Sexcapades 2: Episode 7 1

In walked the head teacher, closely followed by the new teacher; the whole class quickly comported itself.

After the brief speech by the head teacher, the new teacher was introduced. And it turned out to be Femi, the revelation was stunning and I could only gape at him alongside Bisola.

He was shocked when he saw us and I guessed he didn’t want anyone to know that he was taking a teaching job while he should be studying for the coming exams, he introduced himself to the class and the head teacher announced he would be teaching Mathematics; this resulted in a lot of hollering as the previous teacher was detested by all and sundry.

After the tutorials, Bisola and I went home; I was troubled but I hid it from her, after saying our goodbyes at the junction to her house, I called Femi and asked where he was and he told me he was on his way home.

I told him I needed to see him and he agreed to stop over at my house, I continued my journey home, where I waited for Femi’s arrival.

I was about eating, when I head a knock on the door. I rushed to open it and ushered Femi in; I led him to the dining room where I had my food waiting; I asked him to join me; an offer which he declined.

Then I asked him what was going on and he replied nothing. I asked him again and he gave the same answer.

“Then why are you teaching? You’re ‘posed to be studying like the rest of us. I know you’re brilliant but I don’t think this is the time to try and prove it, stop being arrogant!”

My rant must have gotten to him as he stood up, without saying anything; grabbed his bag and was about leaving when I shouted at him, demanding an answer.

I never expected the answer I got, he looked back at me and I could tell he was mad, then he shouted “it isn’t you whose father decided he had no money to purchase the form, is it? It isn’t you whose mother is critically ill, is it? Just leave me alone” and he stormed out, leaving me shocked.

By the time I recovered from the bomb he dropped on me; I ran outside, trying to get a hold of him but to no avail, he was long gone.

I went back to the house and picked up my food, but I had lost my appetite; I picked up my phone and tried calling Femi, his number was switched off.

As I was heading to my room, I suddenly remembered the conversation I overheard last time I was at his house; and at that point, I knew I had messed up.

I called Bisola informing her about what happened and about the conversation I overheard.

After a while she said to me what I already knew; “Tiana, you fucked up o, you’ve got to apologize to him”.

I asked her advice on what to do and she told me to go see him at home. After hanging up, I ran to my room to grab my purse and I set off towards Femi’s house.

Upon my arrival, I met his absence and I still couldn’t reach him on the phone. I went back home dejected and cried myself to sleep.

My mom’s arrival woke me up and I went out to meet her; we made small talk for a while and I asked her how her day went, she launched into an explanation and ended it with going to check up on Femi’s mom at the hospital.

Then it dawned on me, that must have been where Femi was; I asked about her health and asked if she saw Femi. She replied affirmatively and said she even dropped him off at their house on her way home. We ended our discussion and turned in for the night. I tried calling Femi again, this time his number went through but he wouldn’t pick up. I went to bed feeling worse than I was in the afternoon.

Three days after the incident, Femi never called back or replied any of my texts and he very much avoided me at the tutorial.

I decided to take the game to him and I visited the hospital where his mom was admitted one evening, after getting the necessary information from my mom.

The security personnel allowed me into her ward after I greased his palm anyways. I told the nurses on duty who I came to see and they told me it wasn’t time for visiting yet and requested I went out.

I pleaded for my cause to no avail. I was leaving when Femi’s mom called my name and asked the nurse to allow me an audience.

We were talking when Femi came in, my presence must have angered him as he stopped smiling and greeted me coldly; I replied warmly as I was seeking forgiveness.

I watched as he cared for his mom and tears came to my eyes. We were sent out as the nurses wanted to change shifts.

When we got out, Femi was walking away and I ran to meet him. I stopped him in his tracks and begged him to look at me, when he finally did; I apologized and he said it was okay, then he smiled when I told him I would take care of him in the absence of his mom. I kissed his cheek and left for home.

The next day, I wore a gown and no panties to the tutorial; I wanted to give Femi a little show.

I sat at the front seat together with Bisola and when Femi walked in, I winked at him.

I spread my thighs beneath the table, which gave Femi a view of my pussy every-time he looked in my direction, which he did a lot. I noticed him trying to hide the bulge in his pants as he made his way out of the classroom.

After lessons ended for the day, I told Bisola I would be staying back as I had business to take care of; she smiled and left.

Waiting for the whole environment to clear out was killing, and I wasn’t even sure if Femi had left yet; I knew he was always the last to leave but I never informed him about today.

After checking around to confirm If I was the only student around, I made my way to the teachers’ room and knocked.

I held my breath while waiting for an answer, then I heard Femi’s rich voice asking whoever it was to come in.

I entered the room and locked it, Femi rose up from his chair and said “baby, not here”.

But I wasn’t having it; been a while I had his cock in me and I was getting it right this moment. As he approached me, I pushed him back towards his table till he sat on it; then I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers. I smiled when his erection smacked my face.

I grabbed his cock and paid homage to it with my mouth, I twirled my tongue around his engorged cap and he moaned. He put his hand behind my head and fucked my mouth, it was like the floodgates of my pussy were open; I was fucking wet.

I stood up and asked him to help with my zip, instead his hand found its way to my cunt and parted my pussy lips, he guided his cock into me and slammed in.

His thrusts were forceful and I stabled myself by grabbing on to the table, he pulled down the zipper of my gown amidst thrusting, then he pulled out of my cunt and slapped my ass cheeks.

He helped me take my gown off and he sucked on my nipples. I laid on the table as he filled my gaping hole again, making me moan. He fucked me with deep, hard thrusts; never slowing down.

I lost track of my orgasms already and when he pulled his cock out of me and knelt down to eat my cunt, I orgasmed again. He rose up and stuffed his cock back into my cunt, thrusting slowly. He quickened his pace; his balls were slapping against me and each thrust spilled my juices around our thighs and on his table.

I felt his cock stiffen and he pulled out of me and erupted on my stomach. I rubbed his cum over my stomach, he kissed me and when he broke the kiss, I put my finger into my mouth and sucked them clean.

We both dressed up and cleaned up the mess we made as best as we could, then left.

Everything seems fine now; I don’t know what the future holds for us and how long we’d last.

Well, this is how our story ends; we have to focus on passing our jamb exam.