Sexcapades: Episode 3 1

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The “party” turned out to be fun-filled. Some of the guests had already left while some were spluttered on the floor in the living room. There were shoes, plates, drinks and even cups scattered everywhere in the living room. If Fola was here, I’m very sure he’d have a fright. I couldn’t even do anything about the mess right now because I was famished and Amy was stuck up in my room all thanks to Akin. 

I go to the kitchen to fix up food for Amy and I. I was hungry and I couldn’t eat alone. I check what’s left and its enough for the both of us. I grab us drinks from the freezer and head up to my room. 

I had not taken more than five steps when I heard sounds coming from Akin’s room. I moved closer to get a better listening angle and lo and behold, Akin was busy with his girlfriend. It seemed like what was going on in the room was too much for her to handle ‘cos she was sobbing. 

How I wished Fola was here right now. Even if he didn’t give me what I wanted at least it was better than nothing. Akin seemed to be adamant to Sharon’s pleas. All I could hear were rocking sounds and sounds made when two sweaty bodies meet. 

I got lost in the moment I didn’t notice Amy had been watching me drool at the door for a while. After what seemed like hours, she finally made her presence known by coughing. I try to act like nothing has happened. 

“Amy, I didnt see you there”. I said moving close to her. 

“I was hungry so I decided to get some food. Would you like some?” I continued. 

“I got bored staying alone upstairs, I decided to find you. But it seems like something else has your attention” she said. 

As soon as she said that, I knew she saw me listening to Akin get at it with his girlfriend. It wasn’t my fault I was this way. I hadn’t been touched in so long, I was beginning to think I was a virgin. I tried helping myself one time but nothing beats having a dick inside you. 

“I heard some funny sounds I had to check if everything was okay “. I say while making my way up to my bedroom. 

“Are you coming or are you going to keep standing there?” I called out to her. 

We get to the room and start to eat. I couldn’t even talk because I was really hungry and she didn’t even make any attempt to talk either. I thanked my stars because Lord knows I wasn’t ready for any explanations right now. 

After eating, I head to the bathroom to shower and this was where something funny happened. 

Amy walked in and was walking towards me even though I couldn’t see her. I knew she was the one because of the smell of her perfume. 

She collected the sponge from me and began to rub my body. Making sure she was doing so very slowly. All my senses were heightened. All I could focus on was what she was doing.  

Then she put one nipple in her mouth and gently bit it, I let out a gasp. Still rubbing on my body, her mouth did some work. Teasing each nipple to give me the pleasure I desired. She sucked on them as though her life depended on it. 

She turned on the shower and got in with me (she was naked). She made sure she rinsed my body well so no signs of soap could be seen. When she had done that, she grabbed my boobs from behind and squeezed them. 

At this point I was already dripping slowly, then she went down on me. How she did it I don’t know but damn Amy had the best tongue I’ve ever had. She not only knew where to hit, she made sure she hit it well. She slurped all the juice dripping down my pussy and didn’t stop until she was tired. 
I was mind blown. This was the type of sexual activity I’d wanted from Fola. All he denied me of, Amy gave to me in just one night. I stopped thinking about Fola. All that mattered was Amy and only her. 

She took my hands and led me back to the room. Then she lay me down on the bed. I didn’t know what she was planning but I knew I’d remember it for a long time. 

She got on the bed with me and climbed me. She then brought her breast towards my mouth. Like I said earlier, Amy’s breasts were perky and fine when she was dressed but the boobs I saw at this moment were Massive and very beautiful. Her nipples were black and big, I couldn’t resist putting it in my mouth. 

I was an expert when it came to boob sucking mainly because I’d picked up the habit of sucking my own when my man wasn’t around. 

I sucked and bit at the same time and she moaned (Yes, I know you like it). Whilst I was doing this, she was grinding on me. I kept on sucking on her boobs and she kept on moaning. She would occasionally moan Louder and call my name. Oh, how I loved it when she did that. 

Then she sat on my face. I can’t begin to tell you how much Amy dripped, I’d spare the gory details but damn She was a dripping fountain. Slurping all her juice wasn’t even enough because with each slurp I took, more came rushing down. And damn, she really tasted good. So good, I didn’t stop for a while. 

When I’d had my fill, I sat her up on the bed and started to kiss her. I made sure she tasted herself. Tongues were sucked, spits were exchanged, It felt all too good. 

We started sucking on our boobs again until we both fell asleep. 

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