Sexcapades: Episode 8 (Shade's POV)  1

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I can hear them. I can hear her moaning so loudly. Why is she screaming from the brinks of ecstasy and I’m left to wallow in loneliness. This is so unfair! 

I can hear her Oohs and Ahs all the way from my room, all I can think of is the style Akin is fucking her in. 
I decide to take a look in the living room and what I saw had me speechless. 

She is on top of him, head swung back and she is riding the hell out of him. Up and down she goes like she is on a see-saw. 

I get so jealous. Anger is already brewing inside of me. All I want to do is smash her face. But why am I feeling this way? Akin isn’t mine to get jealous over. He is my Boyfriend’s junior brother. 

I keep watching them. Watching them ride on the brinks of ecstasy. 

Just listening to them got me so wet, I am dripping badly. I can’t stop wishing I was in Sharon’s place; Then I remember Amy sent me some pictures. I can’t help but touch myself to them with thoughts of her in my head. 

I go up to my room and lay on the bed. 

First picture painted itself and I was shocked; even ashamed when it surfaced in my mind. Like other fantasies, I put zero thought into it. I just had to stare at her and it all came to me. 

I’m on top. 

She’s inside me, fucking me with her strap-on (does she even have one?), in and out, in and out, all the way in and all the way out, pounding me slowly and she’s so damn sensual. 

She’s taking me for a ride straight to the heart of ecstasy and it lasts for a long time. I’m melting all over her, too weak to resist, to speak, to move, to think and to be my usual self. 

But why would I? 

I’m drowning in waves of lust, feeling her hips move firmly and rhythmically, she’s so sexy; She just knows how to make me want her more. 

Every time our crotches touch I hear her silent groans and they became Louder when I start to drip. Yes, she makes me so wet that I drip; and small glides down her cock, straight to her cunt. My juices are flowing into her, mixing with hers. 

Her eyes become misty, her breathing gives her away; she can’t hold out much longer, but she’d hold on for she wants to see what she did to me. She wants to bring me to the final destination. 

Faster, deeper, harder, don’t stop, squeeze my hips and ass; fuck me, I scream. 

I’m letting her all the way. I surrender to her promise of most intense climax I ever had.

And its over. 

I fall on her helplessly, covering my body with hers, feeling her blood boiling just underneath the thin layer of her very smooth skin; she can’t hold it anymore. I slip off her cock, slowly and thankfully. 

Now it’s my turn. 

I kneel between her legs, undoing that strap-on so nothing stands in the way of her wetness and I; she’s looking straight into my eyes with anticipation. 

I attach the strap-on to myself but first… I lay between her legs and I’m finally going to taste her. My tongue just barely touching her clit, her entire cunt pulsates and I’m ecstatic again; feeling equally aroused like when she was giving it to me.

Her breath becomes shorter, her hips are lifting; her lips screaming. 

“I want you to cum in my mouth.” I whisper. 

And she does, pressing my head between her legs; gorgeous lustful object of my most carnal desires. She cums beautifully.  

I plant a deep kiss on her lips, how can they be so soft? I could kiss her for hours and I could cum doing just that. 

I kneel between her legs again, pulling her hips closer, I slip inside and I can literally feel it; her hands around me, breathing, burning, faster, no, slow down because I don’t want it to end. I can smell her excitement. 

I feel her every tense muscle, she’s like a wild horse beneath me, in and out, all the way in and all the way out; she embraces me, she’s letting me see her entirely, she’s naked in every possible sense of the word; we are both naked.

I’m fucking her essence; I penetrate her mind, her soul; I fill her, and she fills me. 

She explodes under me, trembling, shaking, moaning; she loses control, together we ascend to the new heights. 

We don’t exist, we exist only like this, faster, harder, fucking her, looking straight in her eyes and it’s over. She’s now calm, we kiss forever, we climax just by touching each other, again and again.

And then I wake up and realize it was all a dream. I put my hand on my crotch and realize it’s sticky; I look down and I’m dripping. 

Immediately, I get up to clean up.