Sexcapades: Episode 7 (Shade's POV)  1

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I woke up the next day to muffled sounds; I was alone in my bed as Amy didn’t sleep over despite my persuasions. 

Curious to the sounds; I make my way out of the room to find everywhere bare. No living soul was present and the house was a bit tidy. 

I wouldn’t have bothered but there was the stench of sex in the air; the atmosphere crackled with it; so Akin and Sharon were at it again this morning. 

I had this twinge of jealousy as Amy had already told me Akin was a stallion in bed. I felt bad that Fola could not match up to my expectations. But I didn’t let that Bother me. 

I got around to cleaning the house and prepared breakfast for the 3 of us; after the chores I went back to my room; and I called Fola telling him how much I missed him. I also called Amy after hanging up with Fola. 

I went to the bathroom to get myself ready for the day as I had a number of errands to run; while in the shower, Amy filled my thoughts and I couldn’t help but touch myself; I detached the shower head and directed it right at my pussy. I kept touching myself till I climaxed. I finished up with the bath and got myself clothed. 

While I was on my way out; I saw Akin and Sharon coming out of his room; we exchanged pleasantries and I informed them that food was prepared already. 

Then off I went.

I had a busy day and couldn’t check my phone as much as I wanted to; When I was finally free; I checked my phone and saw that I missed a couple calls from Amy and had 8 new messages from her via WhatsApp.

 I checked them to see pictures from Amy. I’m talking about the kinky pictures that makes you cuss. 

I immediately got wet and uneasy; I placed a call to her but I couldn’t get in touch. So I was alone in my world of horniness and could only think of how I was going to touch myself to thoughts and pictures of Amy. 

When I got home; which was earlier than I intended, I walked to my room and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the moans coming from Akin’s room.

 I dropped my bags and tiptoed to the door marking the entrance to his room; the door was slightly opened. I guessed he never expected me back so early. 

I peeked into the room and the sight before me is a story for another day.

What’s going to Happen next? 

What did she find? 

Did Shade cause a scene? 

You’d just have to wait for the next