Sexcapades: Episode 12 (Shade's POV)  1

I wake up in the morning to the smell of coffee; scrambled eggs, sausages and some slices of bread. You may begin to wonder if I slept in the kitchen but I woke up to them because Amy brought me breakfast in bed.

After setting the tray on the table and waking me up; she kissed my forehead and told me to gobble up. I was famished so I wolfed down my food; faster than I would normally.

Amy watched me eat and had a peculiar smile on her face while I was on the sausage.

After eating, she cleans up after me and takes the tray out, I leave the bed and find my things arranged on the chair, my bags were on the floor; I got my toothbrush out and headed towards the bathroom to brush my mouth, I was still naked.

After I finished, I went back into the room to find Amy naked and touching herself, she motioned for me to come closer and I immediately buried my head into her; I wanted to repay her for last night.

I kept going at her and her moans got my thighs dripping with juice; Amy orders me to get the strap-on which I did.

I thrusted into Amy and fucked her good; she was in so much ecstasy. After she climaxed which by the way was her 5th, I removed the strap-on and dropped it on the floor; then I cuddled Amy and we kissed each other.

We were basking in the euphoria when Akin’s call came in, I didn’t pick the call and I found out it was some minutes past 10; I told Amy I was going to go have my bathe and she asked if I could spend the day with her.

It was a weekend and I didn’t have anything important to do, so I told her yes then proceeded to the bathroom.

After having my bathe I discovered I didn’t have clothes to wear, I couldn’t wear my gown or my suit in the morning.

I told Amy about this and she went to her wardrobe; she got me a pair of white joggers which fit me perfectly and a t-shirt.

While I was putting the clothes on; she went to wash up and I went to her living room. I powered on the tv and flipped channels till I found a programme that was fun.

She joined me when she was done and we talked about work, fashion, music and more random things.

We went out around 2pm to get a box of pizza, some drinks and groceries; shopping was fun with Amy as we shared ideas and we agreed on most things.
After we got back home; we ate, relaxed and returned to watching the tv; I suddenly remember i had a phone and I went back to the room to pick it up from the dresser.

I had missed some calls majorly from Akin and Fola who I forgot to call; i also had some text messages from Akin.

I ignored everything as I didn’t want anything to ruin my day, I returned to the living room to be with Amy.

I joined her on the same settee and I laid my head on her laps; she was playing with my hair when we heard the knock.

Amy replied for whoever the person was to come inside, and in walks Akin.

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