Sexcapades 2: Episode 4 1

I woke up moaning, Bisola’s head was buried in between my thighs and her tongue was up in my snatch.

I gripped her hair tightly as my orgasm washed through me, she came up smiling and my juices were coated around her mouth; I rose up to kiss her and also taste my juices.

The gates being opened jolted us out of our euphoria. Bisola peeked from her window and told me her mom was back.

We panicked and put on our clothes while also spraying some perfume around the room to kill the scent of sex.

We both left the room to welcome her mom home; after she was settled in, we retreated back into the room and Bisola dropped the bomb; “I want to fuck Femi too”.

Thinking she was joking, I laughed it off but at a second glance at her face, I realized she was serious.

I thought to myself; this is going to be hard, I want Femi for myself but Bisola was my best friend.

I sighed and told her okay, the look of glee on her face was priceless.

My mom’s call came in; she wanted to ask if I was still at Bisola’s as she was almost there so she could pick me up.

I told her yes and I soon heard the familiar sound of her car honk; I grabbed my bag, giving Bisola a quick kiss and I told her to be at my house early tomorrow morning so we could work something out.

When we got home, I went straight up to my room to take a bath. Then I came back to the dining table, had dinner (amala with egusi and meat) and after dinner I went back to my room.

I was scheming on how to get Femi to agree in fucking Bisola and also how to get him to come visit me, the few times he had been here, he was with his mom.

I texted him; asking him how he was and about his day, he replied almost immediately.

As I was about to ask him to come see me, he told me he would be coming to my house tomorrow as his mom gave him a parcel to deliver to mine.

I was delighted and texted Bisola almost immediately telling her about the news and instructing her to be here by 10.

He added he would call me to ask if my mom was in as he would like to give the parcel to her directly as instructed by his mom.

I told him not to worry; I would. We said our byes for the night and I went to bed.

I woke up feeling incredibly horny; I wanted to touch myself but my mom’s voice shouting my name deterred me.

I glanced at my phone to check the time, it was some minutes after 9. I rushed out of my room to meet my mom, she was dressed and set to go out.

She gave me some money, two thousand naira precisely and told me she would be back in the night.

When she left, I went back to my room and texted Bisola; I told her to start coming.

I looked around my wardrobe thinking of what to wear; I was contemplating on a gown when Bisola burst into my room.

She headed towards me and was about to kiss me when she pulled back and said my morning breath was killing, then she laughed and kissed me.

When she broke the kiss; her eyes were glazed and I could see the desire.

I told her about the plan; when Femi calls, I’d tell him my mom was home and that he should come soon as she was going out.

She would stay in the guest room till she heard me shout yes.

Our plan seemed perfect and Femi’s call came in 25 minutes to 11. As he hung up I told Bisola he was coming.

I headed into the bathroom to have my bath. After my bath, I dressed up. I wore a gown and Bisola changed into a gown too; we both didn’t wear no undergarments as we didn’t want any hinderance.

As I heard the knock on the front door, I knew he was around.

Bisola proceeded to the guest room and I went on to open the door.

As I did, I took a moment to check Femi out. He wore black jeans and a black tshirt that fit snugly; he also had some classic flip flops on.

I hugged him and ushered him in. He had a small bag in his hand, no doubt, the parcel meant for my mom.

I told him to follow me; he must have thought I was leading him to my mom’s room, the poor boy.

As I was about to enter my room, I knocked and opened the door, he followed me in and was about to greet when he realized the room was empty.

I grabbed the parcel from his hand and put it in my wardrobe, he asked where my mom was and what was going on.

I moved towards him and kissed him, grabbing his butt as I did so; I half expected him to resist but he grabbed my ass and deepened the kiss.

I went on my knees after I broke the kiss and unzipped his fly, he was free-balling which worked for me; I pulled out his monster cock and engulfed it.

I was trying to get more than a quarter of him in without choking, after several attempts I could finally get more than a quarter.

His cock was coated with my saliva and his precum, I pulled off my gown as I stood up. I led him to the bed and laid on it and spread my thighs, as he breached my entrance with his cock.

I wanted to scream but I wanted to enjoy his cock before Bisola came in, so I muffled my moans as he was thrusting slowly.

As he was about to go harder and faster, he put a pillow under my ass and he started pounding hard and fast; I couldn’t take it anymore and I screamed YES.

I noticed Bisola come in as my head was angled towards the door; she coughed to announce her arrival and Femi literally sprung up.

As he stood up to face Bisola; his cock was erect, dripping my juices; he was somewhat shy and scared.

He was trying to talk when Bisola hushed him up; I laid back on the bed watching the drama unfold and I noticed Femi looking to me for help but I loved seeing him squirm; it was a rare thing.

Bisola approached him and got on her knees in front of his cock and sucked on the tip slowly, this got Femi moaning.

He grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth; I could see Bisola’s hands holding his thighs as the force was rocking her; I slid two fingers into my pussy, fucking myself as I watched.

Femi pulled out and looked towards me; and I nodded my head.

He helped Bisola up and removed her gown attacking her breasts and nipples while bisola held on tightly.

He pushed her towards the bed and took her from the back. He slid in, in one motion causing Bisola to scream and he kept pounding at her cunt with his cock.

She squirted a lot and got tired after all her orgasms, Femi pulled out and Bisola laid on the bed sated and Femi came towards me.

He spread my thighs and gave me some long licks then he hit his cock on my pussy and slid in; he went hard and fast and the look on his face got me scared.

He ravaged my cunt and I orgasmed 6 fucking times with loads of other mini orgasms; when he was about to cum, he brought his cock towards my face and let it all out, it was a lot of cum. It splattered all over my face, the sheets and the pillow.

I rubbed it over my face and licked my hands. I told him to go lock the door as we didn’t want another intruder; which he did.

I tapped Bisola to adjust which she did, and the three of us fell asleep. What comes next?

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