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It’s been over two weeks Fola left for work and its been very boring without him. Akin is hardly ever at home and even when he is, he’s always in his room. Sometimes he has friends over and they go out.

I never knew Akin being in the house would be the the start of my problems. If someone had told me earlier, I’d have denied it.

It all happened one Friday night, Akin told me he’d be having friends over to chill and I’d be welcome to join them if I want to. I didn’t have plans so I instantly agreed.

I went to shower and do all the necessary things before they showed up. I made sure I looked my best, well I had to because I was the host (sort of). I made some food and ordered for some drinks, what’s a hangout without refreshments?

The guests arrived at 4 in the evening and I welcomed them. I made sure they were comfortable before I headed over to my room. I was more of an introvert and only went out if I had my friends with me. It was more reason why I was indoors at the moment. I had not laid down on the bed when I heard a knock on my door.

“Shade, are you in there? I need your help” Akin called out.

I opened the door and was looking so tense.

“Akin, I was just about to lie down. What do you want? I said.

“Shade, I’m sorry but I really need a favor right now.”

“My girlfriend is here and my Ex just decided to show up unexpectedly. Can you just help me keep her company or something please?”

“Akin, I don’t know what you want me me do. I just want to lie down and rest.” I said as I made an attempt to close the door.

He stopped me halfway still pleading.

“Look Shade, I really need your help. Sharon can’t see Amy here, She’d kill me. We already have so much going on. Please just help me out. I’d owe you one, I promise.”

He looked so tense and distraught, I just had to help him.

“Okay fine, I’d help you but just this once. You should learn how to keep your affairs in order.

We head out to where Amy (Akin’s Ex girlfriend) was and I must admit she was a sight to behold. She looked like the type of girl that had it going on well for her. She doesn’t only look good, she had a very nice car too.

Her eyes were deep blue and very sexy. She had a nice body structure too. Full boobs and a very perky ass. Her lips are to die for. Very full and succulent. I just stood there imagining a lot of things.

“Amy, this is Shade, my brother’s girlfriend. And Shade, this is Amy, we used to date.” He said as he introduced us.

We exchanged pleasantries and I led her towards the house.

“I know he told you to keep me company because his girlfriend is here or  am I wrong?” Amy said as we walked to the house.

I couldn’t deny because I didn’t want to come off as a bad person because she obviously knew the truth. I told her everything Akin told me and Amy just laughed.

I liked her laugh, It had this ring to it. I liked everything about Amy. I really don’t know why. It seemed like she was charming me with her personality.

We get to my room and she sat across from me, I was sitting on the bed. We talked about different things and laughed over the most stupid things.

She came close to me and was just staring at me. It felt like she was looking deep into my soul. I noticed she would want to come close to me but she’d change her mind.

I didn’t want to make the first move because I didn’t know what she was thinking. The room suddenly felt so tight, like there was no air in it anymore. I could already feel the tension growing between us.

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