Hi Big Head.” she said

“Hey, how are you?” I replied

“I’m fine and you?”

“Well I had a shitty day but it ended well.”


“Yeah, I met you.”

“Someone’s a sweet talker though. Is this what you go about telling the ladies.” she said laughing.

So we talked for a while about different things until she finally said “your text though. You’re too straightforward.”

“Seems like you like being lied to.” I said

In addition, I also said “baby girl, we’re adults. There’s no need to beat around the bush. You’re either down or nah. I don’t have time to waste.”

Due to what I said, she freaked out and hastenly hung up!

And Then She Dropped A Bomb!


Probably, she was scared or I came off too strong. But that wasn’t enough to hang up like that.

Consequently, I felt a little relieved yet tensed. I told her my plans, couldn’t lie to her; she deserved to know. She didn’t even give a reply which made thing sort of difficult.

I didn’t know if I should either back off and look somewhere else, even though it’ll be impossible or to keep pushing.

I put on the game console getting ready to play my game. Wasn’t going to let that little thing set me off.

Finally she texted after what felt like eternity, it was just a couple of hours. I got a shocker! She sent me a picture of her boobs.

So she was this freaky! I never expected it.

Her boobs are mighty, gosh they looked bigger than I imagined. Mere looking at them, I could tell they were Double D’s.

Her nipples were heavenly. Black looking pointy and huge babies, my favorite.

I was still lost in the wonder that was Sandra’s tits when I got another text saying, “OMG, i’m really sorry. That wasn’t for you. Can you please act like you didn’t see that?” Seems like someone was embarrassed. But she didn’t have to be. I was already convinced she wanted me too.

Since she made the first move, I was going to make sure we end up together.

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