Sexcapades: Episode 6 (Akin's POV)  1

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So I woke up in bed; and looked around to see Sharon sleeping peacefully, she really looked like an angel while sleeping. 

I look towards the clock to find out it was a little past 6:00am. I leave the bed; put on some shorts and padded barefooted to the kitchen. 

The whole house looked pretty untidy and I started to clean; I was so engrossed in it; I didn’t notice Sharon walk up behind me. 

She grabbed me by the waist and nuzzled her face into my back. I turned around to see her smiling and I smiled back at her. 

“Good morning beautiful, sleep well?”

 She replies yes and I plant a kiss on her forehead.

 I was pulling out of the kiss when she grabbed my head and planted a kiss firmly on my mouth. 

I let her dictate the pace for a while then I took control. I nuzzled her neck and her moans sent blood south. 

I untie her robe to find her naked; she smiled coyly and asked if I would love to eat my breakfast now; I grinned like the idiot I was; and led her to the dining hall.

 I knelt between her legs and parted her pussy lips with my tongue. Damn she smelt heavenly and I couldn’t get enough. 

She was squirming before I got started and she moaned loudly when I finally put my tongue in.

 I teased her clit with my thumb making circular motions on it while still using my tongue on her. 

She grabbed my hair; and buckled violently into mouth; I deduced she just had an orgasm. 

She laid on the table catching her breath and I was very pleased with myself. Then she got down from the table and took my cock into her mouth; I was a bit shocked but she handled it expertly; from using her tongue on the tip to sucking on my balls. 

She then propped herself on the table; and I engulfed myself in her heat. It was so hot; I don’t think I lasted long when I was about to cum. 

I told her because I had no condom on, she then told me to cum in her as she was on the pill. 

I finally erupted my load into her and when I pulled out; my semen was already leaking out of her honeypot.

 We felt sated till I heard the door to shade’s room open. 

We gathered our clothes and ran back to the bedroom with her still leaking. 

We got into the bath, washed each other then retired back to bed where we slept off.