After the party, the three of us took the same ride home and we made small talk all the way.

As Bisola alighted at her place, she kissed Femi which got me jealous for reasons I couldn’t explain.

We got to my place and Femi paid the driver off. I was hoping he would come in with me and he did.

He made himself at home in the living room then he shocked me with the question he asked.

“How long is this going to go on?” he asked.

I looked at him and couldn’t give an answer.

He sighed, stood up and walked over to where I was seated, gave me a kiss on the fore head and said goodnight.

As he was departing, I called his name and he stopped, then I approached him and said “Not for long”, he nodded his head and left.

Later on, I pondered on Femi’s question and I decided to let Bisola in on it.

Her reply got my mood up as she said she planned to put a stop to it soon.

I sent her an emoji of me smiling and I turned off my cellular data and went to bed.

The next couple weeks were filled with a lot of activities and I had not seen Femi since the night he left my house.

We were trying to register for the Jamb and after a week of visiting the cyber cafe, Bisola and I were finally done.

We were given our slips and told we needed to reprint at a latter date.

Our parents advised we attended a lesson/tutorial center in preparation ahead of the exam, which we did.

I hadn’t heard from Femi in like a week, so I decided to visit him at home one night, as I helped myself into the house, I could hear high pitched voices which stopped me in my tracks.

I could make out Femi’s voice, then I heard the other voice say, “Go get a job, I don’t have money to obtain any form right now”. I heard someone coming towards the door and I ran to a shed and hid.

I saw Femi come out and he approached the shed, after looking around to ensure he was alone, he brought out a pack of cigarettes and was about lighting one when I whispered his name. He panicked and tried frantically to hide his sin.

I approached him and recognition dawned on his face, then he asked what I was doing here.

I replied, I came to see him. He grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the house which was secluded and he kissed me fiercely.

I told myself I was in for it as I sensed he would be pouring out his anger on me when he finally claims me. I had worn a free gown with shorts as my underwear when I was coming; I never planned on getting fucked.

He broke the kiss and pulled down his shorts, I reached for his cock and realized he was already erect, quick movement to his tip and I knew he was leaking precum; his cock felt bigger this night and for the first time, I had doubts about him fucking me.

Before I could call it off, his hands were under my gown, shimmying my shorts off; he slid three fingers into me and I screamed. He was going really hard and I orgasmed around his fingers, he removed his fingers and inserted them in my mouth making me taste my juices.

After pulling my gown up and having me brace my hands against the wall, Femi slammed his cock into me; he hit my cervix eliciting a scream from me and he put his hand over my mouth as he fucked me like a slut.

He kept pounding into my snatch, never once pulling out or slowing down; I had four more orgasms around his cock and my knees were on the verge of giving way when he slammed in and stayed that way, gripping my ass tightly with his two hands and pumping me full of cum.

He grunted and finally pulled out, and I could feel my cunt was on fire, I pulled my shorts back up and wobbled over to sit on a block; I was tired and spent.

After some minutes, I told him I was going home and he decided to see me off; he went back when he saw I had made it into the gate of my house.

I was itching to ask him about the noise at his house earlier but I didn’t want to anger him, so I decided I would do it another day.

I missed tutorials the next day as I was sore. Bisola came over after the tutorials and I told her what happened; she had a good time laughing at me then she kissed me.

I tried to protest, telling her I was sore but she wouldn’t have it. She kissed my neck and trailed kisses downwards, but I had my nightgown and I helped her remove it.

She took a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it, then she took the other nipple into her mouth. She trailed kisses till she got to my cunt and when she stabbed her tongue at my clit, I grabbed her hair and moaned loudly.

She slid a slender finger into my coochie and I was writhing in ecstasy, she kissed my inner thighs which turned me into mush.

She stood up to undress, when we heard a car honk, I told her it was my mom and I smiled saying “saved by the bell or in this case” ‘”saved by the honk”.

She laughed and we dressed up, then went to welcome my mom home.

Two days later, while at the tutorials; a new teacher was going to be introduced.

Rumors had it that he was pretty young and Good looking too.

After the English class, the new teacher was brought in.

Guess who?

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