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As I made my way back home, I felt happy; I finally got to have sex with him and it was glorious. 

As I approached our house, I made certain adjustments to my appearance so as not to raise any red flags. 

I went straight up to my room when I got home and stripped, then I proceeded into the bathroom to wash up. My pussy was sore but I just didn’t care. I dried off my body while I was done and I was thinking of Femi when my phone rang; it was my best friend, Bisola. 

I picked up the phone and all she said was give me the deets. I proceeded to tell her about everything that happened and at a point I called her back because her airtime got exhausted. 

As I got ready for bed later on, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t have Femi’s number; I picked up my phone and asked some of our old classmates. 

I got lucky and someone sent his number to me. I waited till I was in bed before texting him; I sent him a message reading ‘Hey sexy’, he replied about 4 minutes later with ‘Hiya, sorry who am I on to?’. 

I told him it was me and we got past the awkward phase immediately; told him I enjoyed what we did today and he said he loved it too. 

I asked if he wanted to do it again and the reply I got was ‘Are you sure?’, I was about to reply when someone knocked the door to my room. 

I threw my phone under the pillow and feigned sleep then I heard my mom’s voice telling me to open up. I stood up from my bed and opened the door. 

In came my mom with some clothes; she needed my advice. I spent some time with her and when she finally left, I ran back to my phone but Femi was off. I texted for some time before I finally slept. 
The next day; Femi texted me and apologized for going off, I told him it was okay and we got talking about various things we didn’t know about each other. 

I asked when I could see him again and he said he wasn’t sure but probably on Thursday when he got back from choir practice. I told him it was okay and we decided to talk to each other later. 

I began to devise a plan ahead of Thursday. 

Thursday was here here finally, I told my mom I’d be spending most of the day at Bisola’s house; which was two buildings away from our church and my choice venue for getting fucked. I packed a mini skirt extra underwear into my bag and I made my way over to her bisola’s house. 
We talked and gossiped then I told her about my plan; she was wowed and decided to lend a helping hand. 

I wore a t-shirt and jeans while leaving home and I asked her if she had a long gown Which she answered yes to. 

The choir practice starts by 4 and by 4:10 I texted Femi asking of his whereabouts. He replied he was in church and I asked who else was there with him and he said he was the only one at the moment. 

At about 4:27; he texted me saying he would be leaving soon as the choir master called off the practice as he was indisposed. I asked if he was alone and he told me the two other people with him just left. He added that he wanted to play the keyboard and would text me later. 

The news gladdened my hear and I could feel myself getting moist, I took off my clothes and dashed into the bathroom to take a shower. 

After drying off, I wore the extra panties which was a black lacy one. It always made me feel sexy lol. 

I put on my bra and then I donned on bisola’s gown; when I was satisfied with my appearance, I got going and sauntered off towards the church. 

As I approached the entrance, I could hear soft music signifying someone was in. I went in and approached the altar cautiously, I saw Femi; his eyes were closed, I guessed he was deep into the song. 

I went towards him and put my hand on his face. He was obviously shocked to see me and faltered the keys for the rest of the song. 

He stood up and before he could say anything, I put my finger on his lips signifying for him to be quiet and led him towards the choristers room where they kept their robes and also the venue for certain meetings. 

As we made our way into the room, I removed the gown and boy was he pleased with what he saw underneath. 

He kissed me then broke the kiss and tried to lock the door as I only closed it but I didn’t let him; his kiss had set me off. 

I became quite aggressive as I stopped him mid track by grabbing his belt. He turned around and I went to my knees unzipping his fly and taking that monster into my mouth. 

Having that monster in my mouth really got my juices flowing as I sucked until it was fully erect; his hand was bunched up in my hair and when his dick was erect, he proceeded to fuck my mouth with so much force. I choked at times; coating his dick with saliva and when he finally pulled out, I took in deep breaths. 
He unclasped my bra and grabbed at my titties then he pulled at my nipples until they became hard. He asked me to hold them and he put his cock in between my tits and Damn! The heat from his cock and the sensation caused by his cock between my two soft mounds had me leaking my juices. 

He fucked my tits for some minutes then pulled out; he helped me up then he pulled down my skirt and panties at the same time and left them bunched around my legs. 

He slid a finger into me and fucked me hard and fast with his finger while simultaneously rubbing my clit; he added a second finger and I moaned louder than I was. 

He removed his fingers and I was shocked when he licked them clean. We went towards the table and I sat on it; he adjusted my ass a little and brought his cock towards my entrance. 

I helped him invade me; and that monster cock of his stretched me out.  Then he fucked me slowly and picked up the pace later on. 

He fucked like an animal; beating up my pussy and at a point I stopped moaning; I started whimpering from the pleasure and I would at times scream when he went all in or when he hit my cervix. 

I climaxed two times and when he pulled out, I returned to my knees to suck on him and taste my juices. 

He obviously didn’t want that because as soon as I covered his dick with my mouth he removed it again and asked me to go on all fours. 

Then he entered me again and I climaxed which made me really weak; he kept pounding away and I knew I had to make him cum soon.

He pulled out and laid on the carpet motioning for me to ride his dick; this position made me opposite the door. 

While I was trying to get accustomed to the new position and size, he started going hard on my cunt; I changed the pace and bounced slowly on his cock while he was playing with my clip. 

When my orgasm came, it was like a flood and all I could do was sit on his cock; when the throes of orgasm had gone down a bit and I noticed that the door was cracked open a bit I saw someone. 

I wasn’t sure who the person was and before I could start thinking about it, Femi thrusted four more times and spanked my ass to get up; I got off him and  took his dick in my mouth, where he spilled his seed and I swallowed it all. 

We got dressed and I was still bothered about the mystery person I noticed earlier; I didn’t tell Femi about it and we kissed before leaving the church. 

He made his way home and I headed towards Bisola’s house. 

Who was behind the door??? What happens next?? You have to wait to find out.