Sexcapades 2: Episode 3 3

As I returned to Bisola’s house, my mind was on who was peeping behind the door. 

I made my way into Bisola’s room and heard the shower running; I shouted her name to announce my arrival then I noticed her clothes strewn around on the floor with panties included; I wondered what could be wrong. 

I laid on the bed thinking of the mystery person and Femi then I fell asleep. 

I woke up shortly after and I could still hear the shower running, I shouted her name again and got no answer. 

As I was getting out of bed, my foot landed on something really wet. I wondered where the water was from and I looked down. 

I discovered it wasn’t water, I had actually stepped into Bisola’s panties; this troubled me, so I got up and tried the door to the bathroom. 

I was surprised to find the door opening as I turned the handle (I actually thought it would be locked), what I saw shocked and pleased me. 

Bisola was against the wall, she had three fingers in her cunt, all knuckle deep, her eyes were closed and she was moaning, oblivious to her surroundings. 

The sight made me feel all tingly and I turned off the shower and called her name, her eyes flew wide open and they were darkened with sexual desire. 

The sight of me must have triggered her orgasm as she gripped the shower head while riding the waves of her orgasm. 

After her orgasm, she turned the shower on and motioned for me to come join her, I just laughed and left the bathroom. 
As I went back into the bedroom, I became troubled, what exactly was going on? I contemplated sniffing her panties but then what if she caught me? 

I laid back on the bed, trying to piece together the events of the day. I was lost in thoughts and I didn’t notice Bisola come in. She tapped me and I jolted out of my trance, she was wrapped in her towel and had this quirky smile on her face. 

I laughed and asked her what got her so horny, she just smiled and said she watched some sexual scenes which got her hot and bothered. 

I asked her to show me grabbing her pc, thinking the porn or movie was on it; I asked her for the title and she burst out laughing, saying the scenes were imprinted in her memory. 

I became worried as we usually don’t keep things from each other then I noticed she was grinning. Then it occurred to me; and I blurted out: It was you!!!
She started laughing and nodded affirmative; I joined her in laughing too. 

After we both calmed down, I asked her to explain how it happened then she started with how she got bored minutes after I left and she was wondering what was happening in the church. So she dressed up and made her way to the church. 

She said she heard my moans as soon as she entered into the church so she traced the sounds and after discovering the location, she watched to her heart’s content. 

When she ended her story, I burst out laughing and asked why she left then she said she didn’t want to be seen. She also added that Femi had a huge cock and I laughed again. 

She looked at me with a coy smile and licked her lips. I smiled back and she kissed me; I was shocked but I kissed her back. She loosened her towel and stood there in all her naked glory. She looked really yummy and I was tempted but my Cunt was sore. 

As sore as I was, I felt my juices running and I pulled off the gown; standing up to meet her. 

I moved closer and kissed her. While kissing, she deftly unclasped my bra allowing my jugs to be free. 

She kept walking towards me, making me move back towards the bed; I laid down on the bed and she pulled off my skirts.

I suddenly remembered I hadn’t cleaned up and I told her. She stood up as she was already straddling me and she led me to the bathroom. We got together under the shower and she lathered me up washing my body clean of my earlier sins. 

As we were about leaving the bathroom, I noticed the sway and swag in her ass and I got hornier than I already was. 

Once we were out, I grabbed her shoulder and when she turned to face me; I kissed her forcefully, grabbing her ass as I did. I pushed her till she was on the bed and I attacked her tits; sucking on her nipples and biting them.

She moaned and grabbed my hair trying to have a feel of my tits but I wouldn’t allow her. After making my mark on her tits, I explored lower; kissing her navel and using my fingers to invade her cunt. 

I then visited her holy place with my tongue alternating between fast and slow licks. I inserted two fingers, going in slowly; she was so wet, her thighs were matted with her pussy juices. 

I pulled my fingers out, wanting to fuck her with something thicker. I stood up and looked around and BAM; I hit the jackpot. 

I found a hairbrush, with a round handle; the handle was smooth and big enough to pass as a cock. 

I picked a condom from her drawer and donned it on the handle of the brush then I placed it at her entrance, pushing it in slowly; she moaned as I inched more of the handle into her.

 I started fucking her slowly with the handle while rubbing my clit with my other hand, I picked up pace and after some time; she gripped the bedsheets tightly as she squirted all over the place. 

I pulled out and licked the wet condom; then I dropped it and started licking her clean; tasting her juices. 

When I was done, I laid down beside her; she had a dreamy look on her face signifying she was sated. 

I stood up and locked the door, then I returned to bed to lay beside her as we both fell asleep.

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