Sexcapades 2 : Episode 1  1

This is some really nasty stuff and I hope you like it. 

My name is Christiana and I’m a good girl, like any other girl. Except when I’m around this particular boy, Femi. He doesn’t know it but he makes me warm in the most intimate places.

We attend the same church and he is the ultimate good-bad boy. I had heard a lot about his sexual prowess and even though I wasn’t new to sex, the stories made it seem like he was some kind of god. 

Our first meeting was back in our secondary school when he would take us in some certain subjects. 

He always had a smile on his face but everyone knew he had issues with his family; he was calm and gentle. When I discovered we attended the same church, a part of me got happy that we would be closer. But he still wouldn’t glance at me other than to say hello, which got me irritated most times. 

During our finals, I overheard his girlfriend talking about how thick his cock was; how he filled her up and stretched her out. I got horny and jealous; I went on to the ladies and touched myself till I orgasmed having my head filled with thoughts of him stretching me out. 

Three months after our final exams, we saw every Sunday in church and he still wouldn’t take the hint. 

He has caught me staring at him on so many occasions and he would just smile. 

The best news of my life came one Saturday, when I got the gist that he ended things with his girlfriend because she cheated. The next day; he was absent in church and I made a note to go over to his place later in the evening. 

That evening; I wore a gown, didn’t wear any panties because I wanted my juices to run down my thighs and I wanted him to see it. 

As I approached their house, I became bolder; I was finally going after something I wanted. The gateman let me in as he recognized me and I pressed the button at the door; some kind of bell or so. 

The door opened and it was Femi who did and he was topless. Damn! The boy was ripped; his shorts were hanging low on his hips and I could see his black briefs; a Calvin Klein product. 

He smiled when he saw me and motioned me in. I asked him who was in and he said it was only him as his parents were out. I followed him into the living room and he asked me what I wanted; I replied water and he went into the kitchen to get me a glass. Upon his return, he placed the glass on the table and was about to sit down when I stood up; shocked by my action, he asked me what was wrong and I kissed him. 
I half expected him to be taken aback and reprimand me but instead he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him. 

He broke the kiss and used his tongue on my ear which made me moan; then he kissed my neck slowly. His grip on my ass tightened and I felt his dick growing, he stopped abruptly and I could see the lust in his eyes. 

He pulled me towards his room and when we were in, he locked it and pushed me against the door. 

He kissed me and fondled my breasts through the gown; he pulled my gown up half expecting to find my panties. I heard him say fuck as he found I was bare; he caressed my pussy lips which were puffy and slipped a finger into me. 

The intrusion broke my dam; and I orgasmed right on the spot; the orgasm made my knees weak and I almost fell if not for Femi. 

He let my gown return to its normal position and told me to kneel which I did; then he pulled down his shorts and briefs and OMG, I had in front of me… A cock worthy of a pornstar. 

He was thick, not too long but very thick and the cap of his cock was leaking pre-cum already. I took him into my mouth and could only take about one-third as he stretched my mouth. 

I used my tongue on the tip of his monster and I could tell he was pleased as he grunted and held my head firmly. 

He pulled out and helped me stand up; I thought we were heading for the bed but he had other plans. He pushed all books on his reading table to the floor; his Bible inclusive and propped me up on it. 

He put my ass on the edge and and went down on me; I had a small orgasm as he was busy pleasing my clit. He stood up and asked if I wanted him to use a condom. I screamed no and he put his dick in; inch by delicious inch. 

He stretched my cunt out and I was loving it; he was thrusting in slowly trying to make me accommodate him and when I had adjusted to him, he quickened his pace. 

Fucking me like he was angry at the world; while pounding into me, he massaged my clit with his thumb and I climaxed around his cock. 

He pulled out and helped me take my gown off; my nipples were rock hard and he sucked on them. He sat on his chair and motioned for me to come. I sat on his dick slowly and he allowed me dictate the pace; as he grabbed my ass and sucked on my tits which was a size D. 

He smacked my ass which I took as a notion for me to get off his dick. He pushed me on the bed and had me in the position he wanted me; my tummy was flat on the bed with my ass in the air. 

As he filled me up, he spanked my ass occasionally while fucking me hard and fast. After some time, he pulled out and I was beginning to wonder if he would ever cum. 

He asked me to lie flat on the bed and he put a pillow under my ass; I loved this position as it allowed me have total control of my vagina muscles. 

He decided to be deliciously wicked as he would almost pull out after each thrust; leaving the tip of his dick in. The sensation that move made was driving me crazy and when he plunged in, I tightened my vagina muscles and locked my legs behind him and he felt it as he couldn’t thrust as he wanted to; five minutes into the position I could feel his cock growing and he told me he was about to cum. 

I released him from my hold and he erupted on my stomach and tits, his cum was thick and there was a lot of it. 

As he was coming to terms with his release, I rubbed his cum all over my tits and tummy. Then we heard the main door open and we both heard his mom call his name; we both rushed to put our clothes back on, and he gave me his perfume to spray as I smelled of sex. 

He kissed me before unlocking his door and we made our way out. I greeted his parents and left after we exchanged pleasantries.  

As I made my way home, I walked gingerly and all I could think of was the next time I would take that monster in me. 

Well, what happened next is a story for another day.

I feel like making this a series. What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts. 

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