Sexcapades 2: Episode 5 (The Club) 1

When I woke up, I found Bisola sucking on Femi’s cock and the sight was glorious.

Femi had his hands behind his head as he watched Bisola in action. I leaned over and kissed him then I squatted right over his face, giving him access to my cunt.

He prodded me with his tongue, soliciting moans from me; after some minutes, I orgasmed.

He kept on eating me out and I saw Bisola get on his cocktail. She took some time to get accustomed and as soon as she was, she started riding; making her huge breasts bounce.

Her eyes were screwed shut and she kept moaning and grunting, she rode for a while and stood up; motioning for me to come join her. We both took turns sucking on Femi’s cock.

I mounted his cock as Bisola approached him and straddled his face. After some time, Femi signaled he was about to bust his nut and we both got off him and knelt down in anticipation of his jazz.

He stood up from the bed and came on our faces; he watched Bisola and I lick each other’s face clean, swap his cum, and then finally swallowing.

While we were engrossed in our acts, Femi got ready and grabbed the parcel from my wardrobe. He announced his departure and we both smiled and waved at him.

I looked at Bisola’s body but was too tired to initiate anything, we retreated back to the bed and I asked Bisola how it went.

She squealed with delight exclaiming how thick he was and how she thought she would die.

“This is what you’ve been having? you really are trying.” she said which got me smiling.

I told her I would like to change the sheets and we both stood up; I grabbed fresh sheets from a drawer as she strew the soiled sheets on the floor.

I gathered them up and put them in my laundry basket and we headed into the bathroom.

We washed each other clean and dried up then got dressed and headed to the kitchen to whip up something, I was famished and so was Bisola. We ended up making some noodles, which we devoured.

Bisola checked the time and exclaimed: ‘Oh Shit’, it was some minutes after 4 and she had an errand to run for her mom.

She ran to get her bag and I saw her off then returned home to sleep.

It was pretty late when I woke up, checking my phone; I discovered I had missed some calls from Bisola and my mom. I called my mom back and she told me not to stay up for she would be back in the morning then I called Bisola who didn’t pick up.

I opened my WhatsApp and replied Femi’s messages then Bisola’s. I stayed up for a while before sleep finally beckoned.

Fast forward a few days to a blessed Saturday; a friend of ours, an ex-classmate was throwing a birthday party at a club. I was attending and so was Bisola, Femi wasn’t sure as he wasn’t one for parties.

I wore a short black sequin gown with pumps and a thong served as my only underwear; Bisola wore something similar but hers was a color red.

The particular guy I was dancing with; more like grinding his cock, was feeling me up but I didn’t mind as I was a bit drunk.

I noticed someone watching me and I realized it was Femi. I stopped dancing almost immediately and beat the guy’s hands off me, while pulling down my gown which had ridden up.

I glanced around and Femi was nowhere to be found. I searched for him and I found him outside; he was about to get on a bike when I shouted his name.

I ran to meet him and told the okada rider to leave. Then I dragged Femi back into the compound and he followed reluctantly.

I headed for the rest room and entered the men’s room, it was empty at that moment and I proceeded to the last stall; thankfully it was clean.

I hugged him and wanted to kiss him but he rebuffed my approach and I could sense he was mad and I apologized; telling him how sorry I was which an It’s fine.

Then he made to leave the stall and I pulled him back and planted a kiss on his mouth, he pushed me away and turned me around.

He hiked my gown up and asked me to brace myself; I held the top of the WC and I felt him slam home.

He fucked my cunt like a mad man, thrusting forward forcefully and twice, I hit my head against the ceramic.

He pulled out just once and I squatted to suck his cock. He fucked my mouth with such anger, I choked several times. He told me to get up after pulling out and I returned to my previous position; he entered in one thrust and after some time I orgasmed.

He fucked me through my orgasm and slapped my ass really hard when he could, not long after my orgasm, I felt him tense up and he released his precious cum into me; pumping me full.

He pulled out and I immediately squatted to clean up the mess; his cum was leaking out of me.

After cleaning him up, I adjusted my panties and my gown then I left him in the stall telling him to wait for me.

As soon as I was out of the men’s room, I sprinted to the club in search of Bisola and I found her sitting down with some of our friends.

When she saw me, she started to ask questions but I shushed her up and whispered into her ear. She got up to leave and I took her place and watched her sexy ass depart.

Bisola’s View

As I headed for the men’s room, I was half thrilled and scared.

That I might get to have Femi’s cock thrilled me; getting caught was what scared me.

I peeked into the men’s room and found it empty and then I proceeded to the last stall and I knocked.

The answer came in the form of ‘who’s there?’ And recognizing Femi’s voice I told him it was me, he opened the door and dragged me in; then recognition dawned on his face when he realized I wasn’t ‘Tiana.

He looked at me and smiled and I smiled sheepishly back at him; then he kissed me slowly.

He was touching me softly, treating me like an egg and I broke the kiss telling him I wanted him to fuck me like a whore.

He grinned and told me to get on my knees, I complied and he brought out his cock which was semi erect; I sucked on him bringing him to his full length.

I twirled my tongue around the cap of his cock making him moan and he suddenly braced my head between his hands and fucked my mouth.

The force at which he fucked my mouth caused me to orgasm and I soaked my panties.

He helped me up then pulled up the hem of my gown till it was at my waist and pulled down my panties and left them between my legs. He turned me around and intruded my cunt in one thrust.

As he slid in, I moaned out loud and he covered my mouth with his palm while picking up pace and ruining my hole with his cock.

He never pulled out of my pussy; he kept thrusting in, using my hole like a whore and the pleasure brought tears to my eyes.

My body was rocked with waves of orgasm after orgasm. And when he finally pulled out of pussy, I cried.

He asked me to kneel and I swallowed his cock then he buckled and erupted into my mouth. I made sure not to spill too much and after his dick stopped spasming, I swallowed and stroked whatever little cum was left in his cock into my mouth.

He staggered back and rested against the door, he was spent and tired.

I adjusted my clothes and kissed his forehead then I left him to clean up. What would happen now?

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