Sexcapades: Episode 10 (Shade's POV)  1

I was in the kitchen when Akin walked in; I heard him greet me but it would be a lie to say I was subconscious and didn’t notice him. 
No. I was mad at him. 

You would ask me why; I really dunno myself. I’m just jealous; I can’t get the moans of Sharon out of my head or the picture of how wanton she looked while riding Akin’s pole. 

I just wanted Fola back home ASAP but he was so lame in bed and Amy hasn’t been available in a while, My juices get flowing at every thought of her. 

So I leave the kitchen for my room as soon as Akin walks in; he was bewildered at my action and attitude but I paid no attention. 

I was done being kind; his highly active sex life was making me into a whore of my thoughts, I call Amy as soon as I get into my room and the angels shouted “hallelujah” in my head. 

‘Hey babe’, she replied me with ‘Hey lover’ which just got my juices flowing again; she apologized for not being available and made up an excuse or so I thought. 

She finally asked to meet by nightfall and said she would text me her address after the call. 

We spoke a bit more; and I was in high spirits after the call. 

I heard the door getting opened and I moved towards the window; Sharon was finally leaving, they kissed for some minutes before she finally got into the ride brought for her; upon Akins return; our eyes connected and I hid. 

He must think something is up but that’s none of my business, I owe him no explanation.

 I go to the bathroom to have my bath; thoughts of tonight’s show down was getting me moist; but I wanted Amy to taste my first orgasm, so I held myself back, washed myself and dried off. 

I wore my pant suits and got my documents into my bag; I also packed a sexy mini gown along with other things into my other bag, I always like to be prepared. 

As I was about leaving; Akin was in the living room catching up on some sports show; when he noticed me, he signified for me to stop as he was drinking a cup of whatever it was he was drinking. 

I stopped and he came towards me asking if I was alright, I told him I just wasn’t feeling too well.

 He then said we needed to talk; 

“Akin, I’m late for work already; can’t it wait for later?” I replied  

He mumbled an apology and said okay. I went towards my car; got it started and I thought, Today is gon be a really long day.