Sexcapades: Episode 4 (Akin's POV)  1

Hi guys, Welcome to another Episode of Sexcapades. I got a lot of feedbacks from people and they’re being worked on. This episode is very juicy, It’ll leave you wondering what was going on in my head while writing it. P.s If you’re not following, please do and also share the link with your friends. You could also subscribe for email updates so you won’t miss any episode. Thank you and God Bless!  

I can’t believe Amy decided to crash my party. If not for Shade, It would have been a disaster. It’s not news that I used to date Amy but I’ve since moved on and with someone better now. Not that Amy is bad but with Sharon, I see a future. A future so bright, I shudder just thinking about it. 

I met Sharon when I first moved to my brother’s house. She was very captivating. She had beautiful eyes, a lovely smile and a perfect body. Her skin glowed in the daylight making her an even amazing sight to behold. She not only looked like a Queen, she walked and talked like one. She carried herself with so much poise and grace, walking up to her was scary. It was these qualities that got me attracted to her. 

Immediately I saw her, I knew she was the one and wasted no time in winning her over. The few weeks I spent trying to woo her were the hardest but I kept pushing on knowing good things don’t come easily. 

It took her a while but she finally agreed to date me and I must say that was the happiest day of my life. I felt like floating in the skies, my tummy was filled with butterflies and I could just imagine heaven at that moment. Is this what love feels likes? 

Our romance continues until I invited her over for the first time. We had planned this for so long, I was already nervous of how it’ll go down. I had told her earlier I’d be having a party and she agreed to come. She also told me she’d like to sleep over hence my nervousness. 

It wasn’t like it was our first time meeting but this is the first time she’d be over at my house and even sleeping over. 

The day of the party finally came and I made sure everything went smoothly. Shade also helped too but with the refreshments and in being a host. 

An hour into the party I got a call from Sharon. 

“Akin, I’m outside your house. Can you please come get me?” she said. 

I hang up and rushed outside to meet her. 

My baby was a sight to behold. I didn’t have to go close to know she was the one. 

She was wearing a black bodycon dress with a little slit at the side. She had on nude heels which added to her height and made her look glorious. 

I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. It’s what I did to her everytime we were together. Sharon’s forehead was massive. I teased her a lot about it. 

She smelt like flowers, daisies to be exact and I could tell she was wearing the Cologne I recently got for her. 

All these were igniting a fire inside me that needed to be burning. In my head, I’d undressed her five times. Was it the way the dressed showed off her curves or was it the mere thought of having her in my arms that sparked this desire? I couldn’t tell. 

I led her to the party and introduced her to Shade. They exchanged pleasantries and we moved to the dance floor. Sharon was an awesome dancer. She made sure she grinded me well and left me wanting more. 

After five songs and a couple of drinks, she said she was tired and would like to rest. I took her up to my room and she jumped on my bed instantly. I sit close to her and we cuddle for some minutes. 

Then she said she would like to sleep for a while for the drinks were getting to her. 
I made sure she was comfortable and left her to sleep. Then I go back down to tend to my party. 

While at the party, my thoughts seemed to be occupied by Sharon. It seemed like my body and soul wanted her at that moment. It was true for I was already feeling a bulge in my trousers. This always happens everytime I think of her. Trying to get her off my mind seemed futile so I went up to be with her. 

The party had very very much ended so there was nothing to attend to. Except the people sprawled all over the living room and the bottles scattered here and there. I made a mental note to get everything spick and span before Shade got up in the morning.  

I enter the room and locked the door making sure I did it quietly so as not to wake her. 

“Akin, is that you?” she said

“Yes baby, it is I. Did I wake you?” I murmur while I walked towards her. 

“No, you didn’t. I couldn’t sleep so I was just laying here thinking about you”. 

“Since you were thinking about me, that seems to be a good thing. Isn’t it?”

“It is but its better now that you’re here.”

I climb up to the bed and lay down beside her with my clothes on. She immediately readjusts and settles her head on my chest. We begin to talk about random things and we both found out we loved the stars. 

“Akin, you’ve got too many clothes on.” she murmurs to me.

“It’s for your safety.” I say with with a smile on my face. She laughs softly and lifts her head up and told me “Akin, I want you to make love to me” 

My heart skips a beat and butterflies start to fly around in my belly. I couldn’t have been more happier. 

I ask if she was sure and she said she had never wanted anything more.
Her words are intoxicating, and in my overheated state, I want to rip off her clothes. I undo her bra and I pin her to the bed, her bra falling to the floor, and my hand travels up her leg, my lips never leaving hers. I hoist up her dress. 

“Wrap your legs around me.” I say and she does as she’s told. Reaching into my jeans pocket, I fish out a foil packet and hand it to her, undoing my fly. 

“Do you know how much you turn me on?” 

“What?” she pants. “No . . . I . . .”

“Well, you do,” I mutter, “all the time.” I grab the foil packet from her hands. After all her tantalizing teasing, I want her badly—right now. She gazes down at me as I roll on the condom, then I put my hands under her thighs, spreading her legs wider. 

Positioning myself, I pause. “Keep your eyes open. I want to see you,” I whisper and clasping both her hands with mine, I sink slowly into her. Oh, the tightness, this feeling . . . I groan and thrust deeper into her. 

“Faster” she growls, tightening her hands on mine and wrapping her legs tightly around my waist so that I thrust in deeply. 

Slowly I withdraw then sink into her once more, her mouth slackening and then forming an Ah . . . , but she says nothing. 

Seeing her reaction to me—I light up inside, my blood scorching through my veins. Her hazel eyes burn into mine. 

She picks up the rhythm, and I revel in it, glory in it, watching her, watching me—this passion, this love—as we come apart, together. 

I call out as I explode around her, and Sharon follows. 

“Yes, Akin!” she cries out. She collapses on me and rests her head on my chest. My hands are still wrapped around hers, and under the patient, maternal eyes of the Marilyn Monroe paintings, I cradle her head against mine and struggle to catch my breath. She raises her head to look at me. “This was awesome Akin,” she murmurs and leaning up, she kisses me.

Now this is one awesome chapter and I hope it leaves you wanting more. This is the longest episode I’ve written and it took me 3 hours to complete. Drop comments for I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks guys!