Sexcapades: Episode 5 (Sharon's POV)  1

Hey Guys, I’m guessing you must have noticed the POV’s. Well, I did this to give insight into the minds of some of the characters. Mind you, not all would have this. 

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I lie naked in Akin’s bed, sprawled over his chest, panting. Holy cow-does his energy ever wane? 

Akin trails his fingers up and down my back. 

“Satisfied, Baby?” I murmur my assent. 

I have no energy left for talking. Raising my head, I turn unfocused eyes to him and bask in his warm, fond gaze. 

Very deliberately, I angle my head down so he knows I am going to kiss his chest. 

He smiles sheepishly, and I plant a soft kiss on his chest, breathing in his unique smell, mixed with sweat and sex. It’s breathtaking. 

He rolls onto his side so I’m lying beside him and gazes down at me. 

“Is sex like this for everyone? I’m really surprised anyone ever goes out,” I murmur, feeling suddenly shy. He grins. 

“I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s pretty damned special with you, my angel.” He bends and kisses me. 

“That’s because you’re pretty damned special too, Lover boy,” I agree, smiling up at him and caressing his face. He blinks down at me blushing. 

“It’s late. You have to sleep,” he says. He kisses me, then lies down and pulls me to him so we’re spooning in bed. 

“You are too bossy.” 

“Go to sleep, Sharon or I just might start off from where I stopped” 

Hmm . . . I shudder at the mere thought of having him again.. 

Jeez . . . Why can’t I get enough of him? 

“Tonight was amazing,” I murmur. 

He says nothing for a moment, but I sense his grin.

“I love you baby. Please go to sleep.” He nuzzles my hair, and I drift into sleep, safe in his arms, dreaming of sunsets and rainbows… 

This right here is my Happily Ever After!