Sexcapades: Episode 11 (Shade's POV)  1

Hey Guys, we’ve almost gotten to the final episodes of Sexcapades. I really hope you enjoyed it. I’m currently working on other categories I know you would like. Please do tell me how this series has been so far. 

At the close of the day; I was in my office thinking; “how would tonight go”, I was engrossed in my thoughts when Amy’s text brought me back to life; “See you by 8; and don’t eat!” 

The text got me hot and bothered and I wondered what she could have in store for me; I decide to go find out. 

I left the office with my two bags; then I head over to the ladies; where I donned on my gown and heels and applied a little makeup. I was looking like a fresh lamb waiting to be slaughtered; satisfied with my look; I left the ladies and head out of the building. 

The security guard is bewildered by my look and I smile at him telling him I had an outing; poor guy; he probably was gon have a boner I thought to myself. 

I head over to my car; take a deep breath and ignite the engine. I didn’t want to be late but then Lagos’s traffic can best describe hell; after an hour of navigating through the traffic; I finally turned my car towards Amy’s street. 

I located the house and I honked at the gate; the gates swung open and I drove in. For a woman; the house was quite majestic and I thought, why would Akin leave this kind of a lady!! Well, his loss is my gain. 

I alight from the car and wave to the gatekeeper who waved back. Then I headed towards the door; I was about using the bell when the door opened and damn Amy was beautiful! 

Here I am in a gown and makeup trying to look like a Kardashian but she looked so elegant in her white tank top which obviously had no bras beneath as I could see her nipples and a grey pants.

She motioned me in and kissed me full In the mouth as soon as I was in. 

After the kiss ended; she took me over to the dining table which had been set; we had a little dinner over which we made small talks and all through; Amy’s leg was up in between my thighs rubbing her toes along my slit. 

I was so wet and couldn’t take it any more; I blurted out ‘I need you now’ she smiled. 
She led me over to her bedroom; I was blinded with lust and couldn’t take in the surroundings but I knew her room was grand. 

Once inside; she pinned me against the door; lifted my gown up; pulled down my thong and ate me up so good I climaxed screaming her name; she helped with my heels and also helped me to the bed as I was weak.

She undressed me completely then she kissed me. She told me this night she was going to take; there would be no touching her; I got wet at the idea and I whimpered like the slut I was starting to become.

She pulled out a strap on and I watched her lick it; she then kissed me and buried her head into my breasts, taking each nipples into her mouth and loving them; then she wore the strap-on. 

I climaxed as soon as she thrusted into me. She fucked so fast and hard I came two other times; she must have had an orgasm or two during the whole thing too but I wasn’t concerned; I was just so worn out. 

She kissed me after giving me the best fuck of my life and told me it would be her turn when I woke up. 

She cuddled me and we both slept off.